Urgent Warning


The world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. Hospitalizations and deaths are rising fast too. The mRNA experiment needs to stop. Immediately.

Alex BerensonJan 24

Something is rotten in Denmark.

And Australia.

And Israel.

Where nearly 1 percent of the entire population just tested positive for Covid. Not in a month. Or a week. In one day.You read that right.On Saturday, Israel had 84,000 new infections, the equivalent of almost 3 million in the United States. Infections in Israel have risen unthinkably fast since late December. They’re are up 100-fold in one month, driven by the collapse of booster protection and the arrival of the Omicron variant.Israel is not alone.

Denmark reported 42,000 cases yesterday, equal to almost 2.5 million in the United States. France, the second-largest country in Europe, reported the American equivalent of about 12 million new infections in the last week. Australia had a tremendous surge in cases earlier this month, though it seems to be subsidizing for now.

These countries have very different population demographics and previous exposure to Covid. They even have very different weather; it is summer in Australia.What do they share, then?

Incredibly high Covid vaccination rates, mostly with the mRNA vaccines. Israel is among the world’s most vaccinated countries.

More than 90 percent of Israeli adults have been vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Almost 80 percent have received a booster dose, and several hundred thousand have gotten a fourth.Yet Israel had more coronavirus infections in the last week than in all of 2020, before it began mass mRNA Covid vaccinations.—Omicron is much milder than Delta or the original coronavirus. So the data from South Africa – which was the first country where Omicron spread quickly – seemed to show.But South Africa is quite lightly vaccinated.

The more recent data from the highly vaccinated countries has not been as promising. Yes, Omicron is milder.Even so, hospitalizations and deaths are spiking in countries like Israel and Denmark. In Israel, the number of severely ill patients has risen eightfold this month, and almost fourfold in the last two weeks – even though the true spike in infections has come only in the last few days, and hospitalizations typically lag infections.

In Australia, deaths are up tenfold since in the last four weeks, although from a low base :

In part the rise has come because Omicron infections have reached such stunningly high levels that even a relatively low risk can lead to a significant number of deaths.

And yes, many Omicron hospitalizations are incidental – they are people in the hospital for other reasons who just happen to test positive for Omicron.

But other factors may be at play too. Here are four facts

:1: Both the within-country and the between-country data show that people who are vaccinated but not boosted are at higher risk of Omicron infection than the unvaccinated.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

2: Thus vaccines will actually make hospitalization or death from Omicron MORE likely unless they somehow protect against serious outcomes from Covid infections more than they increase the odds of infection. That’s simple math. At this point we have no way of knowing how those two factors interact. In other words, we do not know if Omicron is more dangerous to the unvaccinated than the vaccinated (putting aside any vaccine side effects).

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

3: It is unclear whether the vaccines interfere with the development of long-term post-infection immunity in people who are infected with Omicron.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

4: It is clear that a third vaccine dose temporarily reduces the risk of serious illness or death from Omicron.But it is unclear how long that protection will last, and whether when it ends people who have received a third dose will be less or more vulnerable than those who are unvaccinated or have received two doses.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Put these four facts together and it is clear that to encourage booster shots for anyone – including the elderly – at this point is reckless, bordering on criminal.I have not used language like this before. I did not discourage older people from the primary vaccination series. But the facts have changed and they continue to change, and not to face this reality is incredibly dangerous.

mRNA Covid vaccinations and boosters need to stop worldwide while we figure out what is happening.

Not next week. Not tomorrow.Today.

9 thoughts on “Urgent Warning

  1. The jabs don’t work as claimed and probably never did. Data trends are aligning across multiple nations. Especially those that have high percentages of mRNA jabs. Also it seems that data is showing heart and other issues are increasing along with a rise in mortality.

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  2. 1%, let’s look at Canada’s numbers. The date was December 1, 2020 when Canada crossed that threshold. Yes, more than 1 year from the first known presence of SARS-CoV-2 for 1% of Canadians to test positive; which is why I always say, the pandemic (if we had one) was over at the end if June 2020. Now we have a pandemic of the injected. My brother’s family, in Vancouver, all were sick 2 weeks ago. As is the case, there were varying symptoms. The good thing for the youngest is that he was not injected (too young), and is now after a 2 day illness, the healthiest of all of them!!!

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  3. The spike protein injections are actually meant to cause the disease, with the theory being that your government will then agree to buy more shots. Sorry, the *medical* theory is that your body then becomes immune to the S1 spike protein. You will then shed the viral protein for 7 weeks after injection according to Pfizer’s own literature, thus causing a trail of new outbreaks after every injection campaign. If the spike proteins cause immediate or long term damage to adults and children, just ask the cast of characters pushing the agenda how they’ll fix that issue.

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  4. Senor Peckford;

    The signs have been readily apparent (actually crystal clear) for greater than a year that these experimental mRNA injections carried great (IMHO unacceptable) risks for humanity.

    This is especially so in that proper trials, that could be trusted, were never done—actually, could never have been done properly, in the timeframe we have been told was adequate. In any event, these less than stellar trials and experimental injection materials, sadly, have nothing but long term increased health risks for those who have been injected.

