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‘The people who got the shot, some of them were literally hypnotized. They were not thinking rationally, they were whipped up into a state of fear much like Germans in the 1930’s. The current research by Prof. Mattias Desmet is that roughly 10% of the population thinks critically like yourself, and 30% are paralysed or in a state of media induced hypnosis. They see people injured from the vaccine and then think, ‘imagine how worse it would be (without the poison)’. The remaining 60%, it takes them a while to decide which way to go but generally will follow orders from authorities. Our challenge at the moment is to slowly recruit from the 60%.’

18 thoughts on “James , A Blog Respondent Says ———-

  1. All though I Agree in part I think only 40 % are worth saving I think probably at least 60% are gone to far for recovery. I’ve always thought only about 15% of the population have the smarts to figure out what is going on the rest just follow as sad as it is this is reality

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  2. The time to recruit was before they were injected.
    There is no going back medically for those that have taken even one of these.
    My fight is now staying healthy and that means staying away from the injected that shed spike proteins and metals.
    Most of them that I know are still in denial and even harbor open contempt for the uninjected.
    The injected have compromised immune systems and are now in hospitals dying at a 9:1 ratio.
    This was an extinction level event and the overwhelming majority did not have the wherewithal to turn off the media and perform their own due diligence.


    • I am wondering how a patient can determine if their physician or nurse have taken the needles so as to protect themselves from them? Contempt for the un-needled is happening here in Nova Scotia and openly so. I am moved by the man walking to Ottawa. Is it illegal to wave at him walk with him or buy him lunch? Will ones pension be cut and their families sanctioned threatened their children abducted for supporting and caring as he is caring for all of us.? I surely hope not.

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    • A good question in the context you brought up, might be: is the RCMP and CSIS under hypnosis when it came to the church burnings last year? A Conservative MP grilled them in committee hearings why they did not consider these events a form of domestic terrorism. And the obvious answer would be that the the PM said it was okay (“understandable”).

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  3. “The people who got the shot, some of them were literally hypnotized. ”
    I’d say most and damned near all of them are hypnotized or in a consensus trance. Put there by the media and all levels of government and private interests by either persuasion or duress. Another term for it is the government and media says syndrome and the consequences of suffering from it can be fatal.

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    • I have read that 48% may be generous as some have counted each needle recieved as a new customer when it same customer 2-3-4 times. Kind of like when a nurse tested pcr positive and had subsequent tests each test was counted as new customer case but was same person 5 times. Now lets look at the books on how many billings there have been for needles rendered and not pay for oopsie we did not keep records…..cra has answer for us if we did not keep records so what is their answer to this no books keeping style? . We want it back as we have not been served by that to our benefit. Rather the opposite. Only a death cult would celebrate the sudden deaths and block all avenues of escape. Income tax has become such a bad faith thingy and turning our wealth into funding our deaths that speaks for itself. We let income tax happen from a true belief of betterment for all of society in creating the best civilization ever on the planet. This is not what we are getting. 


  4. The exact number may not matter as much as whether people can reverse the tide. Why inject ourselves with spike protein toxins to somehow protect ourselves from spike protein toxins? People have to demand better healthcare and not put up with the new voodoo they keep pushing at us.


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