Take that Justin Trudeau!

Take that Federal Government !

Take that Federal Liberal Party!

This situation is almost equal to what you need for a Constitutional Change —-7 Provinces and 50% of the population. 

The opposition to the Undemocratic Emergency Act is 7 Provinces and 48% of the population!!

Justin Trudeau , even your Dad agreed to 7 Provinces and 50% of the population. 

British Columbia , Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador —-SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME ON YOU!

Now , JUSTIN !



  1. Yup, BC Newfoundland and Labrador, get on it. DO not continue to support Trudeau in this move to destroy freedom and liberty in this country. BC, Nwfld Lab. Think about it. The Freedom Truckers Convoy and the protesters did it all in such a way that was consistently peaceful, and also UNIFYING LOVING AND CARING. In my view it is the single best thing citizens have ever done in this country’s history. And BC Lab and Nwfld. Trudeau never even condescended to meet with them to talk never mind negotiate. Not once. He made zero effort to come to the table or address these fine Canadians and yet you three provinces are supporting Justin Trudeau in this heinous act of revenge.

    How do you make your decisions? By watching mainstream media?

    HOW do your constituents feel in BC, Labrador and Newfoundland about their elected political parties and politicians cowtowing to this man who calls himself a leader while degrading the fine courageous people of this peaceful convoy?

    And to the citizens of Labrador, Newfoundland and BC, what are you guys doing to support freedom and liberty for Canadians?

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    • The BC gov is full-blown communist. Over-the-top crazy left-wing rage. About everything. And with their Chivirus response they’ve exposed themselves. Undisclosed ties to big pharma, falsified data, suppression of information about adverse reactions to the juice, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of the corruption. More to come.
      And they’re losing support. The people are beginning to rise.

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    • What is Newfoundland doing? Well at the same time they made the Emergency Measures announcement they very quietly pored a bunch more money into the “Muskrat Falls” money pit. I guess money can buy friends?

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      • The Covid International Trial is starting soon in Europe, often called Nuremberg 2.0. It is to try specific people for crimes against humanity. 11 lawyers are involved and this trial does not involve the normal judiciary because there are grave doubts as to whether it would be fair and unbiased.

        This could be the biggest game changer in this downhill slide into hell that most asleep Canadians have zero notion of nor do they wish to know.

        Another group of courageous legal people and witnesses who will be involved in this trial.

        Let’s pray for their success and for the success of our Freedom Trucker Convoy and all who protest against mandates and the removals of our freedoms and liberty They are heros for unity and peace not the demons our pm makes them out to be. Let’s hear it for justice, freedom, peace and unity!

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  2. Seems I forgot to add Ontario to the list of provinces still not vetoing the move by Trudeau to invoke the old War Measures Act against the most peaceful, caring, fine movement for freedom I have ever seen, the Freedom Truckers Convoy So, ONTARIO for the sake of freedom and your own self respect, get off your butts and Speak out against the Emergencies Act being invoked. Hey Ford aren’t you still a conservative, or did I miss the news of you moving over to the Liberal party ?

    And I worked with many Newfoundlanders in Canada’s oil patch. I viewed all of you as fine workers and fine Canadians, so push your premier on this. This inaction does not represent the Newfoundlanders I knew and valued!

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    They won’t. The Emergency Act is too useful to them to repeal. Giving up rights and freedoms is something the people and not the government is expected to do….. Otherwise you are one of Justin’s anti vax trucker nazis… Silly looney toon Canadians and Americans see Nazi’s under every bed when in fact they are being dictated and lied to day and night by Jews, queers and communists.

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  4. Bonnie Henry still appears to be running B.c.
    I have been expressing my views for the past two years why an unelected public health official has been trying to run our lives.
    My community has banned us from attending events without the Vax pass! My husband is 90 and he helped build this community! I have lived here for 41 years.
    There is an event at our hall on Feb 25th involving the RCMP.
    I am gathering friends and family to attend unmasked and with no Vax passes.
    I am so done with this community following the narrative.

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  5. canadian charter of rights and freedoms extends to five eyes crimes of war and crimes against humanity

    Documents: International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (1966) pdf the Rome Statute (1998) pdf and Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000 online precident section 4 : causing deaths from actions unwarranted: online document

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Canada, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act | How does law protec…





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