A ’Fictional ‘ Take On The Country

Gullible’s Candemia Travels 

By Terry Burton —Blog Follower and Occasional Contributor

In a far away land there existed a jewel of a mythical country called Candemia. Itwas once looked upon with envy by other countries that existed on the Planet Pandemia. Candemia was a symbol of rights and freedoms, equality, the supremacy of the Constitution and Democracy, the rule of Law and fair courts, equality of opportunity, economically strong, possessed great medical ethics and treatment, an objective and impartial media, great educational institutes and embodied peace, order and good governance (POGG). Sadly, Candemia was in for a very rough ride, unbeknownst to virtually all its citizens.

Candemia was attacked by outside forces, a black swan so to speak, that presented a golden opportunity for Candemia’s leaders, aptly know now as the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who were united in their belief to never let a good crisis go to waste mentality. They were the champions of the science whilst denying the science; champions of free speech whilst suppressing free speech, champions of health whilst denying health treatments and protocols, champions of the Constitution whilst debasing and ignoring the Constitution, champions of religious freedoms whilst denying religious freedoms, champions of the Nuremberg Code whilst ignoring its principles and mandate, champions of informed consent whilst ignoring informed consent, champions of principled behaviour whilst being unprincipled. In essence, they behaved in a manner that was, in essence, the anthesis of what Candemia stood-for for centuries.   

The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse galloped into the mythical country of Candemia (consisting of a federation of thirteen principalities and a Federal oversight body), atop their great “experimental mRNA materials” medical steeds, and announce with great fanfare, they are the champions of defeating the Plague, Disease, Death and Fear supported by the strategies of Division, Contempt, Deception, Manipulation, Defensiveness, Stonewalling, War, Conquest and Power.

They announce that Candemia’s citizens will be divided into two (2) camps; camp one (1) being those that accept, without question, the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their edicts; camp two (2) are those Candemians that refuse to bow to the ever changing messaging and narrative of the oncoming plague, disease, death, fear, division…………, etc. 

The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse have a well developed, thought-out plan and strategies to assist with their edicts. They achieve such very effectively by bribing (with annual funding) the MSM and Social Media to carry “only” the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse approved messaging and by censoring and disparaging any and all dissenting voices. The “once trusted” medical profession are quickly brought on board by the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They do this by threats of medical license loss, denial of research grants, reputation destruction, career loss and excommunication from any and all medical bodies.

The medical profession caves like a faint-hearted, obedient, compliant coward and with the speed of a photon, as they turns their  back on their Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code and the essential principle of informed consent.

The Trial Balloon Phase

“All adults in Candemia who are in breach of any or all of the following edicts will have to pay an extra tax. The rationale is very basic, it’s because there are negative financial consequences to Candemia’s health system for these “controllable and unacceptable behaviours by guilty citizens”. It’s not up to all Candemians to pay for that extra cost, we must punish the guilty and tax them because of their poor health choices.” 

“The additional question to be asked,” stated one of the most aggressive of the Horsemen from the principality of Lower Candemia,  “is how to effectively tax the children who are in breach of the edict(s).”

“Not to worry, Mr. Lower Candemia Horseman”, stated the Candemian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news anchor who is responsible and paid to convey the Horsemen’s narrative, “we have already given them, the children that is, the deficit and debt bill for all this stuff; to be clear, it applies to even the children that haven’t been born yet, as they will be on the hook for the payment of these bills.”

The Lower Canademia Horseman was delighted with the CBC news anchor response and grinned even further, as he also knew that a number of his fellow Horsemen and their citizens would really be paying these bills through the ever reliable Candemia transfer and equalization program. 

“All is well that sees other Candemians pay”, is this aggressive Horseman’s and his predecessors’ motto.

