Dr. Alexander, Tom Marazzo, James Topp —Ottawa

If government is confident in COVID vaccines, why do you need some sort of liability protection?

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Tom Marazzo, Veteran James Topp and Dr. Paul Elias Alexander in Canadian parliament, Ottawa, June 22, 2022 (afternoon session). James Topp and Dr. Alexander discuss COVID vaccine mandates.

My content is available for free. I have lost extensive income due to my advocacy for early treatment and my stance against the COVID vaccines, especially for children. Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated in my sharing of research and the fight against scientific censorship where several good and brilliant doctors and scientists are silenced and cancelled, including myself. It is absolutely imperative that people/populations are given accurate information about the benefits and harms of societal restrictions or medical interventions such as vaccines. Only then can people make informed decisions about what is best for them.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Alexander, Tom Marazzo, James Topp —Ottawa

  1. I listened to the entire event.
    Dr. Alexander outed the Canadian medical experts-Federal and Provincial.
    They knew the quackzines did not work in the spring of 2021 and pushed them upon the population as ‘safe and effective’.
    The vaccines did not work.
    The lock downs did not work.
    The mandates were a farce.
    Only a small number of Conservative members of Parliament even showed up.

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    • This attachment is a 1972 memo of WHO discussing how to turn the vaccinesinto a means of killing. So how could we be offshoring needle decision makingPower with Enforcement to the WHO in the face of Alll the correlation that of course is not proof of causation? In case that does not work to open here is the adddress. …..thebridgelifeinthemix.info/health/who-memos-1972-explains-how-to-turn vaccines-into a means -of-killing/

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      • Hi I am looking at it and the site is….The bridgelifeinthemix.info …the title of the article is…. WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccinesinto a means of killing. I could send the attachment to an email ?


    • Thanks for your work, you two. Vaccines have become a vector for anything Big Pharma desires, so it’s all become an issue of trust. The epithet of ‘anti-vaxxer’ means something to the believers, who believe that vaccines are high tech vitamins that add power to your body like a magic potion. They don’t realize that every vaccine, even the less harmful, are designed to ‘challenge’ the immune system, to act as a poison, as a threat to the body. “First do no harm” is now an antiquated concept of ‘healthcare’.

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  2. Let me be clear. I am not against Dr. Alexander, Dr. Hodkinson and many others like them that have fought against the nutty mandates. I knew all these things before I even heard of them.

    I became familiar with Dr. Hodkinson within one or two days of his call to Edmonton council (which I shared to my FB profile). I followed him since then. I was impressed with his passion throughout, hoping one day he would actually look at the science behind an alleged pathological “virus”. It never came over the next two years.

    I became aware of Dr. Alexander during the Trucker press conference and I have been familiar with the many others he named. None of them, of course going back to the science which alleged to discover a “novel virus’ (since named Sars-Cov2). This is my problem with ALL of these “Freedom fighters”. They didn’t do that, unlike many other doctors and scientists I know. They are the ones getting airing time on alternative media for many people ignoring those who actually looked at the alleged science behind the whole concept pushed by the “virus hunters”.

    It brought a cynical smile to my face when Dr. Alexander cites his credentials as being “evidence-based medicine” (where is the evidence for a pathological virus”?). He goes into the PCR cycles as if that really mattered (it does in the proper context of replicating an actual particle ie. “virus”). I never hear from him or Dr. Hodkinson (who owned a PCR testing company) how the “test” was arrived at. Whether it was validated. I guess they never heard from Kary Mullis the inventor of the RT-PCR that it can not diagnose an illness–it just finds a little of something and turns it into a lot of something–it can’t tell you whether you are sick or are going to be sick. Were he still alive when this nightmare comedy began, he’d be tearing out what little hair he had left.

    I guess they also didn’t hear how the “test” was created by that fraud Prof. Drosten from Germany (which the WHO immediately accepted and promoted around the world). Professor Drosten has been exposed and his test scientifically taken apart by other scientists and doctors (12 or more I believe) and he accused of fraud and the abuse of peer review. You can find that story online if you are compelled to seek the truth. There are fully honest scientifically motivated doctors, scientists and others out there—and then there are those whom Dr. Shiva might call “the-not-so-official-establishment”. They will never get to the real problems, the cause and effects of pseudo-science behind the “virus hunters”.

    To quote Jon Rappoport: “I’m not anti-vaccine. I just want them to be safer and more effective.”

    I love that statement. It’s a lullaby. When I can’t go to sleep at night, I just repeat it to myself a few times, and I’m out cold.

    It’s typical of half a revolution, which never wins.

    For the past 32 years, I’ve presented overwhelming evidence that no vaccine was ever safe or effective. The whole “science” of vaccination is a rank fraud.

    But stuffed-shirt journalists, who sort of go against the grain while maintaining a front of respectability, don’t want to venture that far. They know the price they’ll have to pay. They’re hedging their bets.

    Occasionally, one of them will take a swipe at me. It cements their position as middle of the road. Which is where they want to be.

    Except, liberty and freedom, which is what we’re fighting for, against a global coup by mass medical murders, isn’t something you win in the middle of the road.”

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