Birds Of A Feather —Fauci and Trudeau —Even In Getting Covid !

The two who swear by the experimental vaccines and all things unproven both have covid.

How could that be? The purveyors of safe and effective, flatten curves and all such —have to eat crow. 

Leslie Eastman of the website Legal Insurrection does a great article on  Covid High Priest Fauci latest embarrassment:

‘Those of us who reported the unvarnished evidence on Covid risked being labeled ‘misinformation’ by various illegitimate so-called fact checkers.

My pieces on the likely lab-leak origin, the ineffectiveness of cloth masks, and how it would eventually morph into a mild disease that we would all get, were correct then and now.

The entire time, I have been swimming upstream against the social media campaign organized by covid czar and science godlet Dr. Anthony Fauci. As a reminder,

     Fauci insisted that masks were great protection (after initially denying their effectiveness).

  • Fauci asserted that people should show proof of vaccination during holiday activities.
  • Fauci appeared to use his position to hide links between his National Institute and Health and the “gain of function” research at the Wuhnan Institute of Virology, which I believe is the likeliest source of the contagion.

Still, I persisted.

So, gentle reader, while I normally take no joy in anyone’s illness, I hope I can be forgiven the schadenfreude I feel over reporting that Fauci now is dealing with a covid infection.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who President Joe Biden tapped as his pandemic tsar, has come down with covid.

The National Institutes of Health announced on Wednesday that Fauci, 81, tested positive for the virus on a rapid antigen test but has not had any recent contact with the president or any other senior officials.

Fauci is fully vaccinated against the virus, and has been boosted twice.

He currently has mild symptoms, and will continue to isolate from other government officials in the coming days. Fauci will only return to the NIH when he tests negative, it announced, and will continue to work from home.

He is getting Paxlovid, which is a drug usually reserved for high-risk cases, and continuing to work from home.

The institute told CNN that he is being treated with the antiviral medication Paxlovid.

NIAID said Fauci found out that he was positive on a rapid antigen test. The director will work from home and follow agency protocol, returning to the National Institutes of Health campus only after he tests negative.

Fauci was scheduled to speak Thursday at a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on the status of the federal response to Covid-19 and plans to manage the pandemic. The agency said he will attend by videoconference.

Fauci has not had any close contact with Biden or other senior officials recently, the institute said.

Apparently, there is now a pandemic of schadenfreude that has just been unleashed.’

Can we hope for the day when these two will be tried for their crimes?

10 thoughts on “Birds Of A Feather —Fauci and Trudeau —Even In Getting Covid !

  1. Tried?? Using what justice system? Just curious…
    Justice implies fairness. We no longer have that. We no longer have our “rights”.
    We support enough criminals with our tax dollars already.
    This batch doesn’t deserve justice.

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  2. Wonderful comments on this blog. Yes. Schadenfreude. I’ve been enjoying it myself, and to the list you can add Toronto’ s medical health officer, Dr. Eileen de Villa who just also tested positive for covid. But just like the rest of these deluded souls, she too, is grateful for the fact she has been double vaccinated and boosted and is surviving covid. It’s almost becoming like a badge of honor to get covid after endless vaccinations. And they all heartily tell us we must get vaccinated and or boostered too. Because, Drum Roll here: They are not only safe and effective but work. At the moment I am having a huge problem with both concepts.

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  3. Fauci and Trudeau are singing in harmony, “Thank goodness we are up to date on our vaccinations & boosters! The CoVid could have been worse.”


  4. If there is any truth to your comments on the disease, would it be fair to assume you can provide a source such as perhaps Johns Hopkins with data that does not link vaccines and lock-downs to flattening the curve. Surely the evidence must be there. Opinions on this sensitive subject need to be careful to stick with real evidence not hypothesis.


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