  1. Edict one (1)— First Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who are overweight must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax;
  2. Edict two (2)— Second Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who are smokers must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax;
  3. Edict three (3)— Third Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who are alcohol consumers must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax;
  4. Edict four (4) Fourth Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who have “drug addictions” must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax;
  5. Edict five (5)— Fifth Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who don’t exercise daily must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax;
  6. Edict six (6)— 6th Day–Any and all members of Camp two (2) who“believe in the Candemia Charter of Rights and Freedoms” must pay an additional “health contribution (I.e. tax)” of $1.00 per hour tax.

Predictably, just two (2) hours after the conclusion of the “primed news” on Saturday, the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse spokesperson announces that the $1.00 per hour worked is actually compounded in the following 10% manner—day 1=$1.00/hr., day 2=$1.10/hr., day 3=$1.21/hr., day 4=$1.33/hr., day 5=$1.46/hr. and day 6=$1.61/hr.. Thus all hours from day six (6) forward will attract and warrant a minimum tax of $1.61 (of course it will be increased annually for the foreseeable future)—it will be known in the future as the progressive health tax (PHT).

Oh, yes, the spokesperson states that, “after careful reflection by the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” it was determined that because the tax was so easily accepted by the Camp (2) reprobates, that effective immediately the tax will also apply to Camp (1) citizens. Sadly, Camp 1 folks have now, not surprisingly, been conveniently, from a tax perspective, found to carry a dominate gene that embodies weaknesses and vulnerabilities to that listed in A, B, C, D, E above. No supporting evidence is supplied regarding this unique gene mutation discovery, thefourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse just state,  “it’s a fact and the tax is for the good of all—camp (1) citizens must acquiesce immediately”. 

The uproar from camp (1) is heard at the upper decibel range, as they lament, moan and groan about “their” guaranteed rights and freedoms being infringed. They NOW believe strongly that the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse are in breach of Candemia’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Of course,  they were previously unconcerned, as the loss of those rights and freedoms only applied to camp (2) peoples. 

Camp (1) peoples are extremely distraught, feel betrayed and are very miffed, as they were visible, compliant, loyal, virtue-signalling supporters of the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The camp one (1) folks immediately requested, actually demanded, support from camp (2) folks to ensure the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse don’t ride roughshod over camp (1’s) guaranteed rights and freedoms. It’s an obvious take it or leave it approach, as the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse threaten the NEW dissenters, by raising their poison tipped spears in unison, all complainers go quiet.

Camp (2) folks contemplates, for a millisecond the request/demand, and tells camp (1) folks to _____ _____ themselves. The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse observe, with increasing confidence, that their divide and conquer strategy has delivered in spades the predicted two (2) camps division, in fighting and attacks and are ecstatic and relieved at seeing the predicted animosity grow at a staggering pace. 

In a matter of less than one (1) day, the two (2) camps are ripping each other apart (figuratively and physically), thus further weakening their individual and collective will to resist the loss of rights and freedoms.  Both groups appeal and beg, on bended knee, to the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse to intervene and support the use of whatever means necessary to bring (POGG) to Candemia. The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse meet “alone” for fifteen (15) minutes and agree to implement the Candemia Control Measures Act–CCMA (such Act was written weeks ago by the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypselegal department—amazing anticipation of the need one might suggest). Consequently, ALL rights and freedoms of Candemia’s citizens are suspended indefinitely.

The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse have, in their God like way and entitlement, agreed to rest on day seven (7) and immediately direct their supply chain folks to provide the neutralizing of dissent experimental materials to all citizens forthwith. They demand the needed injections be carried out immediately and, by force, if deemed necessary. 

This way the original sin will be spread over the entire population and they will all be complicit and “they” will be held responsible for any negative outcome(s) to their personal and family health. As well, if the first injection proves ineffective (as thefourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse knows it will), give the second injection forthwith and make sure there is an ample supply of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th …..booster injections, in the supply chain, for immediate injection—no exceptions. 

Well, there’s really an exception as follows:

Note: The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse have exempted themselves and their extended family members from any and all of these edicts, injections and any consequent restrictive laws, regulations and/or policies. Their rationale for such exemption is quite basic, that is, “ because we deserve such and can—no further explanation needed nor required—the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse once again raised their poison tipped spears in unison and the complainers go quiet!!!”

