No Canadian CBC, No Canadian CTV But American Fox News — Carried My Lawsuit Story

From Fox News—USA

The last living drafter and signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is the highest law of the land, is suing the Canadian federal government over its travel ban for the unvaccinated.

Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, 79, is the main applicant in a case brought against the federal government by the Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, according to a press release.

“It is becoming more obvious that being vaccinated does not stop people from getting Covid and does not stop them from spreading it,” the former premier said in a statement. “The government has not shown that the policy makes flying safer—it simply discriminates.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rolled out one of the world’s strictest COVID-19 vaccine mandates last fall. By Oct. 30, employees in all federally regulated industries were required to be vaccinated or face termination. Anyone aged 12 and over who wished to travel by plane, train or ship was also ordered to be vaccinated.

“When I heard Prime Minister Trudeau call the unvaccinated ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists, ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist,’ and his musing, ‘do we tolerate these people?’ it became clear he is sowing divisions and advancing his vendetta against a specific group of Canadians,” Peckford continued, referencing a resurfaced interview with Trudeau from September 2021.

“This is completely against the democratic and Canadian values I love about this country,” he said.


Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford gestures during a speech in Toronto, Ontario, on June 2, 1982. (Photo by Frank Lennon/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

“The federal travel ban has segregated me from other Canadians. It’s discriminatory, violates my Charter rights and that’s why I am fighting the travel ban,” Peckford added.

The lawsuit alleges violations of Charter rights, including mobility, life, liberty and security of the person, privacy, and discrimination. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a bill of rights for Canadians entrenched in the Constitution Act, 1982.

During an extensive recent interview with Canadian author and professor Jordan Peterson, Peckford laid out the portions of the Charter he helped to draft and that he believes are being violated. He also explained his unique role as the only first minister left alive who was at the conference that helped draft the freedoms enshrined in the document.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes his protective mask off during a news conference on child care in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. (Christinne Muschi/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“I do this very reluctantly,” he said. “I’ve been watching this thing now for almost two years. I’ve been speaking out about it at public meetings and on my blog and so on, and I’ve come to the conclusion now that I must—as a Canadian and as one of the writers and founders of the Constitution Act of 1982—not only speak about it, I must act about it.

‘I must show Canadians that I’m so concerned as a citizen, as a former first minister that helped craft this Constitution Act of 1982, that I must take action against my own government. Because they have violated rights that I and others helped craft in 1981 and 1982,” he added.

“Canadians have been losing hope in the Charter and our courts,” said Keith Wilson, Q.C., who is lead counsel for the legal challenge. “We are going to put the best arguments and evidence forward so that the court can clarify where governments overstep.”

15 thoughts on “No Canadian CBC, No Canadian CTV But American Fox News — Carried My Lawsuit Story

  1. Mr. Peckford, I am so grateful for you and your fighting spirit. Thank you for standing for Canada all these years. It makes my heart sad to know that we have been deprived as a nation of so much truth. I am in my 60’s and I had no idea of how you & others fought for our Charter of Rights. Thank you for standing again when our nation is in so much trouble. God has kept you for such an important time as you are a voice that knows exactly what our Charter is about instead of how these evil people have been twisting it for their agenda. You won before and you will win again! 🙏🙏

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  2. I have learned so much about you and from you through your blog, through CCCA, and interviews on alternate media including your latest with Jordan Peterson. You continue to be a blessing to us. You could have easily stayed in retirement but instead continue to show us what it means to be Canadian, to be courageous, to stand for what is right. Thank you and God bless you for your magnanimity!

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  3. Senor Peckford,

    Sadly, I would have been more surprised if they did carry your lawsuit story. It has been my observation, for decades, that one is very reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them.

    The CBC nor CTV aren’t representative of what really constitutes trusted news organizations. They sold their integrity and souls a number of years ago and no amount of backtracking and deflection can or will reverse their slide into irrelevance and eventual oblivion. He who sells their reputation and values for thirty pieces of silver is not to be trusted— period.

    Food for thought.

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  4. It still amazes me how I used to go into work, work all day, pay tax, and generally be such a good law abiding citizen that was so proud to have immigrated to Canada decades ago, and yet had been so blind to Trudeau’s selfish post nationalist (aka Globalist) ambitions where we are hated and marginalized unless we submit to tyranny. It took resigning from work years ago to start seeing the light of what these politicians were up to. And yet I had no idea just how bad it was going to becomes. Trudeau has danced to the tune of minorities to leverage his Globalist agenda. This minority will be different. No wonder he has gone into hiding. At least it is one step towards #trudeaumustgo

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    • Quote by Benjamin Disraeli. (1804 – 1881) Statesman, novelist, and two-term prime minister. . . When he was made prime minister in 1868, he remarked to a friend, “I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole.”.

      And some have said, ‘ the greasiest one is at the top of the greasy pole!’ . . .

      From an institutional governance perspective — there would be a need for a major house-cleaning of at least five levels down from the top of any organizational hierarchy in place today for the machinery to have tick-tocked to such an extent that we have seen right around the world — a travesty based on ‘money’ and ‘greed’ with total disregard for others.

      It’s like gardening — weeds — weeds are considered an aggressive, over-reaching species that devours everything in its path — what does that remind you of? … well, how do we handle weeds effectively? … the plant & roots need to be all plucked! …

      For the good people of this world, we’ve got our work cut out for us! … as we know, weeds know no bounds, do they?! …

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  5. I’m a contributor to JCCF, so I’m very pleased that you partnered with them on this important litigation. I expect the court will be eager to ensure the Charter of Rights remains relevant, and their integrity stays intact. I’m looking for a good result. Love your blog.

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  6. Is there any update on this? Like, when will the case be heard? I am trying desparately to flee this country, but currently have no way out. Any information on the progress of this case would be greatly appreciated.


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