11 thoughts on “Tamara Lich Delivers Speech For The Ages

  1. A real Canadian heroine who, during the trucker’s convoy and protest inspired similar actions all around the world. Tens of thousands of Canadians lined the roadways and bridges all across the country supporting them. Trudeau had to know that from his handlers, but chose to hide from them instead of being a leader and meeting them one on one about their grievances such as how the heck do they spread a virus driving their truck all by themselves tens of thousands of miles?.

    Trudeau – the most pathetic excuse for a leader ANY country on planet earth has EVER seen. Add to that the only Canadian PM EVER to be convicted of conflict of interest not once but five times, corrupt to the core, caused more fracturing and dissent across the country and cares for no one outside Quebec.

    He’s the most dangerous person in Canada….

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    • Agreed but the alternative of another mainstream party, though a little better at the start , is likely to no better in the long term given that it is also infested with swamp people who will sell our sovereignty for a trade real.

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  2. That was a powerful speech. After watching it I read the comment section. There was a few unhinged people spewing hate and seemed to be completely oblivious to what is at stake. FREEDOM!

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  3. The convoy and month long outdoor get together shone the mirror on the emperor, who had no clothes. It was the dead of winter and people were living as they should, without the nanny state squatting on their every move. The nanny state didn’t like that, and struck out with trampling and bank theft. They fear people like Tamara, they see her as a mother trucker who points out their hypocrisy.

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  4. Im happy that Canada’s real First Lady made reference to ancient Greece as that’s the real embryo of Western Civilization, even though Greek democracy existed before the conquering of the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great (Greek monarch who defeated Persia) was a direct student of Aristotle, and Aristotle taught the primacy of existence (an appropriate focus upon real physical world). That any valid concept/idea requires a correspondence with the real physical world. The whole concept of Individual Rights was derived/discovered by this ancient Aristotelean method.

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