Can Our Civilization Last When Deaths Are Segregated?

One of the many things that puzzles me lately about this present so called ‘pandemic’ is how we treat our dead and injured. 

When people are killed by some deranged individual there is an immediate shock and a rush by the authorities to seek out that suspect. Great sadness is displayed by the press and multiple stories are carried about the search, the plight of the loved ones , and the subsequent legal actions. 

We witnessed lately the story of the Florida girl who took off with her male friend only to end up in a tragic alleged murder. Then the  plight of the young man who became engaged in a violent  incident in Kenosha , Wisconsin. This morning on the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal( the largest newspaper in the US by paid circulation)  is the headline : ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Lawyers Prepare to Make Closing Arguments. ‘

All of this and many more are tragic and sad .

But these individual and even collective deaths pale in comparison to the daily increased death count —-not by war, gang violence , drug trafficking or even automobile deaths ( 38,000 annually in the US) to the number of deaths caused by the deliberate use of injections to allegedly combat the so called covid virus. 

As of this morning the voluntary reporting system in the US , the VAERS system, reports 18,341 deaths from the covid injections . Both this agency itself and a Harvard University study say that this system captures between 1% and 10%of the total. And the the number  of injuries total 865,652 . 

In other words there is most likely to be well over 100,000 deaths in the US  caused by an injection recommended by our health authorities, supported by our elected representatives , and actually made a condition  of employment in some jurisdictions. I personally know of people who have lost their jobs. 

All the over 70 vaccines used  over the last thirty years combined have not caused as many deaths as the three injections regarding covid have caused over the last 18 months  

So how come we carry endlessly the tragic deaths of some in our society and actually suppress and don’t  carry the deaths of others. 

Is this a society of compassion based on judaeo christian values? The first line of the Constitution Act of 1982 says:

‘Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:’

And The US Declaration of Independence 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

How can our society ignore the inherent truths of the rule of law and our reference to a creator and all men are created equal and yet today segregate those who die.  

Has not our behaviour been inconsistent with everything our constitutions stand for? 

Today the Wall Street Journal has on its front page the plight of a person who allegedly killed several and for weeks and months  fail to carry the thousands who have been killed by our hands and the hundreds of thousands who have been injured .

How can we claim  the moral high ground on this planet when we practise such segregation?  

7 thoughts on “Can Our Civilization Last When Deaths Are Segregated?

  1. It is becoming more clear with every passing hour & day, death & severe adverse event, that the so-called CV VX presents a ‘clear and present danger’ to humanity as a whole. Where, for the love of God, are the so-called….Social Justice Warriors!?? Keep on prayin’……the truth will set us free!


  2. Señor Peckford;

    I wrote many months ago that we have entered a Twilight Zone and have effectively constructed a new rating system for deaths these days. More specifically, if we use a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most concerning to the Woke) you will most likely find the following:

    From the outside looking into this COVID-19 debacle one can easily see, on a relative basis, that death has taken on new less valued meaning and embodies and promotes the new discounted value principle. We have reached a juncture where the Net Present Value (NPV) of life has been discounted, at least as it relates to the gene therapy experimental materials, to close to Zero, if not zero.

    — Death from or with COVID-19 —-rates as a 10; it rings and is amplified from the rooftops 24/7, especially in the Western World.

    — Death from a COVID-19 “vaccination” —-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from missed medical appointments and treatments —-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from violent protesting —-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from drug overdoses —-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from suicide as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, etc.—-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from Medical errors—-rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Death from vehicle accidents—rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Deaths from hunger and poverty—rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Deaths from War—rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Deaths from family violence and murders—- rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero
    — Deaths from seniors being abused— rates as a 0; yes, a big fat ZERO or close to Zero

    The point being, too many people, it appears, has accepted with open arms the NOW discounted NPV of life as highlighted above. ThIs slope is, indeed, dangerous and very, very slippery. One rides this slope at their peril and it inevitably ends in the rider being the sacrificial lamb, it isn’t if but when.

    Food for thought.



  3. Hi Brian, This is Mary from Qualicum again. My late hubby Gary and I had the farm where we sold chicken, and other things at the farmers market, and I also knew you and Carole from working in restaurants around the area. I did touch base with you before, and I think you left an email, but I am not sure what happened to it. I just wanted to say hello again, and to say how thankful I am for all the great info you give ( I am on your blog mailing list) and videos you do. What is happening to our beautiful country is so terrible. I live in Campbell River now and am quite involved in a pro freedom of choice no vaccine passport group and attend as many rallies as I can, both here and in Victoria. We will be at the one on Dec 9th. I am part of a group that served notices of liability to our school district, and they then voted against mandatory vaccines for the teachers. A victory. Yayyy. Thank you so very much for all you do in speaking out and educating people on our rights and what is happening in the world. Be sure that you and the many braves souls speaking out publicly are very much appreciated and respected by all of us. 🙂


    • So good of you to write and we respect you for all you are doing. We often wondered where you were now . What a great victory with the teachers. Make sure you come by and say hello on Dec 9. Carol and I will be there.


  4. It’s a good question to ask. One answer is that human beings tend to unconsciously dismiss large numbers (such as statistics) but will pay attention to individual stories of suffering or death. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof highlighted this when wrote a satirical piece “save the Darfur puppy” ( His point was more people would be moved to rescue a lone puppy than a million people. This is not because we’re inherently bad people. It’s just a quirk of human psychology. Btw, I also think puppies and animals in general also matter; it’s not either/or. Compassion should be universally applied.

    Then there is the problem, when it comes to the problem of medical tyranny, of what might be termed an “ethical blind spot” or selective compassion. This is borne of instinctive tribal thinking. If the vaccine killed people, those who go along with the NWO (i.e., all the Leftists, for example) don’t want to hear about it because it violates their adopted worldview. It’s heresy. The vaccines are all good and “anti-vaxxers” are bad, end of the story. It’s simplistic and stupid, I know, but this morally and intellectually lazing thining is now shared by hundreds of millions — which is why we’re having such an uphill battle to tell the truth.

    Lenin would call them “useful idiots of the revolution.” Orwell represented them as obedient farm animals in Animal Farm. There is in fact a comparison to be made with Communism, an ideology that feeds off the naive idealism of millions. I was just reading about G. B. Shaw the playwright who in 1930 visited the USSR and when the famine and purges were starting and were oblivious to both. He wrote a glowing review of Stalin and the revolution. He was blind to the horrors going on.

    People who ignore vaccine deaths are similar: they are enamoured of the Great Reset that Covid-19 restrictions promise to bring. They will ignore – even contest – anything that undermines that hope. My own family is among them. Not bad people but willfully blind to what’s really going on because they’re Democrats in the U.S. and see everything through the lens of partisan politics.

    This ideologically influenced moral blindness is also what allows religious violence to occur. It’s a bad flaw in human nature, one everyone can see clearly in hindsight (e.g., witch burnings and the Holocaust are universally derided) but at the time people choose to look the other way or go into denial. The same thing is happening right now with another genocide in China against the Uyghur people: the silence of otherwise good people allows it to continue. This is how political and religious idealism can contribute to the worst evils: by blinding people to them.


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