Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley Says :

Canadian Parliament Votes To Extend Trudeau’s Emergency Powers . . . After the Protest Has Ended

By a vote of 185 to 151, the Canadian Parliament voted to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act. The vote is chilling given the fact that the protest has ended and the roads have been cleared. Nevertheless, the Trudeau government still wants to wield the excessive and unnecessary powers claimed under the Act. The vote shows how easily many drift into more and more draconian measures against their political opponents.

As we discussed earlier, Trudeau has never explained why he required such emergency powers to clear the roads and end the protest. Cities and provinces already have ample powers to clear roads and end unlawful protests. That raised concerns that Trudeau was using the protest as a pretext as he attacked those opposing his powers as supporting Nazis.

Since almost half of the House of Commons opposed his powers, it is absurd to demonize critics as those who “stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.” Canadian civil liberties groups have opposed Trudeau’s use of these powers. Yet, Trudeau has relied on a largely supportive media in using such powers despite the chilling implications for free speech and associational rights.

Trudeau wants to continue to be able to freeze the accounts of political opponents and give black lists to banks for those who will be tagged under his new powers. There are no meaningful limits on such powers. These same sweeping emergency powers could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers or protests of indigenous peoples — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.

Trudeau has pushed to retain these powers while denouncing Cuba for seeking to intimidate those who wish to protest in that country.

The Liberal Party, the NDP and other allies were able to muster 181 votes for this motion. It is an ignoble and troubling moment for civil liberties in Canada. They have embodied the warning of the great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis, who once said that “the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

Professor Turley teaches Constitutional Law at George Washington University

5 thoughts on “Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley Says :

  1. The problem as I see it Mr Peckford, is that they DO understand what they are doing, which makes the process more insidious and evil. People call Castreau an idiot, he definitely is not an idiot. he knows what he does will enslave Canada, and that is what he has been paid to do by the CCP.

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  2. How can so many ‘educated’ people be so stupid and ignorant to what this YES vote means while the common people have common sense and fight for the freedom we have.
    I can’t help but wonder how the pockets were lined to influence the mind of family people who seem to forget they are not the only one in their family who should have a say in how they want to live.
    I also wonder how many who voted yes will now be stabbed in the back since up until this vote they were in opposition of the Liberal party.
    I hope the banks are now empty as those who have been threatened withdraw all the money from all their accounts. I wonder how many institutes will be shaking their head and saying ‘What went wrong?’ I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to the veterans past and present have now been slapped in the face for fighting for our freedom. Time has a way of sorting things out weather it is for the good or the bad of a nation.
    We must not lose our vision of freedom and ride the ship across the ocean of deep darkness.
    Constance Staudt
    Alberta senior citizen

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  3. Everyone wants to blame nazis for everything when they have nothing to do with anything since 1945 or earlier if at all. All the talk of the nazis being in cahouts with the globalists is garbage. The Nazis would have killed the globalists, bolshevist Jews and the freemasons if they could get their hands on those criminals. That is why they had a black book of names of people they wanted to arrest if they ever conquered England. If they could have invaded north america they would have had an even bigger list of criminals and perverts to apprehend and punish. The public seem to think that one can lie, rob and murder for power,profit and political correctness and no one has the right to get revenge for it ever and those who try need to be made war on. Is the quest for justice and revenge too incredible to be believed or allowed? It is an endless cycle of victimizers doing crimes, terrorist attacks and triggering wars and posing as victims while pointing the finger at those seeking revenge for wrong doing. That is how the world wars were triggered. Someone created a virus to justify harming humanity for profit with the clot shotbeing both the kill shot and the alleged cure.
    Someone convinced the russians that there are nazis under every bed in the Ukraine when there aren’t any because no nazi would swear fealty to israel or Jews.
    We have some wealthy power mad liars running the world who really do want a world with equal to or less than half abillion people and none of them are Nazis.


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