Russian MoD: US-funded bio labs in Ukraine researched bat Coronavirus

US authorities have admitted that Ukraine hosts biowarfare laboratories. Ukraine has “biological research facilities,” Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted when asked by Senator Marco Rubio if Ukraine had biological or chemical weapons.

Published: March 10, 2022, 9:49 am


Nuland also expressed concern that these bio labs could come under the control of Russian forces. The US Embassy in Ukraine had boasted about its efforts “to ensure Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats” suggesting that these labs were conducting gain-of-function experiments.

The Russian Defence Ministry on Thursday advanced the reason for Nuland’s sudden concern: The US-funded biological labs located in Ukraine were conducting experiments with bat Coronavirus samples.

In addition, the facilities were studying the possible spread of pathogens via wild birds, migrating between Russia, Ukraine, and other countries in the region.

“The purpose of this – and other Pentagon-funded biological research in Ukraine, was to create a mechanism for the covert spread of deadly pathogens,” chief spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defence Major General Igor Konashenkov explained.

The Chinese are also demanding explanations from the US. Ukraine currently runs at least 30 biological weapons labs as FWM reported earlier. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson urged the US to “give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification”.

During an interview in 2021 with the Russian newspaper Kommersant Nikolai Patrushev, the chief security adviser to Russian President, said that Moscow has “good reason to believe” the US was developing biological weapons along its borders.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced earlier this week that “Russia obtained documents proving that Ukrainian biological laboratories located near Russian borders worked on development of components of biological weapons”. From 2021, the Pentagon has been working on the diagnostic, observation, and prevention of zoonotic diseases in the Ukrainian military. Also in 2020-21, the German Defense Department conducted studies in Ukraine of Crimean hemorrhage fever, leptospirosis, meningitis and hantavirus.

On 24 February, 2022 Ukrainian President Zelensky signed a decree imposing martial law in Ukraine. This decree made it possible for the Ministry of Health to “request” the emergency destruction of biological pathogens.

Alarming evidence has moreover emerged which proves beyond reasonable doubt that the US pharmaceutical giant Moderna actually created the Covid-19 virus.

“Moderna had developed the 19 nucleotide gene sequence containing the Furin Cleavage Site which gives Covid-19 its infectivity to humans by patented gain of function research as early as 2013, 6 years before the Wuhan outbreak took place,” a researcher from the The Daily Expose noted. The chances of the particular sequence appearing naturally in the spike protein are 1 in 72 million.

American “fact-checkers” had previously been denouncing the reports on biowarfare labs in Ukraine as “a Russian disinformation campaign“. 

Nuland’s confession is however a turning point.

Source: Free West Media

18 thoughts on “Russian MoD: US-funded bio labs in Ukraine researched bat Coronavirus

  1. Nothing surprises me anymore. And if it proves to be true regarding the bio labs in Ukraine, then Russia had no choice but to invade. There is such a world wide knee jerk reaction to Russia’s actions that I have a feeling there is way more to this situation than meets the eye. I have spent the last few days reading about Ukraine and their history since the beginning of this century. I remember what happened there in 2014 and the United States played a huge part in removing their legally elected president only to have him replaced by an approved puppet to be manipulated and coerced to suit their needs. Looks like the pigeons are coming home to roost. I have never accepted and have always questioned the western world’s hatred of Putin, and by extension, Russia.

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    • I can say I’m much more suspicious of Trudeau and Freeland than I am of Russia. I don’t believe Putin is an idiot. I do believe Trudeau is a total idiot. The installed Ukranian puppet is looking more and more like our own tearful crisis actor. I cannot watch either. And while I’m glad they are no longer after us unvaccinated (at least until the Fall), I’m feeling for the good Russian people whom are now being demonized. This is tribalism at its best. We are lawless. The only way to take things back is through lawlessness. The Truckers nailed it. I suspect that is what Putin is doing.

