So Here Is Some Proof Of Dr. Nagase

Some writers to the blog have questioned the validity of Dr. Nagase’s story. Well here is a person writing my blog telling that one of the patients in the doctor’s story is his mother.

Todd Smith3 hours agoUser InfoPendingTragedy In Rural Alberta, A Courageous Doctor Speaks Out .

One of the 70 year old patients was my mother and with out the treatment of this courageous doctor there is a good chance she would of died in the hospital. Everything Dr. Nagase said is exactly how my mother explained it to the family. I don’t know what is going on in the hospitals but I do know it is a crime against humanity.

56 thoughts on “So Here Is Some Proof Of Dr. Nagase

  1. Seriously, I hear that a UFO was also spotted in Rimbey around the time Dr Nagase arrived. Does anyone else think his arrival may have been some sort of Devine intervention?


  2. Unable to verify the existence of Todd Smith so in reality this is still an unsubstantiated story. I’m sorry but these days we need to have all our facts straight.


  3. It would be nice to get more detail on this otherwise people will question it. Todd Smith is just a name that can’t be valided unfortunately and Dr. Daniel Nagase shows up as a doctor in BC with no reference to Alberta.

    Please confirm. Thanks.



  4. why are people so suspicious of this and fall hook line and sinker to everything AHS etc. says about all the covid nonsense? Dr Fuci is next to God in all he says except he flip flops every time he is on TV. Start questioning
    these news items.

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  5. I work for Bridge City News and the Miracle Channel in Lethbridge Alberta. We are having AHS employees coming froward to blow the whistle on what is happening in Alberta hospitals. In one case over 50% of patients in a rural Alberta hospital have been double jabbed. Mr Peckford, I would very much like to be in contact with Todd Smith to interview him or his parent who recovered from the CV-19. Are you able to connect us? You can email me at


  6. Andrew move on, just go get your 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 jab because that’s how many Trudeau has secured for each person in Canada. I hope you can handle them?


    • Heard??? Hardly evidence. Look the Doctor was there, people got covid and he treated them . His speech is all over the world. I have met the man . He has put it all in writing. People in Rimby on this blog have verified.

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  7. I met the doctor Oct 30 while he was a guest speaker at an event I and over 1000 other people attended.

    I DO wish I could get a copy of his speech as he not only described the events of that near tragedy in Rimbey but also gave medical background on just how well our immune system functions.

    Wel!, perhaps that last part should have the qualifier….IF hospitals do not prescribe immune suppressants!

    When I discussed this situation last week with a group of people locally a woman told me that an elderly husband and wife were tragically mistreated (my description) by their hospital in the same way and then sent home with nothing.

    This time however, the wife died within a day or two and her husband only survived her by about a week. I wish I could be more specific than this, however I was grappling with shock that Dr. Nagase’s report could only be the tip of the iceberg!


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