Don’t Look !! Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec —The Hypocrites Begin To Dismantle Their Unconstitutional Measures! And The Mainstream Press Creeps Back In ——-

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Double crosser Kenny, double speak Moe , and that guy in Quebec LeGault who doesn’t know where he is on most days , are dropping their unconstitutional Provinces’ mandates etc .

So while we are at the beginning of the end for unconstitutional measures we are almost at the beginning of the beginning to restore our Democracy.

We must show that what these ill informed , one size fits all , so called leaders , violated our Charter of Rights and  Freedoms. That using Section 1 of the Charter as they did was not what was intended. That even if Section 1 applied the leaders failed the tests in Section 1. 

Without a restoration of the Charter we will have failed the first big democracy test under it. 

Let there be no mistake this misuse of the Charter is one of the gravest acts against our democracy since the country was formed in 1867.

And the mainstream press are so soft —-even in the face of the country’s leader calling some of his citizens racists and misogynists . Their refusal to deal with the Charter head on also shows their cowardice and lack of understanding of the Supreme Law of the Land. They demean the very word democracy . 

11 thoughts on “Don’t Look !! Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec —The Hypocrites Begin To Dismantle Their Unconstitutional Measures! And The Mainstream Press Creeps Back In ——-


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  2. Not convinced about any of these criminals lying through their teeth. I live in AB & Jason Kenney is a 🐍. According to Dr Makis, Alberta Health is run by a bunch of criminals which is not hard to believe after all has been done to our seniors and children. I am thinking our boys at Coutts will be staying for a while longer. When you arrest pastors for speaking truth you have stooped to a new low!!

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    • I’ve realized overnight that Trudeau had no plan to remove the mandates and passport. He said yesterday that to avoid adding more mandates we had to keep these mandates in place. He is taking instruction from someone above. As is Ardern, Macron and others. Austria announced their passport would be in place until January 2024.

      They need this chaos to win the US elections anyway, so don’t believe anything you see … including blue states releasing mandates. What hogwash. NY and CA have been fighting like made for every mandate and now all of a sudden they start releasing. Not a chance. It’s all a pack of lies.

      Cracks are showing. He’s feeling boxed in. He’s panicking. We need more truckers and more people. We need to do the same in every city and every border crossing. I simply cannot fathom we are living through this. I hope ya’ll stock piling. I have no doubt they are going to cut the power soon. People are waking up to the fraud. Godspeed.

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  3. Do Not Be Fooled!!
    They have not “dropped” anything. Just set some restrictions aside, and can be snatched back at any time. There are still QR codes, nothing has happened federally, so NO. Not good enough.
    The truckers stay.

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    • Yes, you are correct.

      “Two weeks to flatten the curve” —
      had nothing to do with the Science!

      In science, issues are discussed
      from various viewpoints.

      This whole C-19 narrative
      is about tyrannical control &
      world take-over.

      Be very wary!

      Lest we forget!

      Remain Standing on Guard!

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      • Good quote today from the sixties:

        If you scratch a liberal you’ll find a fascist underneath.

        It couldn’t be truer. And ofcourse Kennedy said modern fascism will come in the form of progressive liberalism. Once you realize this it all makes sense.

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  4. One should never be lulled into complacency by those who promise but seldom, if ever, deliver. A weathervane politician governs based on polling results, they must be shown the exit and than the governance door is firmly locked to prevent their return—a weathervane politician is the most dangerous, as they live an unprincipled existence. In their world, no matter the immorality associated with their actions, they do, indeed, believe that the end justifies the means.

    The following amended quote from Sun Tzu should be the guide for the Truckers Convoy and Canadians in general. One should not trust nor expose oneself to those political leaders who have shown, time and time again, that truth is not part of their value system. They have minimal, if any, integrity, nor should their empty promise to do something, at a future date, be given any credence.


    “If the PM is trying to secure all points, be prepared for him. If he is in trying to manipulate and distort your position, evade him and tell the truth. The PM is extremely temperamental, unbalanced and arrogant, your truth will continue to irritate him. Be measured and non-confrontational, that he may grow more arrogant. When he is talking (often) BS, give him no rest and challenge with truth, no exaggeration. When his forces become disunited, and they will, of that you can be assured; move forward in a measured way with conviction and strength towards your goal. If the PM and Party are fracturing, and they will, leave no doubt as to your commitment, with your actions. Challenge him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected (I.e. hearts and minds of Canadians and tens of millions of the rest of the world’s citizens).”

    Food for thought.

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  5. The current criminal gang of first Ministers (they are criminal whether they realize it or not for they have broken laws of the highest law of the land) are all snakes (in the sense of the the biblical understanding)

    While Kenney is dropping the vax passport – he is allowing the keeping of the QR Code for download on phones. That is the VERY thing you do not want on your phone for it is the sake’s gateway to accessing ALL of your private information.

    Compare this tactic of Kenney’s to the American Federal Legislatures when they pass for example a NASA funding bill – and attach a completely unrelated draconian bill the end very end of it and do it in the middle of the night when no one is looking and the next day do not bother checking because the bill is too long to read – but it is only a NASA funding bill, right? Right.

    As the great lyricist and singer/songwriter Tom Waits sang in one of his great songs from the early 70’s –

    “… the large print giveth- and the small print taketh away…”

    We sure do live in interesting times.

    Terry McDonald – Beeton ON Canada

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  6. Americans and Canadians don’t always see eye to eye and while we have our own (internal) issues – “this” one affects us all.

    Stay vigilant and keep fighting cause this isn’t over.

    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” ― Patrick Henry

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