Smear The People —CTV —If Ever You Thought There Was Any Honesty Left In The Mainstream Media , Forget It !! I Dare You , Publish This!!

So its CTV ‘s turn to SMEAR!

Now its the influencers NOW.

Including me. 

Did they contact me . No!!!

Just smear and misrepresent. 

Like—-I was not a signatory to the Constitution Act 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Here is what they are carrying :

‘BRIAN PECKFORD: Brian Peckford, the former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, is the chairman of the group “Taking Back our Freedoms,” which claims that COVID-19 restrictions and mandates they claim are “unlawful.” The group also says it encourages Canadians to reject “forced” COVID-19 vaccinations for children, a practice which is not currently happening in Canada. 

Peckford, who claims that mandates are unconstitutional, is frequently cited by convoy supporters as “the last living” signatory of the Constitution Act, 1982. The royal proclamation that brought the act into effect was signed by others who are alive and well, like Queen Elizabeth II and then justice minister Jean Chretien, who later became prime minister. Peckford is the last surviving premier involved in the negotiations of the constitution.’

Let’s look at this.

Children have been coerced , parents coerced ——you want to to use the word ‘forced .’ Well spit hairs all you like. Did you see the ads? Oh, how about being forced to be vaccinated to participate in sports???

Now—-the Constitution . I am the last living first minister that signed the Patriation Agreement which became the Constitution Act 1982 in which the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is found. 

Understand CTV?  —-without the Patriation  Agreement  , no Constitution Act 1982. Same words —-the final signing —the formality were  the representatives of the Governments—London , Ottawa. 

Got it, yet.

I know it hurts , CTV —mainstream MEDIA ,  but it was  a proposal from Newfoundland that led to the Agreement in the first place . 

Red faces yet?? 

Oh, and do you remember? Of course you don’t———that the Supreme Court of Canada Decision of September , 1981  rejected the unilateralism of Papa Trudeau —Justin’s Daddy, and that you needed a majority of Provinces and the Federal Government  to change the Constitution or Amend it. That is what led to the Partiation Agreement that became the Constitution Act of 1982. 

Without the signatures of a majority of Provinces and the Federal Government —NO CONSTITUTION ACT 1982. 


That’s the signature all of those supporters of mine are talking about. Thy know more than you do, sadly. 

Try to spit hairs and deflect the truth , that’s what you are about!!

Oh, CTV , do you have the nerve to go to page 270 of my best selling book of 2012 ( Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More) and see the written proposals leading to the final proposal with the names of the First Ministers there? 

That’s why the mainstream media are so mistrusted , they twist the truth and now its deliberate . 

I dare you———CTV , PUBLISH THIS!!!!

13 thoughts on “Smear The People —CTV —If Ever You Thought There Was Any Honesty Left In The Mainstream Media , Forget It !! I Dare You , Publish This!!

  1. So many of us are with you all the way. Don’t let these twerps phase you. They have yet to realize their futures are doomed. They have been coerced into taking the most injurious injection ever administered on human kind. You, Hodkinson, Hoffe, Ezra and so many others are true warriors and heroes fighting for our freedoms. Godspeed. Truth will prevail.

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  2. I want to thank you, Mr. Peckford, for being on the right side of history. As an American, and a believer the Creator who made all things – and who has given us breath, freedom, choice, I am weeping for my brothers and sisters in Canada. Trudeau has shown his true despotic colors, just as all satan filled communist dictators of the past, although he is certainly not the only graduate of the World Economic Forum’s classes of ” young despotic leaders.” These people, including the media and the banks and big pharma and the other captive agencies here in America and in Canada are swimming in psychotic pathology and demonic possession. There is only one hope, and that is the same remedy that has been forever true. We must return to the Commandments , the Biblical commandments, and ( I’m not talking about going to the compromised ” church”) I’m talking about crying out to your maker in Heaven and repenting for your sins. Start at Ex. 20 to find out what they are. Then visit Deuteronomy 26 – 28 and see what the consequences are for not obeying them. Yahwah is the name of our mighty one. It is the sound of your breath and heartbeat. Yahwahshua – that is the real name of his son who was tortured and murdered on the tree for the sins of the world. Seek him while he may be found. All of this wickedness he will destroy. But the righteous shall endure. Thank you Mr. Peckford for your voice in such a day as this. …

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  3. I’m getting a very bad feeling about where all this is going. I think after the vote on Monday confirming the permanent use of the Emergency Act arrests will start happening of Trudeau’s political enemies – which could be any and everyone associated with the freedom movement.

