Some Have Questioned Dr. Nagase’s Story . Here Is Some Extra Information

In an effort to clarify and validate the story the following is relevant:


A. Dr Nagase confirms to me in e-mail today that ‘I was in Rimbey AB on Sept 11 and 12. ‘

B. Alberta Physicians and Surgeons confirms on their website that the doctor is registered with them and gives his address and phone number .

C. Alberta Health Services this am —7:50 —-in a tweet confirmed that Dr. Nagase has locum privileges in Alberta. 

D. The son of one of Dr. Nagase’s patients, Todd Smith, confirmed in a message to my blog Dr. Nagase ‘s statements.  

E. A second person validates on this blog that she spoke to the doctor in Rimby .

47 thoughts on “Some Have Questioned Dr. Nagase’s Story . Here Is Some Extra Information

  1. Thanks Brian for everything. Can you please comment on the Emerg. Plan Act (below).It has shaken me to the rafters. and to me makes it very clear that it was NEVER about public health.

    Click to access MO-Sep-13.pdf

    Apparently these sweeping powers are being implemented in all provinces and globally. It is time for All Canadians to realize whether injected or not, that freedom period has been put on the chopping block and complacency won’t save us. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Brian

    Dr. Nagase’s story is so outrageous it can’t be untrue. Why aren’t all the “little” incidents that demonstrate Ivermectin’s success against Covid not known? Events like a prison doctor in Panama treating 500 sick inmates and getting all of them cured with Ivermectin, how many among you have researched this? Or what about the health minister of Goa, India distributing Ivermectin to all its residents above 18 years old during the peak of their surge to immediately reverse the trend and bring deaths down drastically. Why were they pressured to retract this measure? Why did India’s ICMR remove Ivermectin from its national treatment protiocol last Sept. 23, 2021 when Uttar Pradesh with a popultatin of 240 million people has massively used Ivermectin and have wiped out Covid? Ivermectin is our Free Will, our last frontier, that whidh differentiates us from all else, our creativiity our civilizations. We can’t sit back. Go out and tell your communities. Get Ivermectin and use it. Drop me a line Brian, there’s plenty to do


    • The speech I published is real . I was there on Friday and the doctor gave me a copy of the speech. Bitchute is now carrying the speech. The doctor was a locum filling in for permanent doctors . He was in three other towns in Alberta in August and September . None is so blind——-


  3. It seems like maybe just maybe the truth will eventually come out. Great reporting! I hope my fellow Canadians will wake up before it is to late. Cheers Barry

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  4. Do you have screenshots of the email or the tweet from AHS? I couldn’t find the tweet from AHS and I did search the Alberta Physicians and Surgeons website but didn’t the results you did. Help me please!


    • I don’t understand why I so easily found the doctor ‘s name listed and his address and phone number on the College Of Physicians and Surgeons and you did not. His speech is a written document and I published it . He gave it at a public event. He is now on bitchute and other video channels. Yes I have the e-mails. here is his last, listing the towns he was in practicing as a doctor in August and September. ==‘ Here’s some recent ones.

      Aug 23,24,26, 27 St Paul
      Ponoka Sept 4th,
      Hinton Sept 5-6,’


  5. I couldn’t find Dr Nagase on the AB physicians and surgeons website. A BC doctor with the same name is there though. I believe the story and the content of the article, I would like proof and hard evidence he exists please. Your need to provide proof for things like this, like your confirmations with AHS and whatnot, and cross reference with names and stuff who confirmed it, otherwise these articles are what sheep are going to use to confirm their biased opinions and make those who are awake doubt your credibility.


    • I have put info at the end of the original article and two extra blogs. And the doctor ‘s video is now on bitchute. I looked up the College and there was Dr. Nagase , his name, address and phone number . He was in Rimby on Sept 11, and 12 filling in at the local hospital


  6. I am here In the UK, just about to send the Bitchute link of Dr Nagase to my MP and local councillors when I start to despair. The truth about the effectiveness and safety of drugs like HCQ and ivermectin has been known for longer than 18 months. (See Prof Didier Raoult at IHU in Marseilles) and still the great majority of people believe the lies told by the mainstream media. I no longer know what to do to get the truth out. We are powerless against the power of Big Tech and Big Pharma. It is the worst medical scandal of my lifetime and I am nearing 70. Far worse than thalidomide because that was a mistake (careless but not deliberate) whereas this non treatment (medical nihilism says Dr McCullough) is to my mind criminal negligence. The doctors and nurses must know. Why are they silent? Fear for their careers? Mass hypnosis?
    I hope Dr Nagase continues with his courageous stance. Good luck to all of you in Canada who seem to be suffering worse totalitarianism than here in the UK.
    Susie Greaves


  7. AHS should look into Dr. Nagase’s account of his Rimbey experience. The Rimbey hospital surely not only has records of the doctors on staff but also records of the patients he treated, the drugs he prescribed ,how the patients responded and whether the replacement doctor stopped all treatment. They should investigate the allegations, especially as they’ve come from one of their own professionals, and then they should publicly report them to clarify the truth of these incidents.


  8. Fascinating how people will “believe” that the vaccines do no harm, because someone (AHS-Deena Hinshaw-Jason Kenney) when the trials are not done, but when a real doctor gives a factual account of wonderful results of a medicine that costs so little and has so much proof, they demand evidence.


  9. As a retired pharmacist, that whole Ivermectin thing sounds hinky. He claims he received the veterinary version which, by the way ,is not interchangeable with the human forms. Anyone, for large animals, it comes in paste or liquid. For smaller animals, it comes in ultra low doses due to its toxicity. It would require 965 capsules in that form to achieve any therapeutic adult dose. Very curious.

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  10. I was at Rimbey hospital and asked the nurses and nobody seemed to know who he was. I would love to believe this story and tell everyone I know but I can’t find any evidence to back it and if the evidence isn’t there then it loses all credibility.


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