Poilievre Got It All Wrong —-It’s The Rule Of Law Not Of Czars OR Guardians Or First Ministers Or Cabinets —And Respect For The Constitution, the Division of Powers , The Charter , Parliament —The People 

Well, we see now that ,as I have been saying for some time,  too many leaders in the Federal Conservative Party are no different than many of the leaders in the  Liberal Party of Canada . Just more of the same swampy status quo —-political convenience not adhering to the Constitution.  

 One of the Leadership Candidates Pierre Poilievre is proposing a top down solution not a people , parliamentary solution to the problem he sees in higher education and freedom of speech. Before even gaining the leadership position in his party he is already proposing  what most people see as what is wrong in this country—executive Government rather than parliamentary Government —the concentration of power in the executive and more recently , the last several decades, in the Prime Minister’s office. 

A Prime Minister creating a Guardian,  a Czar, to root out freedom of speech violations in academia. And then —is it the high schools, community colleges , vocational and technical schools———where does it end? Companies that get money from the Government? That’s just about everyone in today’s Canada. How about Education Departments and Health Departments? How about Municipal Institutions. All of this is Provincial under the Constitution. 

Has Mr. Poilievre noticed —Education, his first target,  is Provincial  under the constitution, the constitution he alleges he is protecting ??? Section 93 of the BNA Act says

‘93 In and for each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Education,————‘

Just create another bureaucrat to solve the problem . Its not more spying we need , its less. And if the Constitution is being violated then we must seek redress from the Judiciary.  

That’s why the Leader of the Peoples Party is in court, that’s why I am in court. That’s why other citizens are in court. 

Perhaps Mr. Poilievre and his Party would like to support our legal actions . Now that would be consistent with the rule of law . And if the system fails then it is up to the people to decide on reform and what types of reform. That is , there is a process for Constitutional Reform .

And before that if Mr. Poilievre is interested he could have his people review my Magna Carta proposals advanced at the Reclaim Canada Conference in Victoria a few weeks ago and available on my blog :www.peckford42.wordpress.com that do not involve constitutional change but reforming the present system under existing  law. 

It’s not more bureaucracy we need , it is more adherence to the law and reforming the three levels of our democracy if that is what is determined by —-the people through their parliaments. 

And a good place to start would be in Mr. Poilievre’s own party —like having his party publish publicly annual audited financial statements , and have his party sponsor a bill in the Federal  Parliament that no MP can serve in the Parliament if they have been found guilty of violating the law as determined by the Federal Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner or a Court of Law. 

Democracy is tough and difficult and is not amenable to quick, easy solutions and can only last with the ongoing engagement of the people , their parliaments and honest political parties .

Perhaps before inflicting political convenient, constitutionally questionable proposals without due process ,  Mr. Poilievre should clean up his own party first , then make reform proposals that are consistent with the written and unwritten parts of our Constitution or seek through the Constitutional Amending formula  of the Constitution Act of 1982 , Constitutional Change.  


Magna Carta For Canada —My Speech On The Steps Of The BC Legislature Today( May 28) —Reclaim Canada Conference —A Proposal To Reclaim Canada

Canada’s Magna Carta—We, The Citizens of Canada Stand For—

A.  An Independent Public National Inquiry to Examine whether Government  (Federal, Provincial and Territorial) mandates and lockdowns were necessary and constitutional.  People in Government and their agencies who are found guilty of breaking the law after due process MUST be brought to Justice.

Such an Inquiry CANNOT be led by any of the Governments of Canada who are the major subjects of the Inquiry.  Instead, a Citizens Group MUST be formed for that purpose.   And these Governments and their agencies MUST open their books and release to the inquiry and the public all necessary relevant information concerning their actions during the pandemic.

B.  ALL Registered Political Parties In Canada Must Be Obligated By Law To Publish Audited Financial Statements ANNUALLY.  Right now, NONE of the Federal Parties who are in the House of Commons publish any audited financial statements.

C.  No Member of The Federal Parliament or members of Provincial Legislatures or Territorial Assemblies can sit in these chambers if they have BROKEN a Canadian law as determined by a court or an Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner.  

D.  EVERY private members bill/resolution presented before a parliament in Canada must be debated and voted upon within six months of parliamentary sitting days from its introduction.

