4 thoughts on “Pandemia .. Alex Berenson’s New Book —A Peek——

  1. Another good one is Pseudopandemic by Iain Davies. Hopefully, there will be many more good books on this. Although there is already pressure on Amazon by Senator Eliz. Warren to stop selling them.

    Given the state of censorship these days, that could happen. I also worry about the censorship of blogs like this one or mine (which also addresses medical tyranny) in Canada, now that Trudeau has retained power.

    Bill C-36 is a dangerous piece of legislation that could be interpreted to censor almost anything this despotic state doesn’t like. And social media sites already censoring so-called “medical misinformation” as we know.

    The worst damage though comes from self-censorship, when the citizenry learns to think like the state and anticipate would it would do then do it themselves, out of fear and obedience.

    How far will all this go? Those of us who studied the history of totalitarianism fear that it has only just begun – which is why it’s necessary to speak out against it, as your blog is doing.


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