Allergic To The Sunshine Of The Truth

Its About Time -We are Going In The Wrong Direction —But in Canada, Federal Government Still Positive Approval —???

Some ‘so called polling experts’  are reporting that the mood of the country , and for that matter the whole world , is changing to the negative side . 

About time .

How much information does one need to know. To realize  that this ship is sinking ; from experimental vaccines that kill and injure more people than all other vaccines in the last 30 years with no liability by the Pharma companies producing them , flawed PCR tests, masks that take away our humanity and that don’t work according to scores of independent studies, to getting and transmitting the virus by the vaccinated. And on it goes , massively suppressed by the mainstream media that has accepted Government money.

This is what Abacus data has to say authored by Bruce Anderson and David Coletto: 47 % feel Canada is headed in the wrong direction, 37% that it is headed in the right direction. And the world and the US are even worse—-It always takes Canada a little longer to see reality you understand, —the world 26% right direction and 55% wrong direction and the US 22% and 60%. 

Well , we can understand the US and most of Europe having worse numbers . I , mean a Disabled President who keeps calling his vice president , the President , and a Europe of Johnsons and Macrons ( who wants to mention Germany , using more coal as they go green) . The only sane countries are the eastern bloc ( and Sweden) who remember what happens when personal rights are taken away. Every immigrant from Easter Europe I meet knows and disapproves of what is happening here. 

But in Canada the Federal Government who masterminded most of this and on whom erroneously the Provinces( no leadership) depended for accurate information had a positive approval rating of 44% with 40% disapproval 

After all that has happened !!!

Debt through the ceiling , people lives destroyed, un necessary deaths and injured , trying to destroy the western economy , free money,  an economic  policy which see the country being 164 in the world in how long it takes to get an electric permit ( overall ease at doing business Canada is 23, Denmark 4, Lithuania 11) to some of the longest medical wait times in the western world yet health spending almost near the top . 

Well , digging into the numbers , the Provinces that are more dependent on the Federal Government show higher approval ratings , of course, and those less dependent lower approval ratings —net approval in Alberts -24 and Quebec plus 19. 

That says it all and why Trudeau Jr is still PM. 

Of course, the vacuum in leadership is also a factor with fumbling Conservative leader Erin O’Toole with a  net approval rating of -24% and Trudeau at -2%. 

Latest facts show that the boosters are a disaster, the latest variant a flu, double vaxxed in BC taking up more hospital beds that the unvaxxed,  facts  from our own country like the Canadian Covid Care Alliance showing the failures of Pfizer’s clinical trials , yet in spite of that Canada from coast to coast hear or see nothing , allergic to the sunshine of the truth. 

5 thoughts on “Allergic To The Sunshine Of The Truth

  1. Brian, one of the most accurate yet tragic descriptions of our country and what has happened these past 2 years+. It is time those of us who understand this begin to lead in changing that reality of doom and misery into one of growth for each one of us personally and for every village, town, city, farm, ranch, acreage in this country. It is time to let loose these chains that have kept us down and helped so little to improve life on any single level in this country.

    As of now, let’s lobby our MLAs our MPs and our premiers to move to drop the nonsense that has never worked and rebuild, restore, create, innovate and bring HOPE to every person in this nation and change this legacy of fear and doubt for every child and young person living today. No more case numbers, curves, waves NO more Fear Mongering and no more BLAME. Let’s renew with caring, compassion, love and celebrate life from hereon in!

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  2. There does seem to be a mood brewing and growing fast as we are a trusting bunch for sure and have gone to the mat for a long, long time to find ourselves in such an awful mess. It’s still tentative, but people are beginning to talk. And now this latest debacle with the government reneging on the Truckers’ ability to bring Canadians their actual food, water, gas and even medicines in two weeks time, I can clearly see that many Canadians will support our Truckers, the real backbone in the country. I hope that it won’t take a collapse of the trucking industry and our economy to convince our politicians of that!

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  3. “Allergic To The Sunshine Of The Truth”
    This is the true pandemic that afflicts Canada and too much of the world. The government and media says syndrome is just as bad.

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  4. Question is what happens when this ship is upright in the water again. Accountability must be paramount so that this craziness happens NO MORE!!


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