Lithuania -The More You Vaccinate , And Use Vaccine Pass , The More Cases 

Alex Berenson , that relentless seeker of truth reports another amazing situation.

That Baltic Nation, Lithuania , has increased  cases of covid  at the same time it has more of its citizens vaccinated .

Strange ? Well we know that vaccinated people can get covid and spread it .

On  July 12 , 25 cases , 7 day average 44–low vaccination rate 

On October 22, 3016 cases , 7 day average 2689 , much higher vaccination rate. 

As a matter of fact, 75% of adults in that nation are now fully vaccinated and a vaccine pass has been in effect. 

3 thoughts on “Lithuania -The More You Vaccinate , And Use Vaccine Pass , The More Cases 

  1. If you go to Our World in Data/vaccinations ( you can find a list of 217 countries listed by rate of Covid vaccination. You can also find on that site charts of the “waves” of infection and percentage of cases (though we know that data is suspect and depends on the level of testing and to some degree faulty PCR test readings). The point is that if one were to compare the two, there’s likely be a correspondence in many countries (e.g Israel, Singapore, Lithuania, etc). What is this due to? It could just be as (as I pointed out above) that countries that push medical propaganda and mandates also do a lot of testing which inflates numbers. But it could also be ADE — an answer the establishment hates (they would prefer to blame the unvaccinated). I’m sure someone somewhere has done or is doing such a comparison. What it would find is that high vax rates do not equal lower cases, in many countries, I suspect. I also suspect that when flu season comes this winter/spring, many cases of the flu will be mistaken for Covid and numbers will go up — which suits Big Pharma fine (more sales). I also believe that they’re going to unleash the next disease, which will be worse, soon. Covid-19 was deliberately manufactured and released for profit and power. The unvaxxed will be falsely blamed (again) for the next one and suffer a total ban from all public places (ie house-arrest) in some countries. Things will become more fascist. I’m not seeing the backlash we’d hoped for manifesting itself yet. It may eventually but I think things will get worse, so brace yourselves. Christians were scapegoated for 3 centuries in Rome before it became the state religion. These things can go on a long time, unfortunately. Though it helps that this site and others exist to tell the truth.

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  2. I’ve been reading many well documented accounts that the injectables are actually destroying people’s immune system, making people more susceptible to illness, not to mention the criminal numbers of severe adverse reactions and deaths caused by the poison. It’s important to consider this probability when we see cases increasing in highly vaxxed populations.


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