    Even small donors and those who wrote comments online. Certainly, everyone who went to Ottawa. Possibly all the opposition MPs. Trudeau will be named dictator for life. People say “that could never happen in Canada.” But it is happening, thanks to the traitorous lies of the MSM and the pundits. They are the true fascists in this situation.

    “In war the first casualty is truth” and the media have been corrupted to lie to us. This is turning into Orwell’s 1984: a totalitarian technocracy. Many of us knew it was coming for a long time, for years. But even I did not expect it to happen so fast in Canada. I thought it would take a decade, not two or three years.

    What was a hopeful and joyous moment — the working class rising up for freedom and democracy, peacefully — and taking a principled stand for a Western liberal democracy against life-crushing government overreach by tyrants — ended up being used against us, used as a pretext for even more authoritarianism. Trudeau simply got on the phone with President Xi giving him the order to do this and he did it.

    I hope I am wrong but I believe this is the end of Canada. We are in China now. And you know what happens to political prisoners there. I think a lot of people will leave Canada now — if they can even get out. It’s not Canada anymore. But I hope I am wrong.

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    • The media are now printing what amount to enemies list of the kind you might expect to see in a Communist newspaper. I expect those people to be arrested in the new regime (though I hope and pray not – but if the history of China under the CPP is any indication it looks bleak):

      Good men who stood up in defence of their country! Patriots and heroes all of them.

      Trudeau has become a true tyrant through this Emergency Act, and Canada as a liberal democracy, as a free nation, is pretty much gone, I fear. They now said that the Emergency Act will be permanent. That bodes ill.

      I believe this means that Trudeau will be a dictator for life. I don’t think there will ever be an election again. It would greatly surprise me if there were. Why bother with one after all? He doesn’t have to. He has the power through China. He sold his soul to Communism.

      I expect the worst of this government. History shows us what can happen. China is backing this whole thing. The PLA will be here soon, to prop up the regime and arrest those who resist. They may already be here in the ready. Re-education camps; they specialize in that.

      We’re essentially in China now. I hope I am wrong about all this but fear I am right.

      I never thought it would happen so quickly – but I knew it was the plan all along, well before 2020. That we’d get to this eventually if there was no resistance to it. There was resistance but not enough. The legacy media killed this country. They have blood on their hands. Those “journalists” should all be truly ashamed of themselves for supporting tyranny. All medical ethics were thrown away in 2020-21.

      All journalistic standards were abandoned. Under a despotic regime like this the courts, police – everyone will fall in line, I suspect. Canadians fell for the propaganda so easily. We all know people who bought into it.

      It makes me weep for this nation and all those who love it. As for those who support this tyranny, it is God’s judgement what happens to you, not mine, but I would not wish to be in your shoes when you do eventually meet your Maker (as we all must). To help Canada become a dictatorship is nothing less than criminal. It is a grievous sin.

      “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees” Isaiah 10:1 And to those who support tyrants: God sees what you’re doing. You do this for your career? “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” Mk 8:36

      “. . . pride is their necklace;
      violence covers them as a garment.
      Their eyes swell out through fatness;
      their hearts overflow with follies.
      They scoff and speak with malice;
      loftily they threaten oppression” – Ps. 73

      “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by safely” – Ps 141:10

      “For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” – Ecc 12:4


  4. Senor Peckford,

    I’m confused and, of course, don’t have the modesty and wisdom accorded, by themselves, to the pseudo journalists at most Mainstream Media outlets. Here is the quandary that I, and most critical thinking individuals, now face when defining the word forced, as it relates to the following CTV flawed observation: “The group also says it encourages Canadians to reject “forced” COVID-19 vaccinations for children, a practice which is not currently happening in Canada.”

    Definition from Oxford definition languages re forced: “adjective, obtained or imposed by coercion or physical power.”

    Verb force: compel, coerce, constrain, oblige mean to make someone or something yield. force is the general term and implies the overcoming of resistance by the exertion of strength, power, or duress.

    Verb force: make (someone) do something against their will.

    My Observation, and I challenge anyone at CTV to determine otherwise, that Canadians were forced, are being “forced” and will continued to be “forced” to have experimental materials injected into their bodies.

    1. Were millions of Canadians made to do something against their will? The answer is an obvious and glaring YES—- just reach out and ask the millions of Canadians—I personally know thousands that were “forced”!!

