Former Pfizer VP: ‘Clear evidence of fraud’ in Pfizer study claiming 95% efficacy

  • posted by Mordechai Sones
  • September 30, 2021
  • America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon yesterday said there is “clear evidence of fraud” in the Pfizer study that purports to claim 95% efficacy in their COVID-19 “vaccine”.

Yeadon was commenting on an article appearing in The Lancet and critiquing a documentary that scrutinized a Pfizer efficacy study, calling the distinction raised therein between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction “accurate”.

The Lancet article, entitled COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room, says that although attention has focused on vaccine efficacy and comparing the reduction of the number of symptomatic cases, “fully understanding the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines is less straightforward than it might seem. Depending on how the effect size is expressed, a quite different picture might emerge.”

The article continues: “Vaccine efficacy is generally reported as a relative risk reduction (RRR). It uses the relative risk (RR)—ie, the ratio of attack rates with and without a vaccine—which is expressed as 1–RR. Ranking by reported efficacy gives relative risk reductions of 95% for the Pfizer–BioNTech, 94% for the Moderna–NIH, 91% for the Gamaleya, 67% for the J&J, and 67% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford vaccines.

“However, RRR should be seen against the background risk of being infected and becoming ill with COVID-19, which varies between populations and over time. Although the RRR considers only participants who could benefit from the vaccine, the absolute risk reduction (ARR), which is the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, considers the whole population. ARRs tend to be ignored because they give a much less impressive effect size than RRRs: 1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford, 1·2% for the Moderna–NIH, 1·2% for the J&J, 0·93% for the Gamaleya, and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines.”

“Pfizer reported that its vaccine showed a 95% efficacy,” explained the documentary, entitled COVID Shot or Not? “That sounds like it protects you 95% of the time. But that’s not actually what that number means.

“That 95% refers to the ‘relative risk reduction’ (RRR), but it doesn’t tell you how much your overall risk is reduced by vaccination. For that, we need ‘absolute risk reduction’ (ARR).

“In the Pfizer trial, 8 out of 18,198 people who were given the vaccine developed COVID-19. In the unvaccinated placebo group, 162 people got it, which means that even without the vaccine, the risk of contracting COVID-19 was extremely low, at 0.88%, which the vaccine then reduced to 0.04%.

“So the net benefit, the absolute risk reduction, that you are being offered in the Pfizer vaccine in 0.84%

“That 95% number? That refers to the relative difference between the 0.88% and 0.04%. That’s what they call ‘95% relative risk reduction’. And relative risk reduction is well-known to be a misleading number, which is why the FDA recommends using absolute risk reduction instead. Which begs the question: How many people would have chosen to take the COVID-19 vaccines, had they understood that they offered less than 1% benefit?”

In response, Dr. Yeadon said: “It’s worse, actually. In the Pfizer study from which the 95% claim comes, there’s clear evidence of fraud.

“Why do I say that? Well, a study which is properly blinded means neither the subject, the study director, nor any other actor knows what each patient has received.

“Patients in clinical trials are obligated to follow ‘the protocol’, which specifies must-dos & prohibitions.

“If it’s blind to the end, how could one group end up with five times as many subjects having their data pulled prior to statistical analysis in the test group compared with the control group?”

Yeadon expanded: “The story of how a large state within India solved its COVID-19 crisis is no surprise to those of us who’ve known since spring 2020 that our governments, media, and tech titans have been acting against our interests, both health as well as democratic.

“We’ve known, for example, that highly qualified physicians and scientists are well able to treat and save most people infected by SARS-CoV-2.

“The methodology is simple: Attack the virus and the inflammatory and ultimately thrombotic disease phases rationally by administering targeted, multi drug treatments.

“These include Vitamin C and Vitamin D but in particular, Ivermectin, zinc and a zinc ionophore such as one of several old antibiotics like azithromycin.

“Used in sequence depending on the presentation, in excess of 80% of patients avoid hospitalization anddeath, including in cohorts we regard as at high risk.

“Peter McCullough and colleagues have put themselves in harm’s way professionally in pressing home these simple messages.

“Two remarkable meta-analyses (the highest level of medical evidence, a review of randomized, controlled clinical trials), authored by Tess Laurie and Pierre Kory, show conclusively that if you could choose only one medical treatment, it would be ivermectin. It’s safe, we’ll-tolerated, off patent and cheap to make, yet HIGHLY effective as a treatment for COVID-19. Reviews by Tess Lawrie and Pierre Kory are in the most read papers this year.

