COVID-19 Taking Québec Nursing Homes by Storm, Despite Full Vaccination

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The Canadian province of Québec, sometimes yet incorrectly referred to as “La Belle Province” (because what is happening there is truly horrible), has made the headlines in recent days, with new proposals by the prime minister Legault to tax the unvaccinated, and also prevent them from going to most places, including Home Depot.

But all of this may just be a smokescreen. Because despite a comprehensive vaccination campaign in nursing homes, there are now widespread active outbreaks of COVID-19 in nursing homes, both public and private.

Remember, earlier in the pandemic, most deaths from COVID-19 in Québec occurred in nursing homes, where there was no effort made to provide treatment or to hospitalize those who were very sick from COVID-19.

The authorities had pushed their approach to the point of stopping the administration of Vitamin D to those at high risk of COVID-19, despite Vitamin D being known to contribute reducing the severity of COVID-19.

Now, with the new wave that is mostly made of Omicron – which is known to be induce a much milder disease than previous strains, it appears that a new wave of nursing homes deaths is in the making.

Here is a summary table from the latest figures available for both public (CHSLD) and private (RPA) nursing homes. There are already over 150 deaths attributed to COVID.>>  Negative Vaccine Efficacy is Here!

Here are the links to the two official tables from which the data is derived, for Public and Private nursing homes.

As we have covered previously in this blog, it’s pretty easy to implement prophylaxis and early treatment for COVID-19 in nursing homes. With the mild Omicron, it would be even much easier and it’s hard to even comprehend how anyone would need to die from Omicron, as it’s so easily treatable.

But with the Québec government being in full denial of early treatment and of the ineffectiveness of the injections, of which the numerous outbreaks are a clear proof, attention of the public is being diverted by the politicians to the unvaccinated.

The latest measures adopted by the Québec politicians: to prevent the unvaccinated from going to Home Depot, and to levy a special tax on those who have resisted so far not to take the most deadly shot in medical history.

9 thoughts on “COVID-19 Taking Québec Nursing Homes by Storm, Despite Full Vaccination

  1. This is a clear example of a frightened premier and government urged on by nibbs Junior. These characters are seeing the big scam exposed on how none of the shots are working as promised and how they are in fact, achieving the opposite results to what they were promoted to achieve.

    So what does one do when the jig is up? One gets pissy and reacts with harshness toward the few people who did their own research by reading genuine science and YOU Punish them; you follow the ‘leader’ and impose Punishment Tax on the dangerous OTHERS in PQ hoping that premiers with limited brain power and critical thinking abilities but excess obedience to the cabal and its dangerous objectives, will follow suit.

    There is more and more evidence around the world getting leaked in spite of mainstream media restrictions and the one world narrative. People with intact brains already have sufficient proof of this and some politicians are beginning to realize that if the real truth is exposed and the public begin to awaken to it. they could be held responsible for losses on every count. This year will be telling and being one of those Premiers who goes along with Punishment Tax or any form of restriction against people choosing to follow the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, will result in them paying the price by the courts and the people. Their day is coming.

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  2. The more I think about this, the more horrifying it gets. Yes. The jig is up. The experimental “vaccines” do not work. And how much money was spent on these to no avail? Covid handling in Canada and other Western nations is proving to be a complete disaster. Even more worrisome is the possibility of ADE. That could be what is happening currently in Quebec care homes.

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    • Unfortunately the care homes situation is a pattern. In the UK they used a drug called Midazolam to speed up the deaths, and in NY Cuomo deliberately infected the residents. Both situations may see a legal response.


  3. This video is a case study of using ivermectin in a Toronto nursing home. This goes back to early in 2020. Right at the beginning of the pandemic.
    There was absolutely no interest from the health authorities, the media etc. in learning anything from this.

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  4. I think one of the takeaways from all of this. Is that we need a wholesale change of the politicians. The current environment only indicates that, for the most part, leaders are either incompetent or just self serving lackys


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