German hospital bills show cases of serious vaccine injury increased twenty-fold

The German data analyst Tom Lausen has been evaluating the figures from hospitals, the Robert Koch Institute and the DIVI intensive care register since the beginning of the Covid crisis. In an interview with Milena Preradovic, he said he had calculated that based on the accounting data from German clinics, the experimental jabs have led to an alarming incidence of serious damage that has required medical treatment.

Published: February 5, 2022,


Hospital accounts show that in 2021 up to September more than 18 600 people with severe vaccination damage were treated in clinics. The figures from the end of the year are still unavailable. As a result, up to September alone, the cases of confirmed severe vaccine damage increased 21-fold compared to previous years.

According to Lausen, however, there haven’t been 21 times as many vaccinations as in previous years — so the difference cannot be explained by a mere increase in the doses of vaccine administered. The risk of serious side effects seems to be significantly higher with the supposedly safe Covid vaccines than with other vaccines — even if politicians and the established media try to dispute this.

At least 2000 adverse vaccination reactions were so serious that treatment in the intensive care unit was necessary. Lausen estimated that 500 to 700 more cases will be added through the end of the year. These alarming numbers do not include sudden deaths from the jabs.

Source: Free West Media

3 thoughts on “German hospital bills show cases of serious vaccine injury increased twenty-fold

  1. Every day more data and research comes in and I am very glad that I have chosen not to be jabbed with this sketchy technology. Really look forward to your posts. Thank you.


  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to access the data being collected by Health Canada’s AEFI system (Adverse Events Following Immunization)?
    With some difficulty, I found this reporting system but there is only the directions on How to Report an Adverse Event. There is no access to the
    events! The USA has VAERS and one can go in to read the types of events that have happened. Why are we Canadians not privy to this information? Then we could make an Informed Decision!


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