Are We A Contradiction?

Many Canadians Don’t Like America Until———

I don’t know about you but I meet Canadians regularly who have little good to say about America—————-but 

Just this morning I heard a headline broadcast on CBC radio announcing that Canada was able to secure 500 places on an American plane to get Canadians out of Kabul.

I remember a couple of years ago Canada’s military had a helicopter go down in the Mediterranean Sea. It went deep.. Canada could not recover the machine. Along came the Americans , with the capability ,and brought it up from the deep.

Several years previous , Canada  was trying to get heavy machinery to the Middle East. We did not have the capability. The Americans brought the equipment to the Middle East for us. 

Those Costcos , Wal Marts , and Lowes, to name a few——are they American ?

Who invented those computers we use? 

What happens if Canada is threatened by Russia or China ?

Of course, we are already there re: China , what with Our Prime Minister doing a deal with China for a vaccine for The ———-you got it , The Chinese Virus!!!!

Yet , statistics show more Canadians going to the USA than Americans  coming to Canada and the US has ten times the population of Canada. 

Are we a contradiction? 

4 thoughts on “Are We A Contradiction?

  1. It appears that the most vocal Canadians, i.e the raging left, do indeed hate the US. Most of us however consider the US to be a good neighbour and trusted ally, and reciprocate their generosity and helpfulness when possible.
    We need to find a way to stop the bile from anti-American leftists in Canada from being known as the “opinions of Canadians”. Cleaning up our media would be a first step.

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  2. It is embarrassing as an American to watch the Canadian, French, Australian, British and German freedom fighters openly defy tyrrany while we would-be descendants and defenders of Washington and Jefferson wallow in self-pity, delusion, paranoia and hysteria. There is an epidemic in the West. It is the epidemic of cowardice. And it appears that the US is the most cowardly of all.


  3. Señor Peckford,

    I read your post with a high degree of curiosity and awaited the return of the epiphany I had many years ago regarding this exact matter.

    Now, before I share my thoughts regarding your post, “American/Canadian Little Good Scenario”, may I, for the record, affirm that I love my Country Canada deeply but am greatly ashamed and embarrassed of the incompetent and imbecilic like leadership we have, especially in the federal political arena.

    I suspect many Americans feel the same about their present incompetent and imbecilic federal leaders, thus we Canadians and Americans have this and a myriad of other interests in common. That being said, I provide the following OBSERVATIONS for you and your Blog readers to consider:

    A. Political

    1. Too many Canadians are woefully unaware of American/USA political history (as too many Canadians are unaware of their Country’s history) and the difference between the USA republic structure versus Canada’s Parliamentary system.

    Consequently, many Canadians fail to see the autocratic nature and power of Canada’s PM office versus the checks and balances on the USA Executive branch;

    2. Too many Canadians are unaware of the tremendous level of direct cooperation that takes places between Canada’s individual provinces and USA states, especially the northern USA border states;

    3. Canadians thumb their noses at the USA healthcare system but seldom acknowledge the tremendous flaws and waste in Canada’s healthcare system;

    4. Most Canadians have no clue as to the electoral college (and why it exist) and how the President gets elected in the USA;

    5. Most Canadians are unaware of the USA (elected) senate and its power in the USA and the lack of power of the (appointed) senate in Canada.

    In essence, there is a tremendous disconnect caused by the formulation of Canadians’ opinion of the USA based on snippets of Canadian MSM, Canadian universities leftist ideology bias, Social Media and other platforms that are often mere Canadian propaganda and indoctrination machines versus informing and educating Canadians.

    Is it any wonder that a number of misinformed Canadians faced with this reality would form a negative opinion of the USA!!

    B. Economic

    1. The USA is still an economic superpower to which Canada continues to rely on too much. This is not the fault of the USA but rather a manifestation of our poor
    political and corporate leadership;

    2. When the USA flexes it’s economic muscle, sometimes at the expense of Canada—Canadians generally resent such action, cry foul and say the USA is being a bully.

    However, it’s merely a refusal to acknowledge that the leadership of every country must focus first and foremost on its citizens’ interests. Ironically, this “first focus” approach is done in Canada, daily, between provinces and regions (ie Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines, NL getting Power through Quebec, subsiding the auto industry in Ontario and Quebec, projects that must have environmental studies in Western Canada versus those that don’t in Eastern Canada, etc.).

    Is it any wonder that a number of misinformed Canadians faced with this confusing reality would form a negative opinion of the USA!!

    C. Cultural/Media Awareness

    1. The USA cultural and media influence in Canada is immense and appears to be growing in the marketplace. The USA’s tremendous influence economically, culturally and socially is beyond measure. This reality is often resented by many Canadians;

    2. There is lack of acknowledgement, by too few Canadians, of how open and welcoming the USA has been to Canadian artists, actors, academics, corporate leaders, musicians, sports athletes, media personalities, etc. being embraced and given opportunity in the USA.

    I joke, is it any wonder that a number of misinformed Canadians faced with this reality would form a negative opinion of the USA!!

    D. Psychological

    1. It might be said that too many Canadians feel inferior thus resentful of their American cousins. It appears Americans are resented for the following reasons:

    1. The past and ongoing military security and protection Americans provide Canadians;

    2. The advances they have brought in medicine, pharmaceutical products, engineering, space travel, transportation, new materials, technology, education, construction expertise, entertainment, freedoms, cultural/music/film, etc.

    I joke, is it any wonder that a number of misinformed Canadians faced with this reality would form a negative opinion of the USA!!

    E. Education Awareness and Historical Awareness

    1. Sadly, it seems glaringly obvious that our education systems in Canada and the USA are in a mess.

    Too many of its graduates are unable to read, write and do math at the level expected and required. This being the reality, is it surprising in the least that these very same students are deficient in civics, history, geography and a number of other subject matter.

    One cannot realistically expect those who have not been “educated nor properly taught the art of reasoning” to formulate informed opinions regarding the USA or any other country for that matter.

    If I may be so bold, it seems that those Canadians who resent the USA do so out of tribal instinct, resentment, jealousy, misinformation and great ignorance to that which the USA has done for the world.

    Yes, the USA is imperfect, many warts and flaws and it may be best summarized by this twist on Sir Winston’s Churchill’s phrase, “the USA is the worst example of a country except for all others.”

    Food for thought.

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  4. Terry Buron, you have done yourself and Canada proud with this clear, concise explanation of the predicament of USA/Canada relationships. I believe you rationalized the most important features of the misunderstandings and malcontent of Canadians because of inadequate education (basic ignorance of facts). To top off this great explanation, may I add that most of the blame goes to the low-standards of our media. TV is the biggest culprit along with the Canadians’ lack of desire to read the printed word. We have created a sad, uninformed lot!


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