So, Here  In Canada ,  Nothing Has Changed Two Headlines Tell Me 

First , there is this rallying cry around saving Erin O’ Toole , the hapless Conservative leader This is the guy who could not even lead his Party  to more seats in this past election than the Party had in the last election.

This despite a 10 fold increase incurred by the Liberal Government in the deficit during the first year of the fake pandemic. 

And a Prime Minister who has disgraced the nation over and over again and with his family all tied  up in a charity that almost got a contract without tender for millions of dollars. 

And then we read that our deficit is $ 48 billion in last four months . I mean you really got to work at this to get such a number . A disgrace. 

So it is getting very repetitious ——-

An incompetent Conservative leader and a financial reckless Liberal Government !

Oh!  And the Fraser Institute just reported that Lithuania is ahed of us in economic freedom  . 

Nice place , we are. 

As long as we keep our heads in the sand!

2 thoughts on “So, Here  In Canada ,  Nothing Has Changed Two Headlines Tell Me 

  1. Yes, a few days ago,I mentioned many of the same comments about the feckless Erin O’Toole’s election strategy, in the National Post. It was “content moderated” out of existence. It may have been the “incompetent” comment that got me censored.
    In my riding PPC got just over 5% of the vote. It looked like most of this support came from the Conservative candidate. I voted PPC. My wife voted for the Maverick Party. It wants a fair deal for Alberta.
    Max looks like he is using the Rebel to get out his message and solicit contributions, good for him. O’Toole has pledged not to talk to the Rebel. It must be too scary for him.


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