    Any reasonably intelligent 10 year old would arrive at such a conclusion of “forced”. That being said, I realize this is a high watermark for an Organization, like CTV, who is beholden to the Government of Canada for subsidies—or whatever constitutes CTV’s definition of those monies;

    2. Were millions of Canadians influenced and compelled, coerced, obliged to yield to have experimental materials injected into their bodies. You are damn right they were and it was achieved with numerous threats such as:

    * loss of job
    * unable to attend school
    * unable to socializeh
    * unable to shop
    * unable to visit parents
    * unable to visit kids
    * unable to travel
    * forced quarantine periods
    * forced hotel stays
    * loss of grants
    * loss of reputation
    * loss of careers
    * loss of medical licence
    *etc., etc., etc.,

    You know, it’s kinda like the starving child being prevent from going to the table to get
    food, unless the child bends to the pedophile’s perverted demands. Of course, according to CTV, this child wasn’t “forced” into compliance—really!!!

    3. Yes, yes, yes; millions of Canadians had experimental materials injected into their bodies and such was obtained or imposed by coercion and sometimes threats of physical power.” Again “forced”.

    I know not and care not to know the educational nor intellectual level of the CTV news bureau, however, one can feel confident and safe to say, it is below the level one would expect.

    Yes, these folks are, indeed trying to split hairs and using the dictionary tool is obviously not within this CTV’s Queen’s Gambit—CTV have lost the high road and SMEAR (State Media Executes All Rights) appears to be their last gasp for relevance!!

    Food for thought.

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  5. As CTV gleefully has been reporting on the takedown in Ottawa, they are lamenting the fact that no one there wants to speak to them. They almost seem puzzled by it. Sometimes when you live in an ivory tower there comes a time when actually coming down and hearing how people think and feel would be prudent. Unfortunately, today mainstream news seems to think it’s their job to create news, not actually report it. A very sad day for Canada.

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    • CTV took $ from Trudeau and became a state propaganda tool as in China. No better than Der Sturmer, or Pravda or the CCP People’s Daily, spewing lies for the state.

      Most Canadians have not fully grasped what’s happened. It’s not just some truckers or their fight with Trudeau. The big picture is that Canada is no longer a liberal democracy and never will be again — unless somehow miraculously some of the Liberals and NDP MPs grow a backbone on Monday and vote against the use of the Emergency Act. Otherwise, it’s permanent. Why ever bother with elections again after that?

      Canada is owned by China and will imitate China. First order of business: neutralize all the enemies of the state, i.e. all conservatives. The bank is the first step. Next arrests. That’s a lot of people but no problem: China does that sort of thing all the time. Getting rid of 10 million people is no big deal for them. Look at what they’re doing to the Uyghurs. Some are killed, some are re-educated. Their kids are taken away. They are dehumanized, un-personed.

      Canadians and “journalists” will eventually get it — long after they should have — and when it’s too late. Human rights advocates should have their eyes on Canada. It is now joining the ranks of some very bad actors in the world. Anything is possible under Trudeau.

      I believe China coveted Canada’s vast natural resources and after Biden was elected, and looking at Trudeau, they knew it would be easy to take over Canada. He’s been in their pocket from day 1. His family has always had close ties to Communism. Canada, whether or not Canadians realize it, is now a Communist state.

      Not Marxist Communism, but corporate Communism as is the case in China: a merger of corporations and an autocratic state, propped by the media and education systems. Expect things to happen now that you never thought possible in the West.

      I do think it’s important to resist and if enough people resist this can be reversed, but it won’t happen as long as people keep believing the MSM lies. I am angry at Canadians right now fell for the CBC and CTV lies and believed all that. Educated people who apparently have no grasp of history and cannot think for themselves.

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  6. Mr Peckford is finally getting main media attention, and perhaps what he expected.
    Today my wife says” Pierre Trudeau, what did women see in him, sure he was ugly. And what did women see in Frank Moores? Sure he looked like a poor lookin dog. And who was it said “someday the sun will shine and have nots will be no more.Was that Brian Peckford? That should be stamped on his back. Perhaps she was thinking of our poor economic situation in Nfld, the government almost bankrupt. Not much sun shining.
    Of course my wife is immunocompromised from cancer treatments and also her spleen any many parts removed. She’s not pleased with the truckers convoy, wanting their swift removal.I had to advise her to relax, having some sympathy for those protestors. Some sympathy, but not a lot, but fearing the police might respond too harshly.
    I tell her I never claim to understand the mind of women, why they loved Papa Trudeau or Moores, but that Moores had a big smile, a nice car, money, and “they say’ was well hung, all the ingredients for many women. She laughed. As for Papa, I thought he was an intellectual heavyweight, always kept his cool; recall the “just watch me” video clip, before bringing in the War Measures Act. And just gave a shrug to Mr Peckford.
    Trudeau the Younger too has that sex appeal, look looks, great hair, a boxer, training in acting to boot. He can make apologies and bring on a tear on demand. And I suppose he inherited some of his fathers money, and has rich friends. But, as my son said “Who in Canada in politics would make a better prime minister’? Not much to pick from.
    So I say “seems there’s more going on in Ottawa, as to action than in Ukraine”.
    But too think that China’s Xi instructed Justin to break up the trucker’s protest? I suppose China may be more powerful than Biden, as he today advised Putin not to invade Ukraine. Bet that made Putin twitch.
    Anyway, polls show the common man ranks all politician very low at telling the truth. I suppose common women may think the same, but never the less are attracted to powerful men….take the Women for Trump.
    Truth will set you free said Mr Peckford. That was a line from Jesus, and look where it got him. Free all right, but what agony and torture from his fight to tell the truth.
    But Brain said unlike Socrates, he will not drink the hemlock.
    Of course I think the Charter Rights are little respected. That they exist, whether Brain gets more credit than Pierre? Maybe so.
    Of the Charter Rights I once argued before Nfld’s Supreme Court judge Alex Hickman. Hickman says “where did you get that idea, from some school book’? A joke to him.

