Canadian Federal  Election Results—Winner—Big Government and Fear —Loser — Freedom and Personal Rights 

The people have chosen big government over personal freedom .

 Fear has won the day. 

Science has lost—cost benefit analysis has lost . Independent thinking has lost. 

And people like Dr. Hoffe and Dr. Bridle , maligned by the state and authority ,  means Canada has stooped to a new low democratically. 

We can no longer call ourselves a real democracy —we have become a child of authority, fear and misrepresentation, and personal attack and the swamp. 

Debt and deficit have become words and concepts unspoken. 

The country will be poorer for all this —-and our Charter  of Rights  and Freedoms , thought so important , has been trampled on by people who should know better. 

However, The Peoples Partly of Canada now has thousands of new members and can carry the torch of freedom forward , knowing that there are people who care about truth and are willing to continue fight for a free nation.;

7 thoughts on “Canadian Federal  Election Results—Winner—Big Government and Fear —Loser — Freedom and Personal Rights 

  1. I hate to agree with you about this post. But it’s 100% correct. You’ve done such great work to wake the masses up. But it seems the communist agenda, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, is much stronger than I hoped.

    I thank you for your continued commitment to Canada. I only wish Trudeau the narcissist had a tenth of your integrity and political savvy.

    I have been to rally’s for freedom since Oct 2020 and am so proud of our work and the fighting spirit of my fellow Canadians who joined me. But with the trance over most Canadians that drives a wedge between us all, including between me and my own mother, supports Trudeaus promises of taking away more of our rights. It leaves my husband and I in a place where we wonder where on earth can we protect our children. So we’re going to take a wee break from Canada until we feel safe enough to return. My husband was a proud scrutaneer tonight while I stayed home to pray for our country. That’s a funny thing for me to say because I’m a long lapsed Catholic. Not been to mass since 1978 when I was in grade 3. Now, it seems, I find myself reading the bible and can’t help realize how biblical this moment in time is for the planet at large.

    I will continue to pray for our country. And I thank you for your prior service and your continued fight for Canada. I look forward to reading your posts as we go forward. And I will pray for you and your loved ones.

    I can’t help but think that when Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team complete their litigation on this scamdemic, your most important work on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be more needed than ever. I hope you find it necessary to reach out to Dr. Fuellmich and provide testimony, which he’s currently collecting, so your voice can once again support Canadians and see us through to the other side of this dark moment in Canadian (and global) history.

    Thank you for your service to your country.
    Lesley Lawrence

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    • Thank you so much for your comments. They are what keeps me going. I wake up thinking that what is happening must be a dream ——but it is not —-there was a one act play in a literature book in grade 9 , I think , in which the main character who thought he had it all figured out was forced to exclaim at the end—-‘I did foresee it.’ Safe journeys !!!

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  2. I agree whole heartedly. Canadians have lost their way. Too busy with social media to pay attention to what’s happening to Canada. What did our veterans give their lives for but freedom of choice, freedom of movement freedom to pursue a full life without oppression. I am very afraid for our children and grand children. A virus is a moot point at this juncture. Rights and freedoms should be top of mind for any true Canadians. Turdeau has trampled on the charter with impunity. Is there no accountability in a democracy anymore. Frightening, but stiffening my resolve.

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