WCH leaders on the urgent need to expose and stop the WHO

  • Dr Mark Trozzi 
  • May 2, 2022 

While the WHO strategize to further enslave mankind, we strategize to stop their crimes, enshrine human rights and return the rule of law.

The World Health Organization has a big agenda; but it does not involve improving your health. The WHO is a completely corrupted organization at the heart of the covid-crimes-against-humanity. While we should be defunding, exiting, and investigated the perpetrators at the WHO, they are quietly strategizing to expand their authority, and become a permanent global dictatorship. Does that sound too strange to be true? Or do you already know that, and you want to help stop these scoundrels? 

Either way, I hope you benefit from  this conversation with Dr Sam Dube on The Fifth Doctor, including my fellow Steering Committee member of the World Council for Health Dr Katarina Lindley of the USA, JCCF Constitutional Lawyer and co-chair of the WCH Legal Activism Committee Michael Alexander, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi.

One of the greatest threats to our existence and our children’s future is the World Health Organization. They are moving against us all right now. We must focus our inter-generational passion to survive and be free, against the WHO.

More about stopping the WHO’s power grab: https://drtrozzi.org/2022/04/11/dr-mark-trozzi-opposes-who-pandemic-treaty-rebel-news/

11 thoughts on “WCH leaders on the urgent need to expose and stop the WHO

  1. It’s important for an adequate number of people to become more aware of what motivates these megalomaniacal tyrants. Its a multi-millennia old philosophy that is conveyed by our traditional religious traditions, but radicalized (Plato).

    “The process of spreading philosophy by means of free discussion among thinking adults is long and complex. From Plato to the present, it has been the dream of social planners to circumvent this process and instead, to inject a controversial ideology directly into the plastic unformed minds of children-by means of seizing a country’s education system and turning it into a vehicle for indoctrination. In this way one may capture an entire generation with intellectual resistance in a single “coup d’école””…..Leonard Peikoff, The Ominous Parallels.

    PLATO’S PHILOSOPHY IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE BLUE PRINT FOR TOTALITARIAN SCHEMES OF EVERY VARIETY. Plato is conveyed throughout our cultures via Abrahamic religion (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) Quoting Plato’s treatise on Politics “Republic”.

    “Education must be thoroughly controlled by the state. We must have thoroughgoing censorship of literature, music, philosophy, and science”.

    “We will tell people lies, so called noble lies, lies that are for the good of the people as and when it turns out to be necessary”.

    “The ideal is to form one unit with all goods in common”

    “All careers are to be controlled completely. The board of philosophers assigned to vocational guidance will determine your ability and will assign you to the job where you best fit the state, regardless of your desires”

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  2. Finally — an organized group to help ‘awaken’ everyone to what W.H.O. is up to — a major power grab!

    With the vote taking place this month — May 22-28/2022 — it may already be late in the game as it’s
    being played out at the highest ‘political’ levels of gamesmanship. Out of some 194 nations, already 70+
    have agreed to it.

    Hope the World Council for Health can counter this at the ‘input’ political vote stage — very little time left.


  3. I was stepping out the back door to finish planting the garden.  On a branch just outside, an indigo bunting and red cardinal were eating bugs or something.  The beauty and simplicity arrested me.

    A thousand years ago, these feathered jewels adorned these trees; the same will be a thousand years hence.

    Humans (God’s pinnacle of Creation) have only just begun to unravel and understand the magic of it all.  We have created both beauty and horror with our understanding.

    Looking at those birds, I knew that He is here with us.  How could it be otherwise?

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  4. I think you will find that WHO is merely one part of the problem. The real big driving force is big money. Big banks, wealthy individuals, intellectuals who are interested in world government and they have the money, influence and interest in governing the world in the service of their classes interests. You see there comes a point where adding more cash to the bank account becomes boring and for that reason they search for a new source of an adrenaline rush. Power over others is their opiate. Power to create a world custom made to suit their tastes and interests and to destroy anything or anyone they don’t like. The recent targets the elites have been trying to destroy are Putin ,Trump and anyone silly enough to take the clot shot would be good examples.
    These people are a political and economic risk to the uber rich who love to pull the strings of power for their own ends.
    The risk being that certain leaders and the masses who have come to expect benefits and continuity of certain beliefs might wake up and find out how they are being screwed over and take steps to change the system to serve their interests instead by levying big taxes on the uber rich and prohibiting PC behaviors and unwanted ethnic groups as a means of curbing bad behavior and suppressing the corruption of society and government by monied interests. Or it could be as simple as not following the script thus frustrating the control freaks with plenty of money. Hitler wouldn’t follow the script, he not only split from the program he jailed a Rothschild and took Germany away from the Jews and gave it back to the Germans. For that world Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 and imposed a boycott of German exports. Later they got their pet governments to go to war.
    JFK wanted to bring back silver as money and cut back on the program of warmongering that the banks, media and special interests required the US government to involve itself with. In the view of the elites those leaders had to go. So the elites lied and bribed their pet governments and populace into war and assassinations and quashed dissenters with executive actions and terminology like conspiracy theorist to keep people believing the big lies being told. Even the most ineffective dissent against what has been done in the last century or two is intolerable to the powers that be hence the need for hate laws. The current situation has to be maintained otherwise the truth might be told and believed and control over society and government by big money might be lost and that is no small matter to the wealthy. Their tax shelters, privileges and influence might disappear. Their support for wickedness and evil might be recognized and condemned. They could lose it all if they lost control to honest and ethnocentric people. The powers that be are afraid of the truth and loss of control.
    Fear leads to lying and lying leads to murder or worse. All might perish.

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    • This is a MUST SEE!

      Interesting multi-factorial, multi-variate analogy of air service manual
      to economics.

      Note esp. sections: Diversion Summary and Consent – Primary Victory (~47 – 48min.marks)
      “Consent coefficients — where government is able to collect tax and seize
      private property without just compensation — indicator public is ripe for surrender —
      and consenting to enslavement . . . harvest time when #s who still pay income tax despite
      lack of reciprocal or honest service fm govt.”

      (Note: Taxation is a fairly high level of ‘legitimate coercion’ used as a policy instrument.–
      while in Canada, it is still based on the ‘honour system’ so to speak — non-compliance
      or non-filing can bring heavy consequences — and yes, they’ve got the power
      to freeze accounts for non-compliance plus other sanctions. Too big a topic for here.)

      Back to the video — What kind of minds at work? (head-shaking).

      There’s a pdf version available — plan to have a more thorough look tomorrow.

      Thanks for your posting.

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