Belgium: Most new hospital admissions were vaccinated against Covid-19

There were 614 new hospital admissions last week and 55 percent of the cases were vaccinated, the Belgian Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon admitted this week at a Sciensano press conference. Sciensano is a research institute and the national public health institute of Belgium.

Published: October 25, 2021, 11:12 am


Facon added that more than three quarters of these Corona patients were older than 65 and the vast majority were older than 75. In the past week, 60 vaccinated people were admitted to the intensive care unit, 70 percent of whom are over 65 years old, according to the Corona officer.

Facon is the first “scientist” to admit the failure of the vaccine campaign. He kicked off the press briefing with another noteworthy warning: “We are not 100 percent protected with the booster shot either.”

He maintained that the jabs were effective against the delta variant however. “They provide about 70 percent protection against infection and about 90 percent against serious illness and/or hospitalization. That’s good, but not 100 percent. And that also does not apply after a booster shot.”

According to Facon, immunity also decreases in people over 65 and in people with reduced immunity (congenital or due to treatment). “If there is a lot of virus circulating in the country, the risk of infection also increases for the vaccinated, because you run a greater chance of coming into contact with an infected person.”

Previously, the alarmist internist and infectiologist Erika Vlieghe had lied on the television program De Afspraak about current hospitalized Covid patients, claiming they were “unvaccinated”. When asked who was currently mainly in the hospital, Vlieghe had replied: “It’s a mixture of different people. Unfortunately, most of the cases are people who have not yet been vaccinated.”

The moderator Bart Schols then asked what percentage of hospitalized cases were vaccinated. “It varies a bit, it depends a bit. It also differs from region to region,” said Vlieghe, trying to avoid the question.

‘Is it a quarter or is it 90 percent?” asked Schols. “No, that’s, uh, that’ll be, uh, depending on whether you are, whether it’s just the hospital or the intensive care unit, uh, in, inside the hospital, that’s up to fifty-fifty,” replied the stammering official.

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