Can’t Let This Go —Dr. Nagase In Alberta

He confirms he was in :

St. Paul , Aug 23,24,26, 27
Ponoka Sept 4th, 
Hinton Sept 5-6.

This should be proof positive with the other info in earlier blogs of Dr, Nagase’s existence, registered in Alberta , College and Physicians and Surgeons , address and phone number, anyone can assess, and AHS confirming his locum status in the Province and that besides Rimby , he practised in three other towns in Alberta in the last few months.

17 thoughts on “Can’t Let This Go —Dr. Nagase In Alberta

  1. I read the earlier article you posted. I noticed that it was picked up from here and reposted elsewhere. Holy Phuck! I’m flabbergasted by the steps our ‘overlords’ will take to discredit this man.

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  2. Hate to see you defamed Brian but then I guess it is some measure of success.
    I wrote the following response back to

    Dean – Spoken with all the overweening authority of someone with little to no biology background – or didn’t understand. If a chemical is biologically active it may have several pharmacological uses, aspirin for example is used as an analgesic but may also be used as a anticoagulant. To think that Ivermectin is ineffective against viruses simply because it has a known action against nematodes is simplistic. The true test of any supposition is in the experiment and early experiments can use historical controls (previously many patients died, now most survive). There may be time later for those double blind controls for double digit accuracy but lives are at stake. Over 60 studies and several countries that have used IVM have had shown high efficacy. Try Uttar Pradesh for example. Your promotion of vaccines over early treatments is killing people. It is estimated that in the US over 500,000 people, living breathing men, women and children, could have been saved by early treatment. Educate yourself and stop labelling the intelligent people uncovering the suppression of this information a$$holes and f**king morons. These are not logical, scientific arguments and demonstrate who the real moron is.

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