Canadian Political Leader Arrested For Opposing Lockdowns In Manitoba

Justice Centre represents Maxime Bernier, arrested by Manitoba police for exercising Charter freedoms

POSTED ON: JUNE 11, 2021

MANITOBA: In a shocking attack on democracy and the Charter freedoms of speech, assembly and association, federal political leader Maxime Bernier, of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), was arrested today by Manitoba police while in the province speaking out against government lockdowns.

Mr. Bernier, a former cabinet minister under Stephen Harper, is represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.
The Justice Centre will be appearing in Court on Mr. Bernier’s behalf to respond to charges that were laid under Covid public health orders, which are already the subject of a legal challenge in Manitoba as to their constitutionality. Mr. Bernier is presently awaiting the opportunity to have Justice Centre lawyers address his bail.

While most of the world is open for business, Manitoba remains one of the few places in the developed world that continues to suffer under draconian lockdowns.

Mr. Bernier has been speaking across the country against lockdowns, in preparation of an anticipated federal election, calling for a complete end to the lockdowns. He has spoken at freedom rallies in Barrie Ontario, Vancouver, BC., Edmonton, Alberta (pictured left on June 9, 2021), and now Manitoba.

“The arrest and detention of Mr. Bernier for supposed “health offences” is an exclamation point on the continued outrageous oppression of Manitobans by the Pallister government. Few, if any, other places on the planet are still locked down as tyrannically as Manitoba,” notes lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre.

“It is far past time for the judiciary to restore the constitutional rights and freedoms of Manitobans, and end the arbitrary and oppressive diktats of Manitoba’s health regime. The Justice Centre stands ready to defend Mr. Bernier’s civil liberties.”

Further information is pending.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Political Leader Arrested For Opposing Lockdowns In Manitoba

  1. I live near Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway) east of Edmonton. When I go to Lloydminster, Vegreville or Edmonton, vehicles with Manitoba (and Saskatchewan) license plates are a common sight. People from Manitoba and Saskatchewan have not been required to quaranteen when coming into Alberta. Nor have folks from British Columbia.

    I doubt if Manitobans returning home are self-quaranteening.


  2. Señor Peckford,

    The following analogy may highlight the debacle and challenge that Governmental (various levels) lockdowns, medical “experts” edicts, and the daily affront to the Constitution and Charter of Right and Freedoms that these governmental actions embody.

    Here is Maxime Bernier’s challenge (and I would venture to say millions of other Canadian):

    1. There are millions of Canadians who work in the Covid-19 quarry. The governmental types, media, police, corporations/employers, academics,(all levels of education), entertainment industry, Unions and, fortunately, a number of other groups(principled hanger-ons) come to the quarry daily with their drilling equipment, dynamite, massive digging machines and, it appears, access to a bottomless pit of governmental/taxpayer monies.

    2. The anti-Covid-19 vaccine types are only allowed a ball-pin hammer in the quarry but are required to produce as much or more than their confreres in number one (1) above. The deck is, obviously, stacked against these consciouses objectors.

    The moral of the story, “when facing a charging bull elephant, the peashooter you were provide at base camp is merely an irritant to the “Bull” and the outcome pretty well assured.”

    Food for thought.


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