Serious adverse jab reactions 40 times higher than previously reported.

A German study has found that the number of serious side effects after Corona vaccines was 40 times higher than previously reported. The Charité, a well-known hospital in Berlin, interviewed 40 000 vaccinated people after they had received their mandated jabs.

Published: May 5, 2022

The interviews showed that the number of serious side effects was 40 times higher than previously reported by medical supervisors the Paul Ehrlich Institute, according to MDR, the public broadcaster of the states of Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. The number of side effects resulting from normal vaccines, such as those against polio or measles, is considerably lower, researchers pointed out.

NEW – “The number of severe complications after vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 is 40 times higher than previously recorded by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI),” a study with around 40,000 participants by the Berlin Charité concludes.

Sweden, Israel and Canada

Lead researcher Harald Matthes said the figures corresponded to the picture in countries such as Sweden, Israel and Canada. Even the makers of the vaccines come up with similar numbers in their own studies.

Last year, Dutch data analyst Wouter Aukema analysed data from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for all EU member states and saw a similar picture emerge.

The researchers considered serious side effects to be complaints that lasted for weeks to months and which required medical attention. These included muscle and joint pain, heart inflammation and also neurological disorders.

Professor Matthes said that most side effects, even serious ones, last three to six months at most. He immediately added that there are also side effects that last significantly longer.

Mortality spike in Cyprus

Authorities have been urged to investigate a mortality spike in Cyprus in 2021 that cannot be explained by Corona infections but which coincided with the vaccination campaign. This has been noted by a group of scientists in the medical journal Cureus.

The researchers analysed information published by the Cypriot Ministry of Health and collected by the European RIVM. In 2021, 9,7 percent more deaths were reported in Cyprus than in 2020. Compared to the five-year average, the mortality rate was 16,5 percent higher. The third and fourth quarters in particular saw a sharp increase in the number of deaths.

In addition, by calculating the percentage change of deaths for each of the two consecutive years over the last six years (from 2016 to 2021), they observed that the increase in mortality was not a part of an expected trend over time.

The scientists concluded that the increase in Cyprus in 2021 cannot be explained by Corona mortality and coincides with the vaccination campaign. They therefore called for a comprehensive investigation to identify the underlying causes.

mortality spike was also reported in the second half of 2021 in the Dutch province of Zeeland. More Zeelanders at the end of April than the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) had predicted. The reason for this increase in the number of deaths cannot be explained with certainty, “but Corona is probably the culprit” the regional broadcaster said. Against the background of mass vaccination, this may not be the correct.

Over the last seven weeks of last year there was already a large wave of deaths, especially in Zeeland, which coincided with the jab campaign. Other countries, including Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia, have noticed a similar alarming trend.

Part of the Great Reset

The globalists want to keep citizens in panic mode for as long as possible while they work towards a world government, according to lawyer Reiner Füllmich in the programme Friday Roundtable.

They want to take control of the world as quickly as possible, as if in a dystopian James Bond film, but unfortunately it is reality, the lawyer explained. They are trying to create as much chaos as possible: first Corona, then disrupting supply chains and now the war in Ukraine.

‘It is all staged,” Füllmich stressed. “It is all part of the Great Reset.” At some point, a solution will be offered: the United Nations as a world government.

‘The United Nations is completely under the control of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum,” the lawyer underlined. But there is more. Schwab was educated in the United States. He studied at Harvard University in the 1960s and became involved in a CIA-funded programme to influence European policy. “That’s what the World Economic Forum was originally set up for,” he said.

The globalists are also using their network to gain control over the rest of the world, added Füllmich. “That is the ultimate goal: a world government and a digital world currency based on the Chinese social credit system. We must not let it come to that.”

Source: Free West Media

10 thoughts on “Serious adverse jab reactions 40 times higher than previously reported.

  1. Seemingly the Province of B.C. was ahead of itself on communications
    via ‘advice’ to naturopathic docs on May 29, 2018 as to what they MUST NOT DO:

    “. . . The new Standard clarifies that naturopathic doctors must not:

    Provide patients and/or the public at large with “anti-vaccination” and/or “anti-immunization” materials or materials regarding potential risks and harms of vaccinations, whether online or in print, other than those materials that would be necessary to obtain informed consent to immunizations; and/or
    Feature “anti-vaccination” and/or “anti-immunization” content in their advertising and/or marketing materials; and/or
    Counsel against immunizations and/or vaccinations. . . ”

    Doesn’t the language used sound hauntingly familiar in 2020-2021?
    Ah yes, well ‘informed consent’ was running rampant on the mRNA jabs!

    Now, would one surmise that this was ‘pre-meditated or pre-planned?!’

    link to full document:

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  2. Brian you have seen only a small part of what is to come. Based on audio visual evidence I’ve down loaded we are likely to see our species group of all ethnicities decimated to some degree based on vaccination leaving elements of the unvaxxed as the only viable breeders for their respective ethnic groups. We have PC mass murderers incharge of the world and that is a big problem because it obstructs justice and safe guards crime.

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  3. “We will tell people lies, so called noble lies, lies that are for the good of the people as and when it turns out to be necessary”….Plato (the mastermind of all totalitarian ideology).

    Collectivist tyrants do what they do because of a moral imperative of human sacrifice. We remain beholden to ancient philosophical ideas that have an inverted moral ethic. All enabled by associating the concept of morality to a mystic alternate Universe, vs the Aristotelean method of associating concept (such as morality) with something in this physical world (our own Health, Life, and Happiness).


  4. So there you have it ; the demons are upon us and in for the kill . It has now become a war between good and evil . The battle lines are very clear and all people of the world must muster and answer the call to destroy the demoniac elites who wish to destroy us .Ready aye ready !


  5. Did Comrade Trudeau just ban Canadians from travel for a full 3 years for not submitting to and experimental drug?

    ” All travellers now departing from Canadian airports, on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains, or on cruise ships (or non-essential passenger vessels on voyages of 24 hours or more) must be fully vaccinated, with very limited exceptions. •”

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