10 thoughts on “Something To Ponder

  1. I so enjoyed seeing this make the rounds! I believe that those who consider themselves powerful because of the interest IN them for their (usually) one “talent” that produces nothing but a spectacle are going to realize that they overstepped onto really thin ice. They and their overlords began to believe their own press. And, while doing so these past few years did not realize they were training us to not need them at all.Build on sand all you want, the ones building on rock with real value will be the ones to survive this mess.


  2. Señor Peckford;

    I provide the following for your readers to ponder:

    When fear becomes dominant in one’s life, irrational decisions becomes its twin.

    Failure to mitigate brings the following:

    Unmitigated Ignorance is the Grandfather of Peril
    Unmitigated Fear is the Grandmother of Peril
    Unmitigated Trust is the Father of Peril
    Unmitigated Narcissism is the Mother of Peril
    Unmitigated Greed is the Brother of Peril
    Unmitigated Power is the Sister of Peril
    Unmitigated Wants is the Uncle of Peril
    Unmitigated Corruption is the Aunt of Peril
    Unmitigated Procrastination is the Nephew of Peril
    Unmitigated Irrationality is the Niece of Peril
    Unmitigated Cognitive Bias is the 1st Cousin of Peril
    Unmitigated Censorship is the 2nd Cousin of Peril

    The above clearly dysfunctional tree of relatives is now taken nightly, by the Woke, to the brothel of Unmitigated Expectations, Entitlements, Identity Politics, Equality of outcome, Globalization, Authoritarianism, Populism, Misinformation and prostituted to the guilt infested lowest bidder.

    Sadly, this is the very dysfunctional Western World Cosa Nostra Family of our Times and they are procreating and proliferating at an alarming rate like rate,— I say, with tongue-in-cheek, where is Planned Parenthood when you really need it—especially in the rich fecal sewer grounds of Academia and Mainstream/Social Media.

    Is there any wonder that we live in extremely perilous times when society’s Beliefs, Values, Ethics, Morals and Principles (BVEMPs) compass no longer points true North but is under constant challenge from Woke societal “magnetic deviation”.!!!!

    Food for thought, hope all is well, amigo.



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