How Crazy Is It? Fully Vaxxed Man Dies —Doctor Says It Could be Worse

Sounds like everyone is programmed . Remember when the vaccine was the answer? Now people are getting sick and dying from Covid even though they have. the vaccine.

So the message has to change —oh! It isn’t as bad as——————-

Dr Mercola’s short story is instructive

Fully Vaxxed Man Dies of COVID; It Could Have Been Worse, Doctor Said

  • August 12, 2021

In a macabre twist to COVID-19 reporting after a fully vaccinated man died from COVID complications, one news media source said, “Doctors said the condition of the father could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all.”

10 thoughts on “How Crazy Is It? Fully Vaxxed Man Dies —Doctor Says It Could be Worse

  1. I’m laughing now not because of want but because I don’t know what else to do. The general public are so stupid they are lining up for experimental shots like that might save them from the common cold. This is now a clown world devoid of all reason where the vaccinated have to have the unvaccinated vaccinated to protect themselves from the covid even though they are vaccinated. Sorry but this defies all logic. I have lost all faith in my fellow man and now hope that the vaccine is a death shot and that all is left are thinking humans,otherwise life is not worth living

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  2. My apologies to all. I really don’t want all to die,just a moment of frustration with all these draconian measures being put in place under the guise of health care. We will pay a huge price for giving up our freedoms.

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  3. Yesterday, there was a Conrad Black article in the National Post, which discussed the deaths of the elderly. There were few comments, so I wrote that ivermectin would have saved the lives of many elderly in nursing homes. I told people to look up the
    nursing home in North York that used ivermectin for scabies and the success that it had for preventing Covid.
    I knew that they would censor my comments, and they did very quickly.
    No mention of any treatment other than the “vaxx” program is allowed.
    There is an agenda to suppress the facts.


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