Over 500,000 Sick From Covid Vaccines In Europe ( up to June 12) , Over 300,000 In US ( Up to June 4)!

So these are the numbers the mainstream press and authorities do not want you to to read , see or hear. 

Over 900,000 sick from receiving the Covid vaccines if you combine the numbers in Europe and the US. 

In six months!

Since 1990, over ten years ,  adverse events from all vaccines in US totalled 1, 136, 615 . 

Subtract the COVIID vaccines and you have 836,615. 

Therefore —in 6 months there have more adverse events from COVID vaccines in Europe and the US  than the adverse events from all vaccines over 10 years in the US. 

These are figures from the Europe Medicines Agency and the US Open Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. 

In Europe the number of sick increased by over 83,000 in 14 days. 

The US Open VAERS system reports 5,888 deaths. 

In six months. 

And they report this is about 1% of the total .

In US 2190 heart attacks have been reported after receiving a COVID vaccine—678 of these have died.  

As Dr. Peter McCullough a medical expert  with Texas A & M University and Baylor University , has reported , vaccines have been halted every time there  are more than 50 deaths.  

So, what is going on here? 

The silence is  deafening!!!!

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