E.  All Judges of the Supreme Courts of the Provinces and Courts of Appeal, the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada MUST, BY LAW, have criteria established as to their qualifications to serve.  And all Government nominated candidates for those positions MUST be subject to a hearing by a parliamentary committee who would present to FULL Parliament their recommendations to approve or reject any nominated judge.  Parliament’s decision is FINAL.

F.  ALL Parliamentary Committees of all Canadian Parliaments MUST have safeguards whereby the majority on the Committee cannot close down those committees when the business of the Committee has not been completed—when there are citizens with relevant valuable information to be presented.

G.  All Governments of Canada MUST have balanced budget legislation enacted with no exceptions except in times of pending war or insurrection or the country’s existence is at stake.

H.  All Authorities responsible for primary, elementary and high school education MUST  enact curriculum measures to ensure Civics is a mandatory subject in each grade at Grade Eight and above.

l.  The power of the Prime Minister MUST be reduced.  The Prime Minister’s office and the Privy Council today has a workforce of over 1500 persons.  This MUST be reduced to not more than 500.  The more than 206 Departments and Agencies and the 320,00 Public Services, that work for them, can then get back to doing the work they were hired to do.

J.  There MUST be a three day Public First Ministers Conference ANNUALLY to discuss the pressing national issues of the day.  All Governments MUST publicly issue written statements at the Conference highlighting what they think are the national priorities.

K.  Canadian Courts hearing a Constitutional Case related to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  MUST BE obligated to consider in their written rulings the two introductory concepts to the Charter —The Supremacy Of God and the Rule of Law.  NO DECISION rendered without a written consideration in the decision of these principles will be valid.

L.   Canada must remain a sovereign nation. Therefore no treaty or international regulations, of any kind, can be agreed to by Canada that in any way erode our nation’s sovereignty.

M.   Membership in any international organization MUST BE CONDITIONAL upon Canada remaining a completely sovereign nation.

David Bell, a scholar with Brownstone Institute , doctor, public  health official,  formerly worked for WHO , said this in an article this past week : 

‘Pressure to conform is strong and maintaining integrity carries risks. We all have families, jobs and lifestyles to protect. The belief of many that the ‘humanitarian’ sector was somehow different should by now be shattered. That is a good thing, as illusions do not help us and we need to recognize the historical reality that preserving personal comfort has often entailed throwing others under the bus. 

When the tide turns, the easiest approach is to turn with it. As a staff member of an international agency said to me recently – ‘the money is going into pandemic preparedness, you have to accept and go with it.

As an insight into humanity, this response is a disappointing one. We are always poorly served by cowardice. 

But recognizing how things are, and that help is not coming from those paid to do so, will strengthen the resolve of the rest of humanity to move forward without them, taking the future into their own hands. As, according to orthodox public health, they should.’

Unless we take matters in our own hands , and move forward with new paradigms , new structures , facing up to the brutal reality of our failed existing system we will be captured by corrupt mainstream political parties, a broken heath system where over 5 million Canadian are without  a regular physician , an education system that promotes failed economic and political  ideas , that denigrates our traditions and historical figures that helped create this nation, a press system that through coercion and money has become an arm of big Government , an economic system that depends on Government and where real free enterprise is stifled and fair , free trade is on its deathbed . 

A system that sees our society being run by the four horseman —big government, big press, big pharma and big tech , an Orwellian construct that with the dominance of a world order that wants the nation state reduced , the individual subject to dictates of an international unelected bureaucrat .

This is our fate without a New Magna Carta For Canada ..

20 thoughts on “Poilievre Got It All Wrong —-It’s The Rule Of Law Not Of Czars OR Guardians Or First Ministers Or Cabinets —And Respect For The Constitution, the Division of Powers , The Charter , Parliament —The People 

  1. ALL POLITICS IS DETERMINED BY ETHICS but ethics is not delineated by Liberal vs Conservative but by INDIVIDUALIST VS COLLECTIVIST (is = to good vs evil in a social context). We can each CHOOSE TO BE MORE ETHICAL!

    Individualists are about rights (moral principles that define and defend freedoms of action that do not impose obligations, other than the respect of those rights, upon others). No moral distinctions based upon race, religion, sex, vax status, economic status, etc.

    Collectivists are about mob rule (=democracy without Constitutional Law) and using coercion to apply the “whizzdom” determined by the “exspurtz”. Totally fixated upon control of other men, conformance, and obedience.

