Sperm count in males? What’s a little COVID injection here, a COVID injection there, a COVID injection everywhere got to do with it? Well, Itai Gat et al.’s ANDROLOGY publication says ‘A LOT’ 

Evidence suggests that there are substantial declines in male sperm count post COVID jab, 2nd one is problematic; raises serious fertility issues 1st raised by Dr. Byram Bridle, myself, Japanese FOIA 

Dr. Paul AlexanderJun 21

The Japanese biodistribution data based on a FOIA and we owe thanks to Dr. Bridle, a colleague out of Canada (smeared and cancelled) showed us that the COVID vaccine contents bio-accumulated in the adrenals, spleen, ovaries, testis, liver etc. 

So we have massive myocarditis and pericarditis risk in males under 30 or so, now add this fertility concern, even if the authors tried to say they saw sperm recovery at about 5-6 months. This has to be clarified and validated in further study and I for one, do not buy their feeble explanations. They want cake and want to eat it too and are part of the problem we have in medical publishing today with the covering up of bad data and evidence. These ‘woke’ researchers try to further deceive the public with their nonsensical ‘discussions’ of the findings. But we are the judge, not those ‘crooked’ authors and medical journals. 

Bottom line is these results are very troubling and raises a potentially very serious future outlook for males, young males who took the COVID injections. Myocarditis is often asymptomatic, so I urge males (I am not your doctor yet I provide you my guidance as if to my brother or son), especially teens, to do the right tests e.g. troponin, Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), Echocardiogram etc. Discuss with your doctor. 

Thus, despite these researchers bending over backwards to be ‘woke’ and to give no hint that the vaccine impacts fertility, their discussion section is laughable for they did not make the case. The data they present based on sperm donors having been double vaccinated (Pfizer), is very troubling indeed. 

See tables 2 and 3 next, point being marked declines in sperm count. The COVID jab is seeming to have a potentially catastrophic effect on human fertility/reproduction. 


Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

Table 2: 

Table 3: 


“37 SD (sperm donors) from three sperm banks that provided 220 samples, were included in that retrospective longitudinal multicenter cohort study.BNT162b2 vaccination included two doses, and vaccination completion was scheduled7 days after the second dose. The study included four phases: T0 –pre-vaccination baseline control, which encompassed1-2 initial samples per SD; T1,T2 and T3 –short, intermediate, and long terms evaluations, respectively. Each included 1-3 semen samples per donor provided 15-45,75-120, and over 150 days after vaccination completion, respectively. The primary end points were semen parameters. Three statistical analyses were conducted: 1) generalized estimated equation model; 2) first sample and 3) samples’ mean of each donor per period were compared to T0.

The primary endpoints were semen volume, sperm concentration, overall sperm motility(progressive and non-progressive)and total motile count (TMC)comparison betweenT0 vs. T1,T2and T3. Continuous parameters were evaluated for normal distribution using histogram and Q-Q plot. Since volume, concentration and TMC were squawked, they were transformed using the natural logarithm function.”

What do we see in the tables? Lets focus on Table 2.

We see:

1)we semen volume drop 4.5% at T 2 (5 months post 2nd dose), time 2, despite the authors reporting a non-significant drop across T 1 to T 3. 

Note: T0 –pre-vaccination baseline control; T1, T2, and T3 –short, intermediate, and long-term evaluations after 15-45, 75-150, and over 150 days after vaccination date, respectively.

2) Sperm concentration drops significantly by 15.4% at T 2 (over 2 to 5 months or so post 2nd shot) 

3)Total Motile Count declines by 22% at T 2 (2 to 5 months post 2nd shot) and does not recover much by T 3 (more than 5 months post 2nd shot, vaccination completion)

A limitation could be use of sperm donors as their sperm quality etc. may be different than that of the general population. The observational retrospective study design is a weaker design. 

Researchers tried to say that the sperm count recovered. I am not too convinced by the data presented nor the flimsy explanations. We knew this was an issue and these types of studies are raising the red flags that we may have a serious fertility issue to come.

5 thoughts on “Sperm count in males? What’s a little COVID injection here, a COVID injection there, a COVID injection everywhere got to do with it? Well, Itai Gat et al.’s ANDROLOGY publication says ‘A LOT’ 

  1. No people intending to have children should take experimental IV drugs from corporations who have either never sold a product or who were fined $2.3 billion for fraud. These are gene altering shots, promoted by a system that has been creating a progressively immunocompromised population. People . set yourselves free, get healthy the natural and traditional ways, avoid all IV drug use for starters.

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  2. There is overwhelming evidence of pregnant women after the jab having unusual period symptoms like one lady I saw interviewed. They day after her jab she had heavy and light bleeding EVERY day for 5 months until it stopped. Hospitals report huge increases in still berths, miscarriages and other bad pregnancy issues with Covid vaccinated women. The jabs clearly attack male and female reproductive organs in a deliberate population control purpose. This data along with US insurance companies reporting a 40% increase in deaths for working age people since the jabs were introduced. These numbers are unprecedented in history. ALL evidence points to deliberate murder and population control and only fools would not recognize the volume of evidence.


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