Two Top FDA Reviewers Quitting.

Now isn’t this odd?

Just after some big decisions there , two of the top people are leaving . 

Wonder why, as Alex Berenson asks on Substack .

Marion Gruber and Phil Krause are leaving. 

End Point News asks the question if this has anything to do  with how the Biden Administration often bypassed this important agency.

Gruber was head of vaccine investigation and review and Krause was her deputy. 

Epoch Times reports 

‘The OVRR, according to the FDA, is the division responsible for regulating all vaccines, including COVID-19 shots, intended for human usage, including reviewing applications for new vaccines.’

The Times goes on to say that no reason was given for their departure. 

2 thoughts on “Two Top FDA Reviewers Quitting.

  1. Here’s how we know we’re right:
    If Fauci were to declare right now that ivermectin will save you from Chinavirus, millions of sheeple would immediately start demanding a prescription. Because health? No. Because Fauci.

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