    Individualists protect freedom of thought (=speech) and property rights (incl ownership of your own body), while the other has a fixation upon controlling your mind and/or your body (both Conservatives and Liberals tend toward collectivist).

    The individualist passes moral judgement upon the content of individual characters, while the collectivist is obsessed with group affiliation (race, gender, economic class, sex, etc).

    An individualist is generally optimistic, embraces reality as it really is and acts appropriately confident coping with objective reality while collectivists are obsessed with artificial narratives of apocalyptic doom and despair aiming to control whole cultures using fear and intimidation.

    Individualists strive to accomplish freedom (the absence of physical coercion), while collectivists strive to restore legalized slavery via the welfare state and the mandating of various conformances, as moral imperatives.

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    • gillesnfio These articles might interest you. They are a review of Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition by Ricardo Duchesne. I have always felt I was an individualist, but as I grew I realised that we have a collective duty as well, such as to family, tribe, City or township, a region such as a province or state and a country or Nation. That could extend and should extend to race and culture as well.

      I hope you enjoy it!


      • Your participation in a family, community, nation etc is motivated by your own pursuit of the value these things bring to you. There’s no such thing as an unchosen obligation (i.e. duty).

        It is only an individual living being that faces a constant alternative: the issue of life or death. Life is a process of self-sustaining and self generated action. If an organism fails in that action, it dies; its chemical elements remain, but its life goes out of existence. It is only the concept of ‘Life’ that makes the concept of ‘Value’ possible. It is only to an individual living entity that things can be good or evil. What threatens and degrades one’s life is the evil, and what promotes and enhances one’s life is the good.

        One may choose an obligation of some kind because it is good for him, not for something or someone else. Even in an extreme case of a soldier imperilling himself for his own country, it is a pursuit of value for himself, not for something nor for someone else.

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    • I would suggest quite seriously simply ending all subsidies and charitable status of all Universities in Canada. You cannot “fix” what has been the actual aim of these sewers since their founding by slavers and robber barons. Start again from scratch with a UQUAM type system and maintain public scrutiny as long as there are public funds involved


      • The real estate owned by the universities is mind blowing. In the 1950s/ 1960s informed university individuals worked tirelessly to educate about the uses of atrazine in agriculture and harm to children born dual/ sex or ambiguous male female triats to deaf ears and other funded studies saying oh no chicken littles its just fine when used as directed ect ect…..what is the transgender drug in the pharmacy ingredient? atrazine …it is a pesticide/herbicide …peoples whole lives and careers were derailed when they told the truth in the name of protection for mankind. Now the striped colored flag and the pesticides/herbicides for children prescribed by doktors to you know help children find themselves sexually in the name of you know decency. 2 words atrazine transgender ought to pull the facts about this in abundance. Funding universities for decades to do this research is against all mankind.

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    • Her policies are more to my liking—but my point about all the Conservative leadership candidates is that they are all part of a corrupt party —-will not publish audited financial statements , sill has Sheer there who stole from the party finances to finance his chidrens private education ————the party’s platform and what many of the candidates are saying conflict——

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  2. I so hope that Mr. Poilievre is reading your posts…. And have been wanting to ask re leadership of conservatives who do you recommend be voted in? It would be a help to hear your ideas on this (all I know is I want someone to stand up to Trudeau)
    Doesn’t mean I would vote for them in federal election because what you have been saying makes sense to me.
    Thank you
    Brenda Purcell (of Purcell’s Cove, NS)
    Now Gabriola, BC
    ps. Who is finally being able to fly to family reunion July 30th

    Sent from my iPhone


    • We need a revamp of all the mainstream parties —-I left the Conservatives and am a member of the PPC. So I do not support any of the Conservative candidates therefore —-when a party does not show how it spends its Party money how can I trust them to spend our tax money? We must build up the PPC —right now the only real alternative.

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  3. Mr. Peckford, I appreciate the distinction you made between top down authoritarian ‘solutions’ vs. a more people based system. A modern politician as well as most employees of the system, only see solutions through the lens they were trained in. There needs to be a balance in most things, but the people who have plotted against society rely on the top down model through their tax free foundations, their NGO’s and their ‘think tanks’. Most of us abdicate our thinking role to the high ‘authorities’, who do indeed author our outcomes. But they didn’t script the Trucker revolt for example

    I think groups like the PPC or perhaps TBOF should be used as organizing groups for like minded people. The aim shouldn’t be to win a seat, but to get things done at the local level. All the energy that people put into politics can be better spent making things happen without the politicos. Eventually they will want to participate. But the cart should follow the horse.