    I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud here but it’s my view that we are only seeing a minuscule portion of the tip of the deaths and serious heath injury outcomes of this Experiment iceberg. Unfortunately, these nasty outcomes will manifest and persist for decades to come.

    The longest and most appalling outcomes will be for the unfortunate injected children, that is, they will face the longest adverse timeline and potential suffering. This Experiment will be seen as the greatest and most absurd abuse by governments of their citizens and by the, mostly silent and cowardly medical professionals, of their vulnerable patients who didn’t and really were unable to give proper informed consent. The injected will be seen as sheep lead to the proverbial slaughter by those whom they trusted, but shouldn’t have.

    The following observation by insurance companies may give all of us a solid basis from which to project what the future health, especially for those injected, may look like.

    Insurance Companies Note 40% Rise in Deaths

    Some experts worry that an unprecedented rise in death rates of younger people is linked to the vaccine

    By Conan Milner January 24, 2022 Updated: January 24, 2022 (article carried in the Epoch Times)

    Insurance companies are reporting a jump in death payouts due to a dramatic rise in the number of deaths. The rise in the death rate is being corroborated by death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    The death rate is up by 40 percent from pre-pandemic levels according to Scott Davison, chief executive of OneAmerica, a major insurance company based in Indianapolis. During an online news conference on Dec. 30, 2021, Davison said the change was unprecedented.

    Food for thought.

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  5. Please PLEASE watch Senator Ron Johnson’s hearings today. The numbers are staggering and terrifying.
    The DOD has had this information from the beginning and the whistleblowers are coming forward.
    You can find it on Rumble. Get the APP.
    Follow Senator Ron Johnson.
    That’s the easiest way.
    The hearing will be re-televised on OANN again on Wednesday at 8:00 pm PST.
    Do not get any more jabs under any circumstances!!

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  6. I like to say that I knew the vaccines wouldn’t work before I even knew they weren’t vaccines. I worked in Vancouver in a downtown low rise for almost two decades and was routinely sick two or three times a year along with the staff. I had flu shots maybe five times and got just as sick if not sicker in those years. Giving us a vaccine for last year’s strain never made sense. I also mysteriously lost hearing in one ear one year. I was told by the specialist after some steroids that there was nothing else they could do. Fortunately my hearing came back a few weeks later. I wonder if that may have had to do with a flu shot.

    I am also more convinced than ever that vaccines have effected at least one of my daughters. She was so spritely and then changed on a dime when she was about 18m old. Never knew why, but now we blame vaccines after discovering a wealth of information that has been suppressed for so long.

    This is so criminal that it is hard to fathom. Watching Quebec ban law abiding citizens from shopping at stores now is insane. They think they are going to get away with it. But I will go to the grave saying my kid’s generation is coming for them. They will not forget that Trudeau called them racists, misogynists and extremists and cancelled them from sports and so much more of their youth.


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  7. This seems like fear mongering even though it says stop vaxing people at the end…

    Regarding 4. statement: that anyone who disagrees is “lying” doesn’t seem to fit with Dr Yeadon’s pronouncement that people have herd immunity from any variant so infection will not be a concern unless you are old with various end of life health conditions. I’ll take Dr.Yearon’s professional health predictions over a journalist who took a low blow at DrMalone on TV and threatened to get even because DrMalone stood up to him.

    As far as I know things change quickly these days so I refuse to accept any statement that ends a conversation – especially when corrections from Alex won’t be forthcoming in my inbox.

    Looks like a lot of drama for the fear effect but tx for posting as it confirmed that I made the right decision to stop reading Berenson’s off the cuff emails.

    My excuse: If I misunderstood what’s written then I can say with absolute certainty that fear stops me from understanding what I read.

    On a more positive note:

    Love your thorough explanation of our Constitution and since I haven’t seen the “Supremacy of God” explained … I’m wondering if that was a reference to the reasoning at the Nuremberg trials – that following an order that an individual knew caused harm and/or death did not excuse the act of doing it. There is a moral duty to disobey such orders and apparently that is still part of US military law although it’s been removed from the military oath.

    I would love to hear a discussion about the Supremacy of God. TY

    What I’m looking for:

    If you can find the actual legal acceptance of the Nuremberg code in the House of Commons or in canlii that would help me get over many of my fears because the actual worded code and the discussion around it – (I read it in 2002 because I/we and our property was sprayed for 2 years with a pesticide that was in a trial authorization phase – and we had a lawsuit which we lost cuz tribunal justice is how Govt circumvents the law … Yup we were the problem) Anyway, the Nuremberg code or the discussion around it, stated that the “right to refuse” was included in the matter of informed consent and for some reason, I can’t find that anywhere!

    So thank you very much for all that you do (you really are a hero) and like a true Canadian; sorry this is so long 🇨🇦


    • Hi Priscilla, regarding your last paragraph: the right to refuse as part of ‘informed consent’ is a pretty ordinary part of medical and dental education in this country. It’s even a jargoned phrase like ‘evidence based’ and ‘standard of care’. It’s probably in textbooks. Which is a good point that you bring up, there really has been no true informed consent with these shots, which is yet another legal avenue to explore.


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