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  2. DNI: Ukraine labs not involved with biological weapons, despite Russian charges
    Haines rejects Kremlin claims, but says defense research at labs at risk
    By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Thursday, March 10, 2022

    IPT NOTE: The cited hearing witness list and related materials are posted at Director Haines’ prepared statement, “The Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community,” Feb. 7, 2022, is posted at

    Ukraine’s government operates over a dozen laboratories engaged in research on biological warfare defenses and other medical research that could fall into Russian hands, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress on Thursday. Ms. Haines rejected Russian government claims that the facilities are making bioweapons, a theme that has circulated in conservative media as Moscow’s invasion of its smaller neighbor entered its third week. “We do not assess that Ukraine is pursuing biological weapons, which have been basically the propaganda that Russia is putting out,” Ms. Haines said in testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The laboratories are working on biodefenses and public health response, she said. Ms. Haines also said the U.S. government provides assistance or has in the past on issues of laboratory safety, “something we have done globally with a variety of countries.” Ms. Haines said the work at the Ukrainian labs involved developing medical countermeasures for biological weapons and researching efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic…


  3. White House warns Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine, rejects false ‘conspiracy’ of U.S. biolabs
    By Mariana Alfaro and Adela Suliman, Washington Post, March 10, 2022 at 5:30 a.m. ES, Updated at 8:50 a.m. EST

    IPT NOTE: Psaki’s cited remarks are her tweets and thread posted at

    The Biden administration warned Wednesday that Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, as it rejected Russia’s claims that U.S. biological weapons labs are operating in the war-torn country. White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday called Russia’s claims “preposterous” and warned of “disinformation” campaigns. “We took note of Russia’s false claims about alleged U.S. biological weapons labs and chemical weapons development in Ukraine,” she tweeted. “We’ve also seen Chinese officials echo these conspiracy theories.” Psaki said the United States was in “full compliance” with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention, which bar countries from developing or possessing such weapons…


  4. Personally, I trust Russia way more than Canada and USA!
    If you read Putin’s speech at WEF – he blasts the other members for supporting corrporate globalist control over their citizens who have suffered greatly while increasing the incomes of the Uber rich and ensuring citizens survive on a lower income than 3rd world countries!

    a long sentence but it’s all there on Russia’s website and “the Saker” if you care to read the full speech. Russia does not want bio labs or nuclear war (thank God) he has intervened to stop US corporate wars on less fortunate countries.

    If you were on twitter in 2014 during the Maidan coup you would appreciate Russia’s push to deNazify Ukraine.
    I will not get kudos for saying this but I saw teenage girls filling Molotov cocktails that were used to burn Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens alive. I will never get over it and since my parents and grandparents signed up to fight the Nazis ( yes I’m that old) I’m rooting for Putin and Russia!
    I believe Russia will keep Russia a united country not like Canada or the WEF nations installing global, corporate fascism.

    If I could escape I would! Canada and my family have made it clear that they are on Trudea’s side. God help the child that’s born to comply!

    with many tears , I sign out

    and my tweets are now locked for my 4500 follows because now is not the time to be a target!


  5. Until the West restores the rule of OBJECTIVE LAW (i.e. the supremacy of Constitutional law), we no longer have any moral standing in comparison to other Rights violating regimes. This is a totally horrible situation. The fight to restore our respective Individual Rights is what ought to be the focus as the human mind is paralyzed without these, and nothing can ever be resolved or mitigated.

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  6. It has become more difficult to know what the enemy is doing now that is off line. Make no mistake the system we are living under for the time being under is not about freedom of speech, the press, thought or any kind of natural or normal freedom or to have or do anything. If they can shut down Jeff Rense they can shut down this website. Telling or publishing the truth hurts them.
    Jeffry Shearer Rense is an American radio talk-show host. His show, the Jeff Rense Program, was broadcast via satellite radio and is now released through his personal website.[1]

    Rense’s radio program and website propagate conspiracy theories, including those of 9/11 conspiracists,[2] ufologists and advocates of the paranormal, the creation of diseases, chemtrails, evidence of advanced ancient technology, emergent energy technologies, and alternative medicine.

    Rense’s writings and website have been deemed pro-Nazi and antisemitic by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.[3][4]

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  7. Google Ministry of Information Announces Zero Tolerance Policy Against Any Information That Does Not Support NATO War Against Russia
    Comrade citizens, after success with the Ministry of Information controlling efforts surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and public health vaccinations, The Division of Correct Thinking has announced they will also not tolerate any information against their war efforts in Ukraine. (SOURCE LINK) All good global citizens will appreciate the Ministry’s effort to protect you from bad […]


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