The Little Napoleon Got His ComeUppance And——-

This fellow of France has finally met his match at the ballot box.

The French people are not happy with this fellow with an insecurity problem,  masking as a competent leader of the French. He failed to get the majority his pollster friends had predicted.  You know all that collusion and stuff so engrained in the swamp crowd. 

The yellow vests had a go —and perhaps helped more people to see and prevent the majority . 

He ( Macron) doth bestride the world with alleged solutions to almost all the world’s problems , and then cannot convince his own people of solutions to his own country’s problems. 

Quite the guy—-

It takes a lot for the progressives to see the error of their ways, but even the French have a breaking point—watching their country go down the drain to an international system that now begins to dilute the French nation state to a nebulous international system that tends to homogenize all. A race to the bottom. Even when things were going well for the French and Germans in this experiment it was all a mirage leveraged by money printing  masquerading as ‘quantitative easing .’

And then there are the Germans , still with active American soldiers on their soil ( when was that war again —-over in 1945??) , reopening coal fired generators to produce electricity, having been closed down a few years ago , meant to be permanent , promised to be permanent, as they naively , mistakenly brought back the intermittent medieval windmills ( 100,000 tons of windmill blade waste by 2025–free west media reports) denying the priority of ’ reason ‘ , the product of their own renaissance a few centuries ago. 

What are we to make of these two ‘European Powers ‘ as they now grapple, printing more money , to prop up one of the most corrupt nations in their region? 

18 thoughts on “The Little Napoleon Got His ComeUppance And——-

  1. I’m a little behind the news Brian. How did Macaroni get his comeuppance? I certainly have wished for a long time, that the French would wake up and throw this guy out of office. I agree, Germany too has gone from bad to worse with their insanely nutty leaders. They have the same problems we have.

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    • This article may help.

      Allies of French President Emmanuel Macron started working Monday to cobble together a working parliamentary majority to salvage his second term, after his alliance crumbled in the election against surges from the left and far-right.

      Macron’s Ensemble (Together) coalition emerged as the largest party in parliamentary elections but was dozens of seats short of keeping the parliamentary majority it had enjoyed for the last five years.

      It will now begin work to try and find a majority by forming deals with other parties on the right, stirring up turmoil unprecedented in French politics in recent years.

      Macron, 44, now also risks being distracted by domestic problems as he seeks to play a prominent role in putting an end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and as a key statesman in the EU.

      The election saw a new left-wing alliance make gains to become the main opposition, while the far-right under Marine Le Pen posted its best legislative performance in its history.

      “This situation constitutes a risk for our country, given the challenges that we have to confront,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said in a televised statement Sunday, vowing: “We will work from tomorrow to build a working majority.”

      The outcome severely tarnished Macron’s April presidential election victory when he defeated the far-right to be the first French president to win a second term in over two decades.

      “It’s a turning point for his image of invincibility,” said Bruno Cautres, a researcher at the Centre for Political Research of Sciences Po.

      The options available to Macron, who has yet to publicly comment on the result, range from seeking to form a new coalition alliance, passing legislation based on ad hoc agreements to even calling new elections.

      Le Monde daily headlined on its website “Macron faces the risk of political paralysis”, while the right-wing Le Figaro daily said the results raised the spectre of a “stillborn new mandate”.

      Left-leaning Liberation’s Monday edition said the results represented the “fall” of Macron’s way of governing.

      ‘Failure for Macron’

      The new left-wing coalition NUPES under 70-year-old hard-left figurehead Jean-Luc Melenchon won 135 seats, according to an AFP count based on the results published by the ministry.

      The coalition, formed in May after the left splintered for April’s presidential elections, brings together Socialists, the hard left, Communists and greens.

      Melenchon called Sunday’s results “above all an electoral failure” for Macron.

      “The rout of the presidential party is total and there will be no majority” in parliament, he told cheering supporters in Paris.

      A prominent MP from Melenchon’s party, Alexis Corbiere, said the result meant Macron’s plan to raise the French retirement age to 65 had been “sunk”.

      Far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party made huge gains and will send 89 MPs to the new parliament, making it the biggest rightwing force in parliament ahead of the traditional right The Republicans (LR).

      Le Pen hailed the historic result for her party, saying it would send “by far” its highest number of MPs to the next National Assembly.

      Macron had hoped to stamp his second term with an ambitious programme of tax cuts, welfare reform and raising the retirement age. All that is now in question.

      “This will complicate the reforms… It will be much more difficult to govern,” said Dominique Rousseau, professor of law at Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

      ‘Imagination needed’

      There could now potentially be weeks of political deadlock as the president seeks to reach out to new parties.

      The most likely option would be an alliance with the Republicans, the traditional party of the French right, which has 61 MPs.

      LR president Christian Jacob however made clear there would be no easy partnership, saying his party intended to “stay in opposition”.

      But other voices from the right appeared more open — former right-wing minister Jean-Francois Cope said a “government pact is vital between Macron and LR to fight against the rise of extremes”.

      Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire denied that France would be ungovernable but admitted “a lot of imagination would be needed” from the ruling party in an “unprecedented situation”.

      Three ministers felled

      In another blow to Macron, key ministers standing for election are set to lose their jobs under a convention that they should resign if they fail to win seats.

      Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon, Maritime Minister Justine Benin and Environment Minister Amelie de Montchalin — a pillar of Macron’s administration over the last years — all lost and will now exit the government.

      Two other close Macron allies, parliament speaker Richard Ferrand and former interior minister Christophe Castaner, both acknowledged defeat in the fight for their seats.

      In a rare spot of good news for the president, Europe Minister Clement Beaune and Public Service Minister Stanislas Guerini — both young pillars of his party — won tight battles for their seats.

