Now In Canada ! More Cases From Vaccinated !

You know that saying , ‘out of sight , out of mind?’ 

Well,  it’s in plain sight in Canada now!!This is not the UK or Israel . 

CP24 , an Ontario new outlet , reports :

‘Ontario is reporting more than 600 new COVID-19 cases as the number of breakthrough infections surpasses new cases among unvaccinated individuals today.

Provincial health officials logged 627 new COVID-19 infections today, down from 741 on Sunday but up from 552 one week ago.

Of the new cases reported today, 286 involve those who are fully vaccinated, 282 are in people who are unvaccinated, 36 involve individuals with an unknown vaccination status, and 23 are in people who have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.’

The news outlet reports :

The numbers used in this story are found in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Daily Epidemiologic Summary

How can this be ? 

That curve has some job being flattened!

Immune strengthening, and early treatment beats the jab every time . 

And there is no deaths and injuries as a result—-

Yet , we know in the US from vaccines there have been 894,143 injuries and deaths and in the EU , 1,118,115 injuries and deaths according to Government sources like VAERS and EUDRA VIGILANCE, and that this is only 10% of the total given this is all voluntary reporting. 

16 thoughts on “Now In Canada ! More Cases From Vaccinated !

  1. What is frightening to me is humanity’s seeming ability to gaslight itself.

    Despite this sort of news, this sort of real data, there will be, well let’s face it, there ARE people who will simply double down on their belief that the vaccines work, and it is the UN-vaccinated that are the problem.

    At this point all rational people can do is avoid detection by hospitals and authorities while continuing to protest until the vaccinated willingly kill themselves off.

    Grim thought that second part…

    Thank you for continuing to do this research Mr. Peckford; I am sending it all over the world and your work is appreciated more than you know. Not many people have the ability to contribute so much more after a stellar first career is over.

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  2. Señor Peckford;

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, without a safety net, and predict that for the Fall 2021 influenza season, that is October 2021 to April 30, 2022 that the majority of deaths from Covid-19 will be in the “vaccinated” experimental gene therapy materials cohort. Let’s check back in mid May 2022 re the predictions.

    As well, it is my prediction that those 60 plus years old, who have been “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapy materials, will experience substantially more deaths than their unvaccinated counterparts. I suspect as well, that the vast majority of hospitalizations from Covid-19 will be those who have been “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapy materials.

    The preponderance of evidence I have read suggest that the experimental gene therapy materials did and will and/or has contributed to the following:

    1. Doesn’t provide lasting immunity;
    2. Doesn’t prevent infection;
    3. Doesn’t prevent one spreading the infection;
    4. Most likely contributes to higher viral loads in the “vaccinated” and contributes to their super spreader capacity;
    5. May very well contribute to the establishment of new variants;
    6. Is preventing society from getting herd immunity from natural infection and recovery;
    7. Isn’t as protective or as long lasting as Natural Immunity;
    8. Dissuades the use of proven early treatment drugs and protocols;
    9. Kills people at a higher rate than any previous vaccine in history;
    10. Injures at a higher rate than any previous vaccine in history;
    11. Has compromised more folks in the medical industry than any previous vaccine in history;
    12. Is a political disease rather than a medical disease;
    13. Has turned the MSM and Social Media into propagandists;
    14. Will kill and maim children at an alarming rate never seen before with a “legitimately” researched and developed vaccine;
    15. Has contributed towards millions, if not tens of millions of deaths, world wide through increased poverty, missed medical appointments, diagnosis and treatments, increased opioid deaths, increased medical errors, suicides, murders, family violence, etc.
    16. Economic destruction;
    17. Destruction of Rights and Freedoms;
    18. A cancer on Democracy;
    19. Increased societal division;
    20. Has contributed to the increasing downward slide in the Education System.

    Note: there are many more negative impacts but the above should highlight the ALREADY “destructive” impact of these experimental gene therapy materials.

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  3. I checked the Ontario Health site you provided a link for. Could not find reference to vax vs unvaxed. What page is it on?

    Thanks for the amazing resource of information you provide

    Jack McNeil Leduc AB


  4. I want to share this story but also have to check to see if it’s verifiable. I looked at that government report (Ontario Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Daily Epidemiologic Summary) and could not figure out how the author determines how many are vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. The report didn’t seem to indicate that, or did I miss it somehow? Anyone know?


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