Hauntingly Familiar : Papa Trudeau in the 1970’s , Junior Trudeau in 2022 —War Measures and Emergency Powers —-

And we could all seeing it coming. 

It makes no difference if you are exercising your legitimate rights  and freedoms. Just get a blanket power to cover everything. 

Ottawa has less crime since the truckers arrived . Where is the justification?? 

Anyone who walked the streets of Ottawa these last few day would have to be impressed with the truckers. One person remarked to me how happy everyone seemed to be. Last night others prowled the streets at 9 PM —-how peaceful and clean!! My walks to the Hill to speak all saw peaceful protests , decent people with signs exercising their rights.

This over reach is already opposed by 4 Provinces representing 37% of the country’s population. 

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms , a Constitutional Measure , is the Supreme Law of Canada, Section 52 of the Constitution Act of 1982. It is there to protect the Rights and Freedoms of all individual Canadians. This is no peril to the state . This is a manufactured fear . Section 1 over ride does not apply. 

Even if Section 1 of the Charter applied allowing for override there are four tests Governments have to meet. The first is demonstrably justify . How can the Canadian Government demonstrably justify this applying to Ottawa when the crime rate has gone down since the truckers arrived , who have been helping citizens of Ottawa, and moving trucks from residential areas .

Oh , yes, the power , the over reach —statism out of control 

The truckers and those who support them now must make representation to all MP’S  and all Senators , all Political Parties in Parliament to stop this madness in the Peoples’ House .

And then we must reestablish the Charter through the courts as being the bastion of freedom for every single Canadian . 

7 thoughts on “Hauntingly Familiar : Papa Trudeau in the 1970’s , Junior Trudeau in 2022 —War Measures and Emergency Powers —-

  1. Here here!!! And you are well positioned to lead this challenge! We ask you to continue to step forward! We are praying for you and every other lawyer, scientist and doctor who is standing for truth, justice and freedom!! We pray for God to give you the strength, courage, wisdom and health you need to fight this Goliath battle! Margaret Weigel

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  2. Rather than bring an end to the life-crushing medical apartheid many millions of Canadians continue to suffer under, Trudeau has taken a page from the Chinese Communist Party he so admires and has imposed a national state of emergency, giving the federal government unlimited powers to crush peaceful protests against his corrupt government – thereby making turning a good, peaceful nation into a repressive police state.

    At this point, it would not even surprise me if Trudeau accepts help from the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) in policing Canada. The argument that “that could never happen in Canada” no longer applies. Though I am glad to see some of the Conservative premiers oppose him and hope this could spell an end to his despotic hypocritical regime. Canada and NZ are becoming Communist hermit kingdom police states.

    Here is an interview with a friend of mine about what he thinks of it. He is of Mr. Peckford’s generation and grew up in a free Canada (in Nova Scotia). But it’s not free anymore. We don’t know how far Trudeau’s tyranny will go, but it does not auger well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8G-JvaZgeQ

    I add as a note beneath the video: “These restrictions did far more harm than good. We stand with former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford in his call for the revival of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

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  3. Cui Bono? Big Money of course. Big government, MSM, academia, banking and industry serve and listen closely to their globalist masters.
    The worshippers of democracy have a blind spot that keeps them rising up only to be knocked down by their elected
    leaders. They think their elected leaders serve them and or the nation and that is clearly not the case. It is probable that this has been the case since the era of the family compact in upper and lower Canada. Political parties are a key element in maintaining the illusion of democracy and responsible government as it keeps people playing the game by the rules only to be ruled by those who make up the rules as they go. The reality is that the system safe guards a oligarchy controlled by special interests. The public are deemed to be expendable and are tolerated as long as they are not ethno nationalists or breeders and that they don’t make trouble for the oligarchy and do pay their taxes and do go into debt to buy over priced stuff they can not legally own and have to pay taxes on for the privilege of using. This includes vehicals and real estate.
    The public have been played like a grande piano for a long time and they still don’t quite get it. Most Canadians could die of the clotshot and it wouldn’t bother the governments and their masters one bit. They would simply import more people from the third world as quickly as they could and pretend that nothing really happened. One subspecies of slave is interchangeable with another in their view. Maintenance of their status quo and money is what it is all about.


  4. This may not add to this particular conversation, but I think it’s wise to be aware of the 3 options that are always before us. Like a game of chess, when the forces of totalitarian crime creep forward, their moves don’t always benefit them. As they for instance jump into a more militaristic North Korean or Chinese style of dictatorship in Ottawa, they give up some of their previously held positions of authority, by default. Such as moral or traditional views of federal governments having a clue about helping Canadians.

    The 3 options against unjust authority are always:
    1) appeal to it to correct it’s errors and return to a more ethical stance… please
    2) might is right, a show of force (or numbers) to push the narrative
    3) ignore the unpopular ruler, and start your own society

    What is a strike, and civil disobedience? They are kind of a fusion of all 3 options. Canadians sympathetic to the truckers have not begun to exercise their rights to a general strike and boycotting etc. Every move against the truckers gives Canadians more reason to do so since the truckers represent so many people from all walks of life. The third option holds a lot of promise. The federal cabinet evidently is ignoring it’s constituents anyway, and are accountable to those that trained them


  5. Who really runs Canada? To answer Rudy Havensteins question I would have to say that where it counts it is big money, secret societies and globalists. Secondly government and thirdly business interests as middle management. The citizens get the privilege of voting , paying taxes, getting in debt, being under paid , putting up with excessive legislation and endless BS. This is not what this country was intended to be however. People came here for a new beginning to get away from high costs, oligarchies, land lords and closed systems that stifled morality and freedom.


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