      On the left, Rachel Keke, a former cleaning lady who campaigned for better working conditions at her hotel, was also elected, defeating Macron’s former sports minister Roxana Maracineanu.

      Turnout was low, with the abstention rate recorded at 53.77 percent, according to the interior ministry, higher than the first round but not beating the record worst turnout of 2017.

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  2. Consider why Klaus Schwab, the Frankfurt School, the WEF are based in Germany and why the Germans were the main instigators of WW1 and WW2. The effect of the philosophical ideas that were developed and entrenched there.

    THE RADICALIZATION OF PLATO AND ERASURE OF ARISTOTLE FROM THE MAINSTREAM (mysticism erasing reason rendering any factual basis irrelevant). The restoration of the ethic of human sacrifice (the welfare state) by disconnecting our consciousness from the real world to a synthetic subjective one where we are directed by our emotions, rather than our own intelligence.

    The yet to be recognized anti-enlightenment (anti-intellectual) movement that began in earnest from Descartes that morphed into the twisted dialectic materialism of Karl Marx. All the fake news, the “edukashun”, the “consensus siyenzz”, the “ekonomiks” (mis-spelled to distinguish from the real versions of these), not to mention the doctrines of Marxism and Fascism are the effect of Cartesian-Kantian (Franco-German) philosophy. The “good intentions” of the welfare state = the restoration of legalized slavery motivated by woke religious theocrats with a lust for power and control over other men (vs over nature).

    Franco-German anti-enlightenment ideology has as its ultimate objective, the restoration of legalized slavery via the welfare state, and is essentially motivated by RELIGIOUS MYSTICISM (=denial of the effort required in corresponding concept with percept). Motivated by the hatred of men being more free, more independent, and a lot more prosperous without any “exspurt” direction as was being witnessed in the USA and 19th century Europe.

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  3. Only in western european countries do you find governments and PC NGOs trying to replace the founding peoples with non europeans and promoting race mixing in accordance with the Kalergi plan. There is a term for it. White Genocide.
    Like all genocide it is a crime under international law. We are literally ruled over by those who hate us and wish our extinction without any resistance what so ever and in the name of social progress.

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    • Visible reality. Facts planned and available in writing in advance. Brings to mind watching video of pentagon briefing discussing absolute need of using Needles to wipe out threat of jihad johnny mindset literally as needles have advanced to that level… creating passiveness…..they said it was to Protect North Americans from foreign jihad thingy eh. So how many people wherever were practiced upon for how long to get the recipe just right eh? Oddly by coincidence eh all over North America we have people intellectually capable of reading and interpreting some of what they read but cannot take it one step forward in individual thought process to critical thinking . You can watch them suffer significantly as some are aware something they are not up to par but cannot quite put their finger on it. I see youth in deep agony severely shaming their birthright of this great life . That takes a plan as it is not humane way of seeing ones birthright to be and flourish in all ways capable. These young people suffer so deeply without adults who understand to help guide them thru the trials and tribulations of growing up and having every bit of the process radical medicalized coming out of the system uneducated self hating/harming and utterly alone literally utterly alone. Its a plan. The people of France have spoken.

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      • ‘Human Being’, your points are true, which also points to the idea that the young should not be outsourced to the system for education. It’s child abuse to fill young people’s minds with fallacies that end in self harm. In the small community that pledges to resist the insanity of our time, educating the young (and old) should be a top priority. Sending youngsters to Kindergarten should be considered a shameful activity. It’s called a garden for a reason.

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      • Yikes I do not have links. Forging ahead anyway. I have seen a report that waiting until a child is 8 to send them out into the garden makes huge difference. At 5 being spoken to every day with dark mind games sets the stage for the results we have. Hearing endlessly about how an adult man can destroy an adult woman by not speaking lovingly… why do we not know about what the children are being taught given the remants of what they did teach are all around us. A Canadian teacher owns a childrens sex toy company. Does the education system budget fund this box of darkness? Remember this these so called toys used regualrly over time can and do destroy female orgasm with male partner in joyful union. So millions of now adults are going around sticking all manner of objects into all portals trying to feel something. The ending of joyful one man one woman unions is of course by accident eh… now requiring each to watch porn for as long as it takes to feel something and then in the now lingo mutally masturbate while watching porn calling themselves hip and you know liberated cause the teacher told them that. Imagine the agony of this going on at school and parents telling their children to do what the teacher sez. I loved it growing up when elders were welcome to the schools and in the classrooms. It was interesting to learn what various occupations offered and hearing it from parents grandparents etc. Exactly why can a parent/ grandparent aunt/uncle not drop by a school and spend the day with their grandchild/child/nice/nephew keeping company and seeing how things are going all around ? Not with attitude of any wrongness taking place I mean for the creating strength of belonging and continuity of of birthright that comes living in the one of the most Resource Rich countries on the planet. How could anyone be hungry poor or homeless or horribly un-educated when born in one the most Resource Rich countries.? Throwing intellectually incapable children into classes they are incapable of benefiting from has had its intended effect. In a Resource Rich country those human beings belonged in their own classrooms in the same schools with all benefits they are capable of benefitting from. Never in the classrooms they could not benefit from. Teaching kind caring acceptance of human beings in the process all around. The macabre joke of Offering us UBI when in fact we Canadians are too Resource Rich to ever ever need any pitance from degenerates who want us dead and to use our children as sex toys until they are dead. That by the way is not sex it is a militarized planned event. The word sex has been hijacked into a box of darkness. Brian Peckford thank you so very much for this place to speak. 


  4. Meanwhile useful idiots like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh and opportunists like Pierre Poilievre (who, sensing a shift in the “wind” of public opinion has since removed the Ukrainian flag from his Twitter profile) keep cheerleading for NATO and the New World Order. Grifters, all of them.

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