Reality Check #2–Vaccine Progress —Slow Going! 90 % Of Top Countries Below 20% Fully Vaccinated.

Here are some comparisons  in the  top ten most populous countries regarding percentage of population fully vaccinated:

            June 18———————-June 30

China ——-16%——————————16%


US ————-44%—————————46%








Canada up 13 points from 16% on June 18 to 29% on June 30. 

Germany up 13 points from 29% on June 18 to 36% on June 30. 

Source : Our World In Data

One thought on “Reality Check #2–Vaccine Progress —Slow Going! 90 % Of Top Countries Below 20% Fully Vaccinated.

  1. What will be interesting is what the data will show as to the USA and Israel ( who used 3 week interval between Phizer doses, and UK (used 12 weeks) and Canada 16 weeks, now being reduced) as to effectiveness, especially against the Delta variant, that has more cases of break through.

    Other topics, did Brian see the UK item where they used N95 masks in hospitals and had no cases of transmission vs hospitals that used just surgical masks had significant transmission…………and I have pointed out the difference and low grade surgical masks here before.

    And do you have AC (AIr conditioning) Brian,…….and
    What do you make of 121 F in BC?
    And this heat dome, making BC like the Saraha Desert.
    And relationship to the jet stream that is getting more wavy?
    Is this just weather or serious climate change?
    Sure the climate is always changing, but is this not rapid change, and not just a fraction of a degree in setting records.
    Miami or Houston has never seen these temperatures.
    And the same weather hangs on longer, like the rain that hit Houston for 3 or 4 days causing 50 inches of rain………..patterns just stall .
    Here in Nlfd, Iast year I was predicting we would have Bermuda climate in 30 years, but maybe it will come much sooner……..this year we have had warn and sun instead of foggy capelin weather that you know well.
    Hope you are handling the heat ok, and you can always head east for a vacation


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