Victory In New Brunswick !!!

The Agricultural Market In Fredericton, New Brunswick was to accept only the vaccinated tomorrow when it opened.

This power was given to the market operators, The City, by the Government of New Brunswick. 

However, a group that I chair , Taking Back Our Freedoms ( www.  were mobilizing in that city to oppose such an undemocratic action. 

And I have just received news that the City has backed down and all people will be welcome to shop at the Market. 

Taking Back Our Freedoms and followers will now assemble at City Hall tomorrow to celebrate the Victory. 

One victory at a time ——-and we will be Taking Back Our Freedoms. 

7 thoughts on “Victory In New Brunswick !!!

  1. Yes this is exactly the kind of pressure we need to be putting on our govt everyday til they back down. I don’t want this to escalate any further than it already has. But if they keep introducing draconian measures, they are going to find themselves in front of a panel of judges in the Supreme court or a special public court. If things keep going south Nuremberg will be the only option to curtail this asinine verbal Diarrhea BS they are spewing daily.

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