Justin Trudeau Going To  Europe To Help Restore Democracy????You Gotta Be Kidding!!

Just heard on a radio broadcast that JT is going to Europe.

To help restore democracy!!

Boy , have we gotta problem .

Here is the leader of a Government that has violated the Country’ s Constitution with his own mandates and then supported the Governments of the Provinces and Territories and their unconstitutional mandates .

A leader whose Government instituted the Emergency Act suppressing the legitimate rights and freedoms of citizens of this nation. 

One of the leaders of the legitimate Truckers Convoy is still in jail refused even bail by whom? A former Liberal Party Candidate turned Judge. 

Democracy you say?

The manufactured emergencies all across this nation speaks to a Leadership that knows not the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and if they do blatantly violate them at will. 

Freedoms of speech, religion , conscience, assembly and association. Rights of work and travel and life , liberty and security of the person and rights of equality before the law. And how about the supremacy of God and the rule of law in the Charter? 

Manufactured emergency you say? 

Yes , with the obvious downgrading of vitamin c , early treatment —and go home and get sicker and the come back so you will become another alarming statistic. By the use of testing that has been known to be defective building up cases that would never become sick patients. By accepting experimental vaccines that are known to cause more deaths and injuries than all deaths and injuries from all other vaccines of the last 30 years. And by providing immunity from damages to all the vaccine manufacturers. 

What a legacy —what a democracy that would not only allow such to occur but to actively promote this destruction!!!

Jobs lost, families divided , people dead and injured from the vaccines , and from delayed surgeries and specialist appointments, the elderly treated like animals , and  a pliant press eager to satisfy their benefactor.

Some democracy!!!

Will Europe accept this imposter?

If they do ——-please keep him there —permanently !!!

37 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Going To  Europe To Help Restore Democracy????You Gotta Be Kidding!!

  1. He will not be taken seriously because “everyone” around the world has seen what he has done to Canada.


  2. DEMOCRACY, in short, is a form of collectivism (where the actual unit of value (the individual) is de-prioritized for the sake of the collective), which denies individual rights: the majority can do whatever it wants with no restrictions. In principle, the democratic government is all-powerful. Democracy is a totalitarian manifestation; IT IS NOT A FORM OF FREEDOM!

    Enlightenment thinkers (which includes the American founders) discovered the principles of objective law. The original American system is a CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED REPUBLIC (what Canada attempted but faltered with its own Charter of Rights and Freedoms), restricted to the protection of individual rights. In such a system, majority rule is applicable only to lesser details, such as the selection of certain personnel. But the majority has no say over the basic principles governing the government. It has no power to ask for or gain the infringement of individual rights.

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  3. Textbook case of dissociation.
    A requisite mental condition for high office.
    Skin so thick it’s nuclear proof- can walk right into Chernobyl without protective gear.

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  4. I just saw a video of the new neremburg 2.0 death trials in Germany and Canada was one of the country’s they were going after. Their was 15 names on the list here in Canada that they mentioned and Justin Trudeau’s name was at the top. They keep saying that these trails don’t EXSIST, but they do and they are on day 13 with 10s of thousands of professional witnesses coming after all involved in many countries. First their going after government leaders, doctors, nurses, and such and then the MAINSTREAM MEDIA FOR ALL THEIR LIES TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD 🌎.
    They mentioned that if it wasn’t for them their would be no PLANDEMIC!!

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  6. Meanwhile, the Liberal who donated thousands to the Liberal Party and was appointed to the bench as a reward, is denying bail to Tamara Lich.


  7. Looks like Trudeau is doing his run and hide trick again. March 3 Pfizer and the FDA released the first 55,000 pages of the clinical trials. DOES not bode well for those politicians and health officials ho continually bombarded the pubic with commercials saying the vaccines were safe and effective.
    Be great if someone could post this entire article for perusal .

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  8. For years I have called him Justin the Vacuous. He has lately been Justin the Terrible, First Dictator of Canada. And with his CV, now proposes to be a doctor of democracy?
    Complete lack of self awareness.

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  9. Well, I like ;Justin;
    I like his hair style
    I liked his beard.
    I like his acting ability.
    I think he was a good fighter, had boxing ability, and once defeated an opponent.
    I like his ability to apologise at will, for any wrong of the past, even his own short comings, and not break a smile.
    I don’t like his ability to promise to green the environment as we remain a top 10 polluter
    I don’t like his ability to evade justice for his serious errors of judgement

    Justin Has the making of a justice, but maybe not a real good one.
    I could go on, there is so much to like, I can’t see why others don’t see his many fine qualities, and a few too many flaws.


    • Than I suggest you go get another shot and then leave the country and go live somewhere else! “COZ YOUR THE KIND OF PERSON WE DON’T WANT IN OUR COUNTRY AS PEOPLE WITH THOUGHTS LIKE YOURS ARE A MENICE TO OUR CHILDREN AND A THREAT TO THE WHOLE OF OUR SOCIETY!!“


  10. We could soon be facing another federal election. In any event, TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE FOR THE NEXT ELECTION TO BE CONDUCTED SAME AS BEFORE. Paper ballots with electronic tabulators sprinkled with mail in voting could not be audited. Electronic tabulators were expressly deployed to enable manipulation. Elections Canada uses Microsoft S Q L (Sequel Management Server). It flips, adds, multiplies and subtracts. Pennsylvania used it to steal the election from President Trump (however most cheating in the U.S. was with Dominion Voting Systems). Two questions follow.
    The Liberty Party of Canada has cheated with Microsoft Sequel Servers. Justine (Castro) Trudope DID NOT legitimately win the last election and we are left wondering about other elections. There really is no legal political mechanism in Canada to verify election results anymore. What is the viability of demanding the use of paper ballots only for the next election in the manner as done historically before the deployment of electronic devices used for fraudulent manipulating purposes?
    The secret ballot is considered necessary protocol. However election fraud has been so bad for so long to ask if it would it be possible / viable to suspend the secret ballot in favour of open ballot counting?
    TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE FOR THE NEXT ELECTION TO BE CONDUCTED SAME AS BEFORE! I will otherwise be screaming bloody murder along with others!!! Otherwise there is no reason to participate which would effectively be complicit with the fraud since NOW WE KNOW FOR SURE ABOUT THE FRAUD.

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  11. These ACTORS are mere puppets for the elitists of this world. They have infiltrated our governments and banking systems, our democracies, media and law enforcement. The only recourse in this time is total revolution by the people for the people.
    Time to awaken folks!!

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