The immediate outcome and unintended consequences of these edicts:

  1. The inevitable complaint, from employers regarding the additional cost associated with administering these new edicts, was received; 
  2. More workers quit their jobs thus the unemployed won’t be paying the (PHT) tax;
  3. Students who don’t work won’t be paying the (PHT) tax;
  4. Those on welfare won’t be paying the (PHT) tax;
  5. Those in subsidized senior facilities won’t be paying the (PHT) tax;
  6. It has encouraged more people to move out of Candemia to more receptive and free countries;
  7. Illegal aliens won’t be paying the (PHT) tax;
  8. International truck drivers threaten to refuse to drive to Candemia;
  9. Worker productivity plummets and Candemia is no longer competitive;
  10. Employer work shortages are amplified;
  11. Government revenues are further decreased and expenses go up;
  12. Those with “acceptable” pre-existing conditions will not be paying the (PHT) tax;
  13. First Nations’ members will not be paying the (PHT) tax.

It would appear that the new “initial” un-vaxed tax will be very troublesome and just another affirmation of the punitive nature and incompetence of the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Candemia eventually falls apart and, not surprisingly, everyone of the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse have moved to other countries. The remaining Candemia peoples are “free” to clean up the mess. They work hard and feverishly to rebuild Candemia to its previous glory days. That’s when the children of the now deceased the fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse demand they be allowed to return to Candemia, become its elite citizens and inherit the greatest share of this new prosperity and stability.

And that, my fellow citizens, is how Candemia was destroyed, rose from the ashes, rebuilt than destroyed and rebuilt over and over again. The fourteen (14) Horsemen of the Apocalypse nor their offspring ever incurred the pain and anguish of the average citizen of Candemia, the Horsemen and their families just cut and ran every time and took any thing of value with them. They only want to return when it is financially advantageous and opportune to rape and pillage Candemia once again.

8 thoughts on “A ’Fictional ‘ Take On The Country

  1. Terry this is one way to truly get the people to grasp what is happening in this country and how all of us fit in and have our part to play. Wonderful story teller You! It should circulate, at some point soon, the people need to see how well they have been played, no better way than via these 14 Horsemen.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Thank you for your support. The emails that you produce with your experience and wisdom give a daily thread of support.
    It’s interesting how when you put it in a fairy tale format it makes more sense I think it takes away the emotional charge. It might pick up a few sleepers. This is not judgment we are all doing the best we can during unprecedented chaos and insanity. A government gone Rogue, killing people democide…. all those who do not have a conscience are being revealed… question is how do we deal with it and move on. The system is definitely a done deal. All systems have corruption throughout now that has really been revealed to us. It always felt wrong now we are seeing real time corruption play out before our eyes for those of us that see. Do we meet corruption with corruption or do we patiently go step by step and disassemble the entire system and rebuild it? Any ideas on how we expediate the process to remove this government? The over each and overstep the corruption is impacting us all. And not necessary! A global citizen who is praying for my human family. Linda Oughton.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Let me guess.
    Those who couldn’t earn enough to pay the fine were euthanized and the government denied wrong doing because what it was doing was deemed to be politically correct. Nazi Germany is due an apology by their conquerers and no more kvetching about the so called holocaust. This clot shot business is far worse.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I will be copying and pasting the beginning of this story c/w credits and a link to this page on my pages on other platforms. I believe this one may be an awakener for those who continue to walk around with their blinders and masks on. Thank you for this!

    Liked by 2 people

    • hi Terry!

      Awesome piece of written mastery!

      Superb writer, YOU are!! …

      Thank YOU for shedding Light upon our sad
      state of affairs in a way that perhaps may help to WAKE our fellow
      citizens UP!!

      And by the way, would you consider this genius blog post,
      — an analogy, parody or satire?

      Thank YOU again …

      And Big Round of Thanks & Appreciation to the HON. Brian Peckford
      for Standing UP for Canada and for hosting this blog>

      Liked by 1 person

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