Brian Peckford the Canadian Constitution With Ezra Levant 

Jan 05/22: Ezra Levant of Rebel News with Former Premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms .

6 thoughts on “Brian Peckford the Canadian Constitution With Ezra Levant 


    Since when is it ok, to reject the masses, for refusing to inject a misrepresentation?

    When will we hear our Dear Leader forced to tell the truth, when his crimes have been found out and you can no longer avoid it too?

    I find it hard to believe, in 2022, we are floating the permanent isolation of people for simply having an opinion too. But that’s where we are, in a world of Tyrants, lying to people while censoring their motives.

    It’s all a game, to get you jabbed, with an experimental concoction & it’s driving them mad. It is killing, it is wrong, the innocent are being injured and harmed yet we can’t see what has actually gone wrong. We are told lots of lies and we refuse to reject them, because that would also make us wrong and that can’t be the objective?

    No one likes to be taken for a ride, especially one so unpleasant, a festering demise. But you have my friend, that’s what it is. The PM is lying, committing crimes and sins.

    That’s why you didn’t notice it, it all happened so fast. First you were cornered then given a chance. Believe what is said, don’t question the narrative, Our Dear Leader knows best now hand me your children. The experiment is good, it is for your own health, now do it for grandma, you better or else. Despite children being unaffected, we have not asked but told them to save the frail and injected. No one asked to eat a veg, get your health in order or consider consequences said. No encouragement to get yourself healthy, to eat the right food, just shut up, fear, no mercy.

    Kids should not be saving their parents, from a mild disease that 94.5 percent affects the purposeful unhealthy. Your problem isn’t corona, it isn’t the un-jabbed, it’s a corrupt government, lying & mad. They came for the children, they will come for your house, they welcome your will, your voice & your redoubts.

    You will own nothing, and be happy to do it, Klaus Schwab said so, it must be, don’t try to disprove it. His Dad was a Nazi, so he know’s, just how to maneuver the plays he throws.

    He instructs to spread out, to the wealthy and fair, and convince they are special through grand gestures of flair. He looks real important and sounds great from a stage, but when you look at his writings he reveals a scene of dystopic rage. He is a control freak, who calmly relays, we need an angry world to display our distain. We need the dissenters, and those who refuse, to make them an example so you know who to choose. Keep your life happy and full of abundance, just hand me your children, your neighbour and finances.

    You will be in an app, to rent and to own, but not any app, one that makes you their own. You will have no idea, it will all look fine, until one day you discover, your life is Mine. Klaus Schwab wants to take it, and feed it to the rich, so they can continue to pollute and blame you for their tricks.

    The rich produce more than 50% of the masses, yet they blame you for carbon and drown you in taxes. Your app will condone if you can eat some liver, but you will give up something else, if you prove a useless eater. You will be given no choice between flying and carbon, unless you are rich, you can sellout for a bargain.

    It’s all a scheme to make you look the other way, slowly and unnoticeable until the very day. The very day you realize, you went along with a plan, without knowing the details, and now you’ve been scammed.

    The government is scamming you, into believing their might, that injecting children and silencing dissent, is somehow their right.

    I am here to tell you, no it is not. We have laws, we have a charter, and that is not something our government can do with, what they like.

    They are citizens, they get to follow it too. They cannot take your rights, that’s a lie, that’s untrue.

    They can limit them yes, in Section 33 to say, but that has to be proven, demonstrably, and for a limited time is only okay. They cannot claim they are a majority SO, we take your rights, now follow or go. They have to prove it, with debate and far more. Science, facts, experts, there’s even a court. Not just from ONE side, ALL SIDES get to score. We listen to both sides, those in-between, those poor. All people are essential in the eyes of our Lord.

    I suggest you start to listen, hear what is said and check the facts. Don’t rely on a google search, that is corrupt and misled. They change definitions, and write columns to lie. Don’t believe them for a second until you have had your change to source why.

    It’s a lot of work, and it will make you question, but that’s what they want, a population that believes this misconception. They have pitted us against us, you against you. You must see that’s not right, we are a God loving nation, not Nazi & Jew.

    That may be hard to take, you may think it’s a false equivalence, but research Jewish history and it will start to make a lot of sense. People who are jewish, also agree, same with those from communist China, Cuba and other Regimes.

    This reeks of corruption, control and man’s fall. We are better than this, We need to stand TALL. Demand to hear from dissenters, let’s be clear on their stance. We can’t just silence, then ignore, this pivotal chance.

    We believe we are being poisoned by an injection we do not need, neither do the children so listen before you condemn us please. If it turns out to be healthy, than you are wiser, we are wrong, so proceed, inject us on an alter. But if we are right, and the data agrees, then we all have been lied to, we will all see.

    You don’t need to agree or tote what sounds like blunder, but listen to all the evidence before claiming we’re intolerable. The PM can’t do, as he bothers, forcing injections, ignoring our ForeFathers. Making it impossible for us to work, all because he doesn’t want the truth out so he casts citizens as racist jokes.

    If this wasn’t important no one would bother, but our PM wants to inject your children and that is a step gone farther. We started this out with 2 weeks to flatten the curve, now it’s “We Are Attacking Your FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS”, I don’t want to hear another word. I’m your supreme leader, I can do as I like, you’ve been served a mandate now take it, welcome to the 4TH REICH.