“Yet not one major media channel has bothered to tell us this. Instead, they’ve lied about ‘horse deworming’ drugs and made false claims about safety.

“This is what Uttar Pradesh used in a few short weeks to crush soaring COVID-19 deaths in this large Indian state. They didn’t do much vaccination.

“Vaccination has, separately, been shown by Steve Kirsch’s team, to have resulted in a median estimate of 150,000 deaths shortly after vaccination in the U.S.A. alone.

“They made these calculations solely based on the publicly accessible database which collects adverse event reports, VAERS.

“Additionally, they used mechanistically plausible assessments of the most common, serious adverse events, finding for example that pulmonary embolism occurs at over 400 TIMES the rate observed after any other vaccine types since the database began operations a few decades ago.

“These novel technology gene-based agents cause our bodies to manufacture coronavirus spike proteins, and these alone are responsible for a substantial proportion of the adverse effects of being infected by the virus.

“What have our governments, media, and technology titans been doing in the meantime?

“Rubbishing the experts, attacking the publications, suppressing information everywhere, and banning accounts that persist in telling the truth.”

Echoing remarks by Zelenko Protocol discoverer Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko, Yeadon continued: “Having done this for well over a year, I’m confident that their actions comprise deliberate mass murder. Their objective appears to be to keep people as fearful as possible and receptive to vaccination. All of these claims are supported by plentiful public sources.

“But the scandal of depriving people of effective treatments while coercing them into submission to dangerous vaccination is the worst thing that’s happened in the world for decades, arguably forever.”

Dr. Yeadon concluded, urging people to “see the true scale of the lie before injecting their children.”

Chart: Doctors for COVID Ethics


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3 thoughts on “Former Pfizer VP: ‘Clear evidence of fraud’ in Pfizer study claiming 95% efficacy

  1. Reblogged this on Think for Yourself and commented:
    It’s quite telling that we never hear any legitimate scientific responses to these courageous scientists and physicians like Yeadon. They risk being demonized and losing their careers to speak out on our behalf.

    We hear only catch-phrases like “medical misinformation” and “anti-vaxxer” even though some of them are vaccinologists (like Robert Malone) who spent their lives studying vaccines — so they’re obviously not anti-vaccine. But they have legitimate concerns that should be listened to and taken into account by people who are concerned about the truth.

    The scapegoating is being orchestrated behind the scenes by pharmaceutical corporations and echoed by their stooges, the mainstream media propagandists and so-called “fact checkers.” The social media censorship we’re witnessing is so dishonest.

    It’s disingenuous and relies on the intellectual and moral laziness of most people who can’t be bothered to investigate it for themselves and who blindly defer to authority figures because it’s easier to do so – much like the Milgram experiment.

    To use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to dismiss concerns is just lazy and dishonest. Science is not a closed book. There can be more than one scientific opinion. There is no consensus on this experimental drug. There cannot be at this point; it’s still relatively new.

    I tend to take the word of a scientist like Yeadon who is speaking from a position of moral concern for humanity and a dedication to the truth over a shill who gets paid by Big Pharma or who is going along with the mainstream to advance their careers.

    Why would the Frontline Doctors speak up, knowing that to do so is career suicide and ridicule? They obviously got into medicine to help people, not to sell pharmaceutical drugs that harm people.

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  2. There is a lot of “Trojan Horses” for these vaccines: News Outlets, Big-tech, N.I.H. Dr.Fauci, Mainstream Social Media, just to mention a few. They seem to support and advocate for an experimental vaccine with absolutely no accountability which broke through all the “Safety Margins” by declaring it a Health Crises Emergency feathered by the Pandemic. For what? something that doesn’t kill you the majority of the population is 99.99% to beat it. It predominantly affects the elderly who are poised to die so does the Seasonal Flue reacts the same way to them.
    Why are we not discussing natural homeopathic remedies like ivermectin that virtually have no side effects and won a Nobel Prize. This is insane how this biased protocol has casted an incantation over all hospitals globally that natural remedies and vitamins are prohibited to be used to fight against Covid-Reset. It’s time to make a stand against these ruthless vaccine companies and Big-Pharma they only care about money where Ivermectin and Hydrachloriquine they don’t make money.

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