150,000 Vaccine Deaths In The US—Kirsch Group


By Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, Mathew Crawford

Abstract: Analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database can be used to estimate the number of excess deaths caused by the COVID vaccines. A simple analysis shows that it is likely that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the current COVID vaccines as of Aug 28, 2021.

Note: Twitter banned me for posting a link to this article. I’m offering a $1M academic grant to anyone who can show the analysis is flawed by a factor of 4 or more in either direction and provide a more accurate analysis to the correct number. We’ll have a panel of 3 judges decide if we disagree. Please send me an InMail on LinkedIn if you think you found I was off by a factor of 4 or more. First one to show the “correct” answer gets the $1M research grant.

2 thoughts on “150,000 Vaccine Deaths In The US—Kirsch Group

  1. The whole purpose of the plandemic was to depopulate via the poison vaccines. The CDC admits the covid tests are fake, the covid counts flawed and overcounted. When insurance companies quit insuring vaccines in 1985 because they were harmful, and Reagan let the vaccine companies escape all liability in 1986, that anyone taking any vaccine after 1986 was either suicidal or insane. So, even though many doctors and nurses exposed the current plandemic, there were still fools and suckers who took the poison vaccines. Clearly the recent deaths were willful suicides. God will judge the liars and murderers, eventually.


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