Dr. Daniel Nagase Speaks Again!

My Dear colleagues.
We have been betrayed.

On Sept 20 the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta had an emergency meeting.  
2 days later, together with the Alberta College of Pharmacists, they banned the use of Ivermectin.

In this one act, the organization we kneel before, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, to whom we give our permission to govern over us, has destroyed our relationship to science. 

What is science?

Science is observation. Observation of the great world we have before us. Observation with our eyes, Observation with our ears. And for that which cannot be seen? Observation with our minds.

The College of Physicians has blinded us.
The College of Physicians has deafened us.

The College of Physicians says: “Vaccination remains the recommended best option to prevent COVID-19, its spread, and the negative outcomes associated with it.”

Look around you.

Alberta, we have been 70% vaccinated since June!

Listen to what’s happening.

There’s a 4th wave of COVID, cases everywhere!

The vaccines are a failure!

Yet, this College of Physicians and Surgeons says 

“Vaccination remains the recommended best option to prevent COVID-19?”


Did they think that by saying “recommended best option” they would be saved from guilt?

Recommended by who?

Look around you. Cases, cases, cases. Even the blind can see the vaccine does not work.
Yet this College of physicians and surgeons still pushes the useless jab.

We doctors, are we supposed to listen to these liars?
We doctors, are we supposed to be governed by them?

And then.

The College states:  
“Ivermectin must not be prescribed or dispensed, in any form, for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

This College, this assembly of charlatans, cites only 2 documents to support their prohibition.

An anonymous advisory from Health Canada, RA-76365 advising against the use of Ivermectin.

Is it anonymous because those who wrote it at Health Canada were afraid?
Afraid of Nuremburg? Do they think they can hide?

The next document this so called College of Physicians and Surgeons cites is the Alberta Health Services Report on Ivermectin.

The one with 0% mortality, 0% mortality, and 0% mortality.

Do you need the page?

It’s Page 17!

Even a child can understand 0% mortality!

And yet these incompetents forbid us from prescribing it, and pharmacists from dispensing it.

The president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, 
Louis Hugo Francescutti, you are named.

Every attendee of that meeting on September 20, you are named.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta have betrayed science.
They have betrayed us.
Most importantly, they have harmed our patients.

The College is a problem that is ours to solve.
We gave them our permission to govern us. Govern our practice, govern our patients.
We can withdraw that permission.  

For the fate of being governed by incompetents is watching our patients suffer and die.
Until we stand up for ourselves. Stand up for our patients. This wrong cannot be made right.
The College can be followed no more. Not for profit. Not for power. Not in the name of obedience.

75 years ago in Nuremburg, Doctors were the villains.
We were put on trial. Jailed. Executed.

This time, we must be the heroes.’

35 thoughts on “Dr. Daniel Nagase Speaks Again!

  1. Canadians, Doctors and country persons you ought not be shocked or dismayed that you are governed and brainwashed by liars especially over diseases that barely exist and vaccines that not only don’t work but are dangerous. You all have been lied to and brainwashed your whole lives. Your redemption lies in Christ and waking up , smelling the coffee and telling the liars where to go and it isn’t to parliament.

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  2. I’m so proud of this brave Dr. for standing up to these murderers. That is what they all are. Remember how the Nazis were hunted for decades after the war, well this will happen to all those that committed crimes against humanity


  3. The other day while I was watching the “news” or rather fast forwarding to the weather forecast; I saw something about ivermectin. When I backed up, I realized that it was a hit piece about Dr. Nagase. The commissars who serve the government were investigating Dr. Nagase for giving “horse paste” to patients in Rimbey. To prove that it was true they showed us a shelf full of ivermectin horse paste on a farm animal supply store. There was no discussion about ivermectin or why it wasn’t available in Alberta for treatment.
    In Mexico you can buy ivermectin at any pharmacy. It works, and on my recommendation, my friend in Chihuahua treated all his family with it when they got the virus last year. They all recovered quickly.
    Dr. Nagase did what he had to do to save his patients.

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  5. May you and other Doctors, Physicians & Nurses be given God’s strength and wisdom to continue to speak the truth. ❤May God give you and your families many blessings. ❤❤❤


  6. I may be ‘blind’ but I can listen to the radio and hear over and over that most of the people sick with Covid are/were unvaccinated. So my observation is that vaccines have some efficacy. They seem to have worked well against various other diseases.

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    • Over 30,000 dead , over 2 million injured in us and western europe, according to govt own sources as a result of the covid vaccines, and that is between 1 per cent and 10 per cent of the total . I would call that a failure.


  7. Click to access 2012-21_Huffman.pdf

    Its the same playbook being used once again. Well worth the read, the parallels to then and now are mind blowing. The reasons its being done now differ to some degree, but the methods are the same, and the methods used to turn it into a cult are the same.


    • They have absolutely known for quite some time that Ivermectin is a very effective treatment. Why they choose to bury it as the second drug in an NIH website with no announcement is a complex problem to consider.
      Perhaps it is to maintain credibility after the truth comes out?
      (They might argue that … “See? We did tell you all that it worked. It’s not our fault that media and licensing boards did not read our website thoroughly)
      Or it might be a legal tactic, that they did disclose its use as a valid therapeutic, and it is the fault of politicians and health authorities for not doing their due diligence before banning Ivermectin’s use.


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