Not Even Saint Obama Can Save CNN —Tucker Carlson Crushes Him and Anderson Cooper.

From Breitbart News

Failed former President Barack Obama appeared on CNNLOL last week and pulled in less than half as many viewers as Tucker Carlson on Fox News:

CNN[LOL] desperately needed a ratings boost from its interview with former President Obama on Monday after the liberal network failed to reach 1 million viewers for an unprecedented six consecutive days.

The 44th commander in chief sat down with CNN[LOL] anchor Anderson Cooper for an hour-long special, earning 1.4 million viewers according to Nielsen data. Despite booking one of the nation’s most popular Democrats, Cooper was still trounced by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which earned 2.97 million viewers, more than double of the Obama interview during the 8 p.m. ET timeslot.

The Obama interview was widely publicized on behalf of poor Anderson Cooper, who has been averaging only around 900,000 nightly viewers — which proves there are only about 900,000 morons left in the world who enjoy being serially lied to.

Anyway, it’s not only remarkable that for a rare television appearance, Obama would choose a loser like CNNLOL, but that in a world filled with tens of millions of Democrats, fewer than 1.5 million tuned in.

Well, why would they?

Why would anyone?

We’re talking about CNNLOL after all, so everyone knew the hour would be a duller than dull lovefest, which ensured no news could happen, so why bother?

As far as CNNLOL’s future, the Obama interview changed nothing…

The day after, on Tuesday, Anderson Cooper’s total viewers collapsed right back into the basement with just 795,000, or around a quarter of Carlson’s 2.866 million. 

Moreover, Cooper actually shed viewers from his lead-in, the hideous Erin Burnett, who earned a measly 814,000 viewers.

Jake “The Fake News” Tapper is in his usual black hole, scaring up just 684,000 viewers during his second hour, or about a quarter of Fox’s The Five, which drew 2.69 million viewers. 

During his first hour, Tapper somehow lost to Fox’s Neal Cavuto — 707,000 compared to 1.21 million.

Chris “The Fredo” Cuomo couldn’t scare up even 800,000 viewers on Tuesday. A mere 798,000 tuned in to watch the ethically crippled Little Brother, compared to 2.286 million for Sean Hannity and 2.276 million for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

The insufferable Don Lemon, who is soon to depart his CNNLOL timeslot for obvious reasons, reached only 684,000 viewers post-Fredo — which is about a third of the 2.067 million for Laura Ingraham and the 1.6 million for MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

In his second hour, Lemon collapsed to just 460,000 viewers while Fox’s Greg Gutfeld nearly quadrupled him with 1.635 million.

Not even Obama can save CNNLOL.

Yeah, that’s a damn shame.’

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