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  4. Excellent Mr. Peckford! Agree 100%. I’ve studied the Constitution too and historical common law. On occasion I’ve had cause to inform people that Health is Provincial jurisdiction for example.


  5. I doubt that this comment will be suitable. However, John Diefenbaker was terrified of a communist takeover of Canada. To thwart this, he created the Bill of Rights. People are winning in the court using the Bill of Rights, we need to reaffirm and re-educate the whole population. There is a case law that prohibits leaders doing what they are doing now, you can sue personally in civil court $5000 per violation of the Bill of Rights My guess is that Trudeau the father, told Trudeau the son The weakness of the charter. The son is now going to town on the population and is stacking up victories against those who dare to challenge is tyranny. Perhaps you will win sir and I hope you will win. But if you lose, the devastation will be tremendous. People will wrongly think there is no hope.

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    • The Charter section 6 applies in the Federal Travel Mandate case as well as other Charter provisions. The problem is not with the Charter it is with those who chose to ignore certain provisions for example the introduction and deliberately mis interpret others. It would make no difference what the wording was.


      • Mr. Peckford,

        That is the fear. If you lose, I have great fear for my children. There will need to be a contingency plan if all the appeals fail. In the meantime, my son is coerced to take a genetic test in order to fly back to visit me in South Korea. Under the Bill of Rights, that is extortion .’ Little boy, you can only fly on the airplane if you take this test. ‘ Canadian individuals will be conducting these tests on behalf of the Republic of South Korea. While you fight sir, I will prepare to personally sue these individuals for all the infringements of rights that he has under the Bill of Rights. I figure that it is time for us to assert my rights as a Canadian and I can do it civilly. I don’t need to win anything, our forefathers have already paid blood and treasure for our rights.

        Thank you for the hope that you provide and please do not take all our hopes with you. If you do not win, please have a contingency plan for us. I will let you know if my battle is successful. We have some indications that it will be successful. You can see the victory that had occurred in regards to the Ottawa Carleton school mask mandates and the change in rhetoric. They will never let you know that this was successful through a notice of liability . It went from mandatory to recommended within a month.


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  6. I find a lot of comfort in your observations! Thank you for all you write and comment about and a big thanks for taking the government to court!

    I love your new Magna Carta … I hope many people read it – could you please add the right to seek happness? Many of the Liberal (and now NDP) plans, rules and laws are downright mean – intending to make people miserable! like useless travel bans for unvaxed people and huge taxes on vapes (you’d think they want us to start smoking again..) oh I do ramble on… sorry!

    thanks for being engaged!



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  7. Most jurists who understand the Rule of Law and its origins would
    cite the Seven Absolute Rights:

    These seven absolute rights must be in application for the executive to be subject to the law.
    They were hard fought through history and protect us from tyrannical rule / tyranny.
    The Absolute 7 is the basis that forms the foundation of Canada’s Rule of Law (RoL)..
    These seven rights can be sourced from historical written texts, i.e. Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and so forth.
    These Seven Absolute Rights form the bare minimum of the Canadian RoL.

    1. No one can be executed, jailed, or fined without an opportunity to respond to the charge.
    2. The government can never do what it is not allowed statutorily to do, even if it cites an emergency as a reason to override statute.
    3. Torture can never be authorized. Never.
    4. Anyone detained by the government can obtain judicial review.
    5. The judiciary cannot punish or impose excessive bail without statutory authority.
    6. No one can be criminally prosecuted for what they say in the necessary proceedings of Parliament.
    7. Everyone in court is entitled to an impartial judge protected from state influence.

    Further discussion can be found in the works of Prof. Ryan Alford of Lakehead University, Bora Laskin Faculty of Law.
    Alford has won a recent Ontario case where he was the self-represented party in the public interest:
    — “Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, Justice John Fregeau ruled that members of Parliament and the Senate enjoy the absolute right to freedom of expression in parliamentary debate, and struck down as unconstitutional parts of federal legislation that had prevented certain members from disclosing information on national security matters. At a time when governments and their agencies have been trying to stifle freedom of expression for citizens objecting to C-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates, this decision is a welcome affirmation that freedom of expression still enjoys legal protection in our representative institutions.”

    Suggest check out Ryan Alford’s work — a brilliant Canadian mind.

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