8 thoughts on “Want Proof? How About 400 Studies Showing Lockdowns, Mask Wearing , School Closures Do Not Work!

  1. Simple proof? Plot the data for North and South Dakota last winter. They are overlays. North Dakota, lockdowns. South Dakota, essentially zero rules. Restrictions make no difference.

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  2. Don’t confuse the believers with the facts. Some people have bought into this lie so hard they wouldn’t believe you if you had a mile high pile of unregulated proof. Our governments have been repeating these lies many times a day for the past two years. The bigger the lie the more likely it is to be believed. Many of the people in Canada may be in a state of Stockholm syndrome where they will defend these lies literally to the death. It is very hard to break that ideology. How many people are going to crater when this whole scam falls apart?

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  3. Remember playing with friends in the dirt as a child? Sharing part of your lunch with your dog or a neighbors dog? Eating your sandwich at light speed without washing hands so you could get back at it with ur buddies? Sharing food with classmates without concern for unseen bacteria or virus? I certainly do. Can’t remember for the life of me anyone passing on from taking part in these HUMAN activities.
    The human race really needs an awakening away from the bureaucratic steaming pile of bullshit!!! In my humble opinion


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