Elderly Sweethearts

3 thoughts on “Elderly Sweethearts

  1. Thank you for that beautiful post.
    Of course the state covid/woke cult is easily taking control of us, the spineless zoombies. You put your finger on what got destroyed in the last couple generations: having a spine and a good old conscience. The heart of a strong family is the parent’s steadfast reciprocal loyalty, devotion and protection towards one another. There is nothing that can replace that loving and courageous foundation in a child’s home and life, even after he or she is all grown up. Everything else is but a pale substitute. Yes, some people make such terrible mistakes when choosing the parent of their kids that loyalty would be more dangerous to the children than trying to juggle providing for them and raising them on your own. But going from tolerating these exceptionally sad exceptions to celebrating the swipe right mess we’re into now… what the hell happened?


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