Here Is A Timely, Relevant  Response To My ‘Saving Canada’s Democracy ‘ Essay 

By Wendy G Kinsey

Saving Canada’s Democracy

Thank you Brian. 

I will share this perfectly written and critically important letter you wrote on what should matter most to every single Canadian living today, old enough to read. And it includes every politician who has been bought out by the globalists because among those in the three main Canadian parties I have seen or heard nothing in some time to show otherwise.

My countless letters to politicians at every level in government have often been responded to but with little of relevance to the freedoms of Canadians which matters most to me. As well as the signing of the Nuremberg Code. 

As a child I lived in Alsace Lorraine, France, 14 years after WWII. The remnants of the war were evident throughout the tiny village I lived in with the mortar shelled damage on all buildings still evident and the house next door whose frame still stood but was cratered in the middle from being bombed. 

And my old landlord, a kind man with eyes that looked beyond into some far place that only he could see, so haunted. He was thin and deeply sad and silent mostly but had a small smile for a child now and then. 

I learned so much about freedom in the years I lived there and visited most of the famous WWI and WWII sites with my family. I would read the history first, before we went to visit the area including the only concentration camp in France where I kept asking my father why Dad, why didn’t the people fight Dad, why did they get off the train and go so meekly through those horrible gates. Why didn’t they push the soldiers over and trample them, why why why. 

And that time in our history left an indelible mark on me and I knew that freedom was as necessary as the air we breathe.

Thanks Brian for keeping on….

4 thoughts on “Here Is A Timely, Relevant  Response To My ‘Saving Canada’s Democracy ‘ Essay 

  1. Thank you to Wendy Kinsey for writing such a heartfelt account of your experience. Why Wendy? Why in the world won’t people fight back today? Why can’t they see the blatant lies and propaganda being spewed by MSM and our government?? We need more people like Wendy to speak out publicly! God Bless her and Keep on Prayin’!

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    • Canadians for the most part have been brainwashed into complacency. It is unfortunate but there are very few critical thinkers left as critical thinking is not taught or promoted in academia any more.
      Those of us who do practice critical thought usually come from a long line of such humans, possibly it is a genetic trait of survival to questions decisions of so called authority figures.
      It needs to be taught now in my humble opinion.

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  2. Here is the disadvantage of being the good guy: You fight fair and play by the rules. But the bad guy will stop at nothing to win. That is their “strength” and our “weakness”.

    Here is our strength and their weakness:

    We fight for a prize that is of far greater value than lowly gold or power. Our souls are not for sale. Neither are our minds or bodies. And when the reckoning is complete, our integrity will roar what our tongues were forbidden to whisper. And what of the enemy’s integrity on that day? The question answers itself.


    • This is always the problem of the west. The left allow no desention in the ranks,while the west always try to make allowances for different thoughts,such as allowing people to belong to a communist party in a western society. It’s a catch 22 if we don’t then how are we any different. Even with the Nuremberg trials the mistake was the trial. Belonging to the nazi party or the ss or being part of the Gestapo should have been all that was required for proclamation of guilty but instead we took the high road and most war criminals escaped justice.


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