    With fines and intimidation, to get your to comply, lying that it’s a vaccine, when all it does, is maybe help some unhealthy to not perish or die. I don’t need it, neither do you, unless you are currently sick, then your doctor should say that’s true. But now that the variants have increased in transmission, their willingness to make you sick have decreased with precision. Viruses want to survive and they do it with speed, they infect as much as possible, but get it wrong just as much as we. Unless they’ve been altered to spread more easily, like the work conducted in China by Daszuk and Fauzi. Yes, they worked on more virulent strains, funded by Gates and the Foundations he made. These are evil people, controlling your health, mandating lockdowns, and profiting from government wealth. It’s a money scheme created by a conspiring monster and a so called computer genius turned CNN doctor.

    Pfizer controls most of the media, funds doctors and studies to control what they bring to you. Sure, what they say, might have some merit, but when you read the WHOLE study, that’s not what’s apparent. Millions of people have suffered in silence, because our government & media have been paid off to admire them. They do not report mass heart inflammation, no adverse events, not even the seizures. I know it may seem like a stupid conspiracy, but take a look at the numbers, it is not less disturbing. The drug manufactures have been completely lying, hiding the data, even conspiring. They say what they want, without repercussions, because they exempted themselves in the government signed documents.

    But of course we can’t read it, it’s all big secret. Big Pharma being paid by the masses, but the contract? We can’t see it. We’re not allowed. We have no case, we have no cause. To pay for a drug and then not know what clause?

    I don’t know about you, but I take contracts serious, I don’t always understand but I do my best to be clear on it. Sometimes we sign, we don’t understand, but this is important, we need to know what’s in the plan.

    “Justin Trudeau does not make my decisions, he does not make yours either, not with any provisions. But taking my rights, that means he’s settling scores. But you too are a citizen, that means he also has yours.
    Yet Nuremberg & our Charter will state something different, you can’t take our rights, that’s the guise of a Dictator. It’s a crime to inject anyone against their better judgement, through coercion and lies and out right subversion. They did that in Germany, with Tuskegee and far more. It’s been going on for decades, believe me, Fauzi keeps score. He tested AIDS drugs on orphans in the US & abroad. Little children without families. Do you need to know for what cause?
    That was the point though, they had no one to stand up, to say it was wrong and so treated them like unhuman smut. They will do it to you, if they are capable of hurting children. I’m not saying Trudeau knows this, but he should, he’s in charge of our civilization.
    These are crimes against humanity, not a question about it, these people will pay, but how long before judgement? What will you put up with, not saying a word, not looking at facts, dismissing what you’ve heard.
    I get it. It is hard, to accept the inevitable, that your Prime Minister is a traitor and has sold you to big chemicals. But nows not the time to live in upset. It’s the time to stand. Enough regret. We’ve been taken to long, for no more than a herb. They want to get rid of us, to stifle our objection, our dissent, our word.
    But that will not happen, the facts are clear, they will be prosecuted and witnessed in the public’s town square. The people will all see it clearly, every misstep taken, by an over-inflated prime minister, for vanity and a UN Dictator.

    He will live to regret what he has partaken. To be a step stool for a dictator, is stupid and mistaken. He puts us down, acts like he’s better, we know the difference, he’s just a global misleader.”

    We Are Canada, We Are One, The Truth is Out. Now We Have Fun.

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    • Actually Klaus’s mother Marianne was a Rothschild which makes him a Jew like Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Stalin. Arch enemies of Nazism just like the rest of the globalist ,capitalist, communist democratic establishment who are pushing the clot shot or global genocide on everyone. There are no secret or out in the open cabals of Nazis running the world. Those who don’t believe this better wake up quickly and smell the coffee before they get the clot shot.


      • Mr Rowlandson I think you hit the nail on the head, it doesn’t really matter who is behind this anymore. I don’t think you can blame this on one ideology or another. It would seem that the evil knows no bounds but one thing they all have in common is a lack of contact with the average person on the street. They are simply pushing the agenda of the super rich to get rid of the middle class and enslave the people of the world for their own needs. Should clarify by super rich I’m talking over ten billion.


  2. Brian the french speaking governments have a tendency to practice what is known as administrative right which means something like this. The government and its officials may do as they see fit and the citizen may not and may not challenge or defy government officials exercising their privileges. Under english common law instead of having written charters of rights and freedoms you have tradition, custom and convention and the reason for this is that anything written on paper as a substitute and not defended by force of arms by the citizen becomes a play thing for courts , politicians and lawyers to interpret and legislate away untill the original document means nothing or something completely different from what was intended. For example the supremacy of God and the rule of law statement in the charter of rights and freedoms would if taken seriously would include Gods laws and judgments aspart of his supremacy and rule of law and there would be no same sex marriage in Canada and LGBTQ practianers in Canada would be heinous criminals subject to arrest, conviction and execution according to law. Pierre Trudeau’s omnibus bill legalizing homosexuality and liberalizing divorce wouldn’t fly either as both are inconsistent with the supremacy of God and the rule of law. Even the magna carta of 1215 was subverted over time one interpretation and legislative reform at a time. People still revere it but it is a dead letter just like every constitution and charter of rights and freedoms or bill of rights. Government soon finds such documents to be inconvenient and citizens have short attention spans and are militarily impotent next to government most of the time. So the elites get away with their subversions and usurpations. Lastly who was it that found their moral compass and put the supremacy of God and the rule of law statement in the charter? Given the tendency towards government support of vice at the time this move seemed to be out of character for Canada’s governments even if the statement would be largely ignored and not taken seriously for political reasons.

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