Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths of healthy German kids over 4 or adolescents 

Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths of healthy German kids over 4 or adolescentsThe

The findings, in a nutshell: if you let your healthy child or teenager receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane.

By Alex Berenson

December 2

German physician-scientists reported Monday that not a single healthy child between the ages of 5 and 18 died of Covid in Germany in the first 15 months of the epidemic.Not one.Even including children and adolescents with preexisting conditions, only six in that age range died, the researchers found.

Germany is Europe’s largest country, with more than 80 million people, including about 10 million school-age children and adolescents. Serious illness was also extremely rare. The odds that a healthy child aged 5-11 would require intensive care for Covid were about 1 in 50,000, the researchers found. For older and younger children, the odds were somewhat higher, about 1 in 8,000.Another eight infants and toddlers died, including five with preexisting conditions. In all, 14 Germans under 18 died of Covid, about one per month.

About 1.5 million German children or adolescents were infected with Sars-Cov-2 between March 2020 and May 2021, the researchers found.“Overall, the SARS-CoV-2-associated burden of a severe disease course or death in children and adolescents is low,” the researchers reported. “This seems particularly the case for 5-11-year-old children without comorbidities.” The researchers reported their findings in an 18-page paper published to the medrxiv preprint server on Monday.

The data came from a registry Germany established in March 2020 intended to capture all hospitalizations of people under 18 with Covid. All German children’s hospitals, pediatric infectious disease specialists, and pediatric societies were invited to participate.(SOURCE:

British researchers have posted similar findings, reporting that only six healthy children (including those under 18) out of 12 million died of Covid.Given the known risks of vaccine-induced myocarditis in young men, the fact that Pfizer tested its mRNA vaccines on barely 3,000 children 5-11 and followed most of them for only weeks after the second dose, the German data again raises the question of how health authorities can possibly justify encouraging children or teenagers to be vaccinated.But they have.

So parents will have to decide what’s best for their children (at least in those states that bar vaccine fanatics from trying to vaccinate teenagers without parental consent).

2 thoughts on “Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths of healthy German kids over 4 or adolescents 

  1. Completely in line with vast amounts of evidence we have known for a very long time. It doesn’t matter. The health authorities have decided everyone must get these shots, whether they have to ostracize, remove from basic civic society, fire, scape-goat, or repeatedly fine people who say ‘no thanks’ (and who knows what other things they might move to next). It is perhaps a collective psychosis amongst the public health class, or perhaps something worse.

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  2. Reblogged this on In defense of human freedom and commented:
    [NB – Nothing we don’t already know but good to reiterate: that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ are dangerous for children. The corrupt media, healthcare officials and politicians will say otherwise, but they’ve been wrong about everything for two years. Their agenda is political, and children are being sacrificed to give them more power – which is evil. More people need to wake up to this before it’s too late.]


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