    Yet………..yet …… say that Trudeau is a dictator, or that the so called crimes warrant Nuremberg punishment, as Terry Burton suggests on this blog, is over the top, and irrational, is it not?
    Not much said on this blog of “long covid’ very serious effects on a big proportion of those infected, and the virus gets into the brain even. Often not fatal, but effect can last for years or permanent.

    The USA show over 900,000 excess deaths in the past year. Imagine that. And long covid is not death, except some do commit suicide.

    Covid is not yet finished its destructive path. In the early months I spectulated that the Covid deaths in the USA may exceed that of the deaths from the Civil War. I much underestimated it.

    Certainly Charter Rights are important, and perhaps that is good fight. But those that drink the hemlock or chose the Cross, some think they were losers, but they are remembered most in our human history, with Godlike qualities. They did not promote violence. And they didn’t tell half truths.

    And yes, CTV and others have long ignored Mr Peckford, and a bit of a smear. But Brain is pretty right wing, and his sources are rather extreme right, for the most part. Maybe his digging needs a bit of change in direction?

    I think Mr Peckford is trying to establish his legacy, for history. Well, he’s getting some attention, but it is by a fringe group? Most all on this bog are true believers, but I’m a sceptic. Yet more respect for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not a bad thing, it’s how it’s achieved.

    We live in interesting times.
    Food for thought.
    Winston Adams


    • Winston,

      I would, respectfully, suggest you ask Mr. Peckford to delete your post so that your can rewrite it in a manner that provides continuity of thought and is less rabid. I think I get, at least somewhat, your message in the post but could not, with an level of certainty, testify under oath to such a level of deciphering skill.

      I could not but see the 12 gauge approach you used when a rifle is obviously needed. Not to worry, we all, occasionally, find ourselves in the cesspool of irrational thought and I’m merely trying to aid in your extraction from this apparent level of expertise achievement.

      Also, to be clear, you indicated I suggested in another post that “the so called crimes warrant Nuremberg punishment”; you, I can affirmed have mistakenly misquoted me. I suggested and will affirm here that I said, “a Nuremberg like trial could be conducted, at no time did I suggest Nuremberg punishment be inflicted, albeit, I’m open to this apparent, maybe unintended, suggestion and conclusion of yours.

      Finally, Mr. Peckford is one of your fellow countrymen who is trying desperately to fight for yours, mine and every other Canadian’s Charter Rights and Freedoms. This, in most rational people’s view, is a noble undertaking fraught with many personal risks to your former Premier. For those who are unwilling to see and appreciate such a sacrifice from a man, like Mr. Peckford, in his late seventies, is someone who would obviously benefit from their appreciation meter being re-calibrated.

      That being said, it appears to me that you are envious, maybe even slightly jealous, of Frank Moores for a number of reasons and I shan’t state the obvious!!!

      Food for thought.

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  7. I dismissed CTV news years ago, realizing they were trying to out – CBC the CBC, in writing half-truths, innuendo, and lies of omission. Many a time I would change the channel in disgust. I have cancelled newspaper subscriptions for the same reason.
    The Canadian corporate and state funded media rely on the fact that many Canadians are too busy living their lives, working to pay excessive taxes and raise their children with proper values, to research everything these charlatans report on their daily news emissions, and continue to believe the bunk these so called journalists feed them. I do believe, however, that more and more people are becoming aware of their treachery, and eventually they will become extinct, with independent journalism filling the void. It can’t happen to soon to suit me.

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  8. -song from Les Misérables: Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes! Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Somewhere beyond the barricade Is there a world you long to see? Then join in the fight That will give you the right to be free!! Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people Who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes! Will you give all you can give So that our banner may advance Some will fall and some will live Will you stand up and take your chance? The blood of the martyrs Will water the meadows of France!


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