So The Facts—Chief Cause Of Death In US in 2020.

I know, I know , many people would say the Wuhan Virus .

Well the second most cause of death .

No, no, still not right . 

Heart Disease is number one .

Cancer number two .

Wuhan virus number 3. 

Hearth Disease there were 659,041 deaths 

Cancer there were 599,601 deaths. 

Wuhan Virus there were 345, 323 deaths .

Deaths are now falling for Wuhan Virus as a cause .

The same is not true of Heart Disease and Cancer.

Source : National Centre For Health Statistics. 

2 thoughts on “So The Facts—Chief Cause Of Death In US in 2020.

  1. Masking the numbers?
    While likely the numbers for 2020 is correct, if done on a 12 month basis, from Mar 2020 to Mar 2021, it will be much more than 345000, and about 500,000, very close to cancer. And rates now dropping a lot due to the vaccine and some immune form infection.
    Anyone can play with numbers. If no vaccine, maybe 2021 would see 1 million dead , beating all others